How Much Does Bat Removal Cost

As the natural habits of bats are destroyed, the tendency is for them to flock to other places and usually they go to man-made structures. They find refuge in chimneys, porches, shingles, attics, etc. Although bats are not harmful in a physical sense, they pose various health risks. Bats carry different diseases like rabies and even histoplasmosis which is a fungal infection. To avoid experiencing any health problem, it is important to find a way to evict bats from your house. But then, this is an exclusion process that would take time and would require professionals. Under the federal law, it is illegal to poison bats. How much does bat removal cost? The bat exterminator rate would differ based on different factors.

Bat Infestation

average bat removal cost Before you even start worrying about the cost of bat removal, you first have to know if there is bat infestation in your home. There are signs to watch out for. For one, you hear noises like squeaking, crawling and scratching around dusk and dawn. Bats are nocturnal animals and hearing these sounds only go to show that there are bats in your house. Another evident sign is when you see guano. They easily accumulate so you can notice them right away. Aside from the guano, there are also milky white stains. This is a clear indication of bat urine.

Cost of Bat Removal

When it comes to removing bats, the cost widely varies. How much does bat removal cost? This will depend on the condition of the structure and the size. The prices range from $90 to $300. This cost covers removing the entry point. To remove small to medium colony, the cost ranges from $300 and $1500 respectively. However, it is important to note that the cost can be higher depending on the size of the colony and other factors.  For instance, the bat exterminator rate might just be $300, but there are other costs. For additional floor, there is an additional cost of bat removal is $100 and if there is another 1,000 sq. ft coverage, you can expect another $100.

When the bats are finally excluded, the work does not stop there. There is a need to clean bat droppings. These are also known as guano. The cost of cleanup is around $500. Do you have to shoulder this cost? It would actually depend on the coverage your insurance. There are insurance providers that cover guano removal and even the repair cost of the damages.

How much does bat removal cost plus having a bat house? There are cases where people would have a bat house so they can have a place to live after the exclusion process. The cost of bat house would depend on the material and size around $20 to $300.

In excluding bats, you either have the option as to whether you want to do it on your own or with the help of a professional. If it is manageable, you can actually avoid having to shoulder the cost and just do the bat exclusion on your own. The Bat Conservation International has the materials that you need. There are instructions that you can follow and even videos that tell you how to do it on your own. But if you are having second thoughts and uncertain as to how to handle them, it is still the best choice to contact an expert to do the job. Apart from the possibility that you might harm them, there are also various health risks that will put you in danger.bat in dark

What’s Included?

In hiring a professional to do the job, it all starts with the specialist inspecting the areas like roof, attic and also the outer structure. The schedule for inspection is around late afternoon or even evening. This is the right time which enables the specialist to see the bats leave. After the inspection, all of the potential openings are sealed which will leave the primary holes to be open. Then, these holes are covered in such a way that the bats can leave but they can no longer go back. Bat exclusion is often done either spring or fall. The reason behind this is that during summer, there are baby bats that cannot go out on their own.

Searching for Bat Removal Service Provider

Bat exclusion is not an easy job. It requires certain techniques and methods. There are also guidelines set forth by the Bat Conservation International. Aside from considering the bat exterminator rate, you need to consider other factors too. When you search online, you will find various providers offering bat removal. Take the time to ask them about their training as well as experienced. Ask for the license and you can also check if there are complaints from the Better Business Bureau.

What to Expect

When hiring a professional to do the job, you can expect that they are trained to exclude the bat. They will first visit and inspect your house for any possible entry points and determine the species. This is very essential considering that there are various types of bats and to be effective, certain methods are used depending on the species.

Since it is illegal to harm bats, professional would not result to methods that will harm bats.With their expertise, they can give you advice as to how you can avoid the same problem from happening.

If you start to see the signs and you suspect that there could be bats in your house, you can inspect the area. Contact a bat removal expert who can help you all throughout the process. Consultation is often free. If every you see bats, do not touch them as they might be carrier to certain diseases.

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