How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car Overseas

Are you going to another place for a vacation? And do you want to bring your car with you? If so, how much does it cost to ship a car overseas then? Apparently, there is no standard or exact shipping cars overseas price since it depends on several factors, which include the location of the shipment, the size of the container, as well as, the car’s size, weight, and its operating condition. But you should know that the costs are lesser if the cars are nearer the shipping terminal than those vehicles that are far from the location of the terminal.

At first, you may be overwhelmed with the costs to ship or transport a car. However, there are are many clients who still get the services every day because of their convenience.

Average Car Shipment Costs

There are are different costs of to ship a car overseas. Here are some of the expenses when you plan to transport your vehicle to different countries and when you are living far from the shipping terminal.

Outside U.S.A

If you want to ship a compact or standard-sized car from the U.S. going to any country in Europe, then the cost usually starts at $750. It goes up to $2,000 in circumstances when you want to ship a bigger vehicle like SUVs, sedans, and other family cars. Meanwhile, transporting a mid-size vehicle from the U.S. to Australia is around $2,950.

Container packs - Car Shipment Cost Summary

Most of the time, when a car is being transported overseas, it is usually placed inside an ocean container to secure the vehicle properly while in the middle of the sea. And because an ocean container is big enough to include other items, you can use the extra space to transport your personal possessions together with your car. However, you need to pay for additional costs.

If for instance, you want to include other household and personal items together with your vehicle going to Australia, then the shipping cars overseas price is around $3,200 for a 20-foot long ocean container, which can already accommodate a full-sized vehicle and a few of your items.

But how much does it cost to ship a car overseas if you use an ocean container with a length of 40 feet? The cost for this service is about $4,600. The price is high primarily because the vessel is big and it can carry items up to 47,500 pounds.

Within U.S.A

Aside from transporting cars to other countries, auto mover companies can also ship vehicles from several major cities in the U.S. These are the following:

– Los Angeles and San Francisco, California

– Wilmington, Delaware

– Jacksonville and Miami, Florida

– Baltimore, Maryland

– New York City, New York

– Charleston, South California

– Norfolk, Virginia

How much does it cost to ship a car overseas if a car owner lives far from the shipping terminal? The shipping cars overseas price ranges from $100 to $900, depending on the distance between your location and the shipping dock. Whichever city you are in, the overseas auto mover can transport your car to the nearest terminal for a certain fee.

Additional Car Transportation Rates

Furthermore, transporting a car from a state to a shipping terminal will cost between $150 and $250 or higher, which comes with an additional surcharge on board the ship. If it is your first time to ship your car overseas, then you need to have two copies of a notarized title that costs $10 for every signature, an authorization letter from the lien holder if it applies, a form of Declaration of Dangerous Goods form, as well as, a Shipper Export Declaration form. You can download the forms for free.

When shipping a car overseas, the U.S-manufactured vehicles must possess the safety standards of the country where the vehicle is going, as stated in the article of Do take note that the replacement parts and repair for a car made in the U.S. may cost a lot. For these reasons, you should get a shipping insurance for your car, which may run from 1.5 to 2.5 percent of a $20,000-car, or around $300 to $500. There are some instances when the policies of an auto insurance cover the overseas transport fees.

If you are shipping your car to Europe, then make sure to ask the auto mover or shipper about the entry taxes at the European ports. They can cost around 150 Euros or approximately about $170. And whenever the vehicles are not operating properly, you will most likely be charged with extra fees due to the difficulties of loading and unloading the vehicle going from and to the ship.

Steps on How to Ship or Transport a Car

Just in case you are wondering how a car is being transported overseas, here are the steps to be done.

Step 1. Get and compare the price quote from local auto mover companies that provide overseas travel.

Step 2. Most of the time, auto shippers will ask you to submit the necessary documents and paperwork. As such, be sure to pass them promptly to avoid unexpected mishaps.

Step 3. Once you have submitted the required documents, go to your car’s insurance company to know if the auto policies would cover the overseas shipment. If the insurance does not cover the car overseas transport, then you will have to acquire a shipping insurance.

Step 4. Before the auto shipper picks your vehicle, make sure that you have checked and cleaned your car thoroughly. By doing this, you are assured that your car is going to work well when it arrives at the destination.

Step 5. Inspect your car again before the departure. If you see any problems, then you can still fix them before you leave.

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