How Much Does Mole Removal Cost

Whenever you see black or brown circular spots on your skin, don’t panic since they are usually normal. They are called moles or melanocytic nevi that may stay permanently or fade gradually in time.

Made of pigment-producing cells or melanocytes, moles are a usual classification of skin lesion, coming in different sizes and growing either as flat or raised on the skin. Most of them are benign or non-cancerous, but there are moles that can cause cancer, prompting persons to spend on a mole removal cost.

Speaking of eliminating the existence of moles, how much does it cost to remove a mole?

According to Mole Removal Cost Guide, the average mole removal price is within the range of $100 to $500 per mole. However, the cost greatly depends on the methods used by a dermatologist or a surgeon.

Different Methods of Mole Removal

*Shave Mole Removal

As the name implies, this method employs anesthesia and the procedure of shaving moles that are small in size. It basically scrapes off the lesion from the topmost surface or a little beneath the Mole removal surgery costsurface of the skin. Apparently, this leaves visible scars on the skin.

Most of the time, the area where the mole was taken out shows scabs for more than a week or before it gets healed. But as soon as it fully recovers, you will be able to see minimal scar formations. This has an approximate mole removal cost around $175 to $300 for one mole.

*Mole Removal Through Surgical Excision

Large-sized moles, on the other hand, are removed through this method, which involves a surgical cutting of the skin around the mole. After incising, the doctor will remove the lesion from its root, then closes the open skin by stitching. Like mole shaving, this also uses anesthesia.

More than just the large moles, this medical procedure can even remove moles that pose health risks like cancer. The average mole removal price for a surgical excision is $700, ranging from a price of $400 to $1,000 for each mole.

*Laser Mole Removal

Unlike the first two procedures that cause skins scars, laser mole removal only leaves about one percent scar visibility after the lesions are taken out.

A safe method, this procedure starts by numbing the mole area by administering local anesthesia. After that, a laser is used to remove the mole pigmentation that usually goes away by the natural healing process of the body. But how much does it cost to remove a mole using this method?

If you opt to have this operation, you should expect a mole removal cost around $50 to $80 for every treatment. Sometimes, a patient undergoes more than one session, increasing the expenses.

Additional Mole Removal Expenses

Now that you already know the different mole removal methods and their respective costs, here are the following factors that may influence the average mole removal price:

1. Mole’s shape, size and location

If you have a large facial mole or on other sensitive body parts, then you may have to save more than the average price to spend in removing that particular mole. The costs are higher because moles on the faces are visible, requiring the doctor to remove it without leaving any visible mark. Dermatologists or surgeons also need more effort and time to take that nevi out from your face.

2. Level of Difficulty

According to Skin A2z, the level of difficulty or complexity can affect the price; as the case becomes more complex and difficult, the higher the costs you have to pay.

3. Professional Fees

Of course, getting professional services can also change your budget as doctors charge you with fees differently. Whether you choose to have the nevi removed by a dermatologist, a general physician or a surgeon, expect that you will get variations of average mole removal price.

4. Doctors in Specific Areas

Aside from their professional services, it also pays to know that doctors who are based in the major cities charge higher mole removal cost than those operating in smaller towns and areas.

5. Dermatologist Services

Since mole generally grows on the surface of the skin, it is much recommended to have the removal operation with a dermatologist or a skin doctor. Apparently, most dermatologists prefer to conduct the procedure in their respective offices where they already have the needed equipment and tools.

If you choose to get their services, you may have lesser costs to pay since you do not have to pay for facility fees that are imposed on surgical centers.

6. Desired Anesthetic Results

For some people, having visible moles on different parts of their bodies (especially on the face) may seem unpleasant to look at. This can be a reason why they chose to have them removed; they want to look better and become more confident about themselves.

However, if they desire to get more beautiful results after the mole removal operation, the mole removal cost increases since they need to get the services of a doctor with impressive experiences in cosmetic surgery.

7, Biopsy or Pathology Services

More than the appearance of the mole, doctors will initially conduct a biopsy or pathology of the moles to find out if they are non-cancerous or malignant. This costs around $125 to $250, adding to average mole removal price.

Insurance Support for Mole Removal

How much does it cost to remove a mole if it is covered by health insurance?

Mole Removal Cost Guide says health insurances do not cover removal procedures most of the time, unless the mole removal operation is medically necessary. Doctors only consider such procedures as something needed if they diagnose the skin lesion as malignant or a risk of causing cancer, requiring a biopsy for verification.

Cosmetic mole removals, on the other hand, are rarely supported by insurance. However, there are times when they are covered, depending on the policies set by the patient’s insurance provider. The total mole removal costs may be paid completely or sometimes they need a co-payer to make a full a payment.

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