How Much Does an Air Bag Cost

The sad thing about car accidents is that, it is the leading cause of many deaths in the US. This is why airbags are very important to have in a car along with the seatbelts that will protect both the driver and the passengers. When car accidents happen, airbags inflates rapidly protecting the driver and passenger in avoiding the occupants’ body from bumping the interior of the vehicle.

A car without an airbag could run a serious injury to the car passengers if ever any accident occurs, it will also have to be replaced, when the airbag was able to deploy during certain accidents. How much does it cost to replace airbags? This is the question most people who owns a car, needs to know for protection purposes.

Airbag Replacement Cost

It may sound surprising but the airbags price for the one located at the driver’s seat is cheaper than one located on the passenger side. The airbag replacement cost for the driver-side bag is around $200 – $700 dollars. It could be more depending on the year, make and model of the car. As for the passenger side airbags, the typical cost would be around $400 – $1,000 or more. There are other less common but essential airbag items in the car like the ones for the knee and the side curtains, but the prices for that varies. As what we’ve heard, it cost lesser than the price of a passenger side airbag.

Internet sellers of airbag, offers less-expensive airbag price to their customers. These airbags though are sold with a limited warranty. For the airbags price online, the cost is around $200 dollars for a Ford F150 (2004-2008) car, $300 dollars for a Nissan Altima (2007-2012) and $400 dollars for a Chevrolet Silverado (2007-2012).

Car insurances are to thank for, for covering the airbag replacement cost, minus the deductibles in the policy. You will need to check with the insurance company for the coverage of the airbag replacement as some companies combines the cost of the airbag replacement with the cost of the vehicles repair. This is just to insure that they are not paying for a car that is considered a “total loss,” or else the car will not be fixed and you will have to be advised to get a new car instead.

If you have any questions for how much does it cost to replace airbags professionally, the cost could be around $1,000 dollars to $6,000 dollars. It could average to $3,000 – $5,000 which again depends on the year, model and make of the car. Also taken in consideration are the parts related with having the airbag attached, such as the airbag’s electronic control unit, the sensors, the springs, the instrument panel, dashboard, windshield and the steering wheel. The labor for such is at the range of $30 – $90 dollars an hour which is usually 1/3 of the total cost. So on average, the total airbag replacement cost would have to be around, $3,898 dollars.

The Do’s and Dont’s

When you intend to replace your car’s airbag, make sure that the airbag is new, and not a used one. Although it is legal to deploy an airbag that has already been used or recycled from another vehicle, this should only be your last resort as we are talking about safety of lives here. You can visit the website for information on how airbags inflate. When you learn of it, you will realize the importance that your car’s airbags deploy the way it’s supposed to protect you and your passengers in case of accidents.

If you have any children, you will always mind their safety so make sure that the airbag price of the vehicle you’re purchasing, is at a good deal with the bag in a good condition which inflates and deflates as its sensors are working well. Children could be at risk of air-bag injuries if anything, and so the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration has allowed the on-off switch that will disable a front or side driver airbag. Some hospitals, like the one in Philadelphia, have medical practitioners who discusses the safety of airbags and children. If it’s near your area, you can attend one for educational purposes.

Are Airbags Really Safe

With all the safety features about airbag information, it seems like the cars couldn’t live without it. We also consider the risk of sitting too close to it. While others have injuries without it, there are also serious injuries to the head and the brain that is associated with airbag use. 

According to an old article in, contributor writer James Foxhall said this about airbags: “You can’t air bag cost infosay an airbag will fire at the right speed after five years because it’s very difficult to replicate the normal life effect on the ageing of the chemicals. You can artificially age things such as brake and suspension components, but not airbags.”

The manufacturers understand all these that is why for the airbag replacement cost to be worth it, Volvo car manufacturers decided to give their airbags 10 years before being checked once again by the dealer. Having the dealer say the airbag is still OK to use upon checking, then they will allow it to be used for another 5 years.

In conclusion, do not be surprised at how much does it costs to replace airbags. What is more important is your safety by getting a professional do your airbag replacement and installation. We cannot live our lives to chance. If you are planning to buy a second hand car model, do ask the car seller, if the airbag of the car you are purchasing has been updated, adjusted and tested. There are some people who never had to make use of the airbag, and so they would not have any idea if it deploys very well, even after they have already sold their car for a new one. So be careful and goodluck!

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