How Much Does Cosmetology School Cost

“It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.” David Allan Coe. Millions of careers out there have proved to disappoint many people, however, choosing beauty career has always been spot-on. Many people have realized that this is a worth it job despite cosmetology school cost been somewhat massive though relatively small compared to other similar courses.

Average Cosmetology School Cost

To attend an accredited cosmetology school, one will need an average amount around $5000 to $15000 is the estimated cost. If you opt to go to a top beauty school, an average cost of beauty school will increase by not less than $5000 making it all together $10000-20000.

Once you plan to attend cosmetology school, you need to consider every single cost that you will probably need to pay. From boards to rooms, tuition fees to books and more in this course, there is extra costs of other practical requirements like shampoo, beauty stuff of doing your nails as well as hair detergents that may not be inclusive in the school program.


It has never been easier to pay up school fees, majority of student’s struggle paying up their tuition fees because many of times the sum is huge, the available money in their pockets at many times it’s a bargain. There is an option, though, a good Cosmetology-collegeone that will help many students cater for their fees. Once you choose to go with accredited, you can apply for government loans which have been of big help to students. These loans can help anyone in catering for their cosmetology program that he or she may not have had any other choice of paying it up.

Commonly referred to Cosmetology Spell Grants (CSG) can cover up all expenses including school tuition fees, textbooks needed as well as your room where you will be staying during the entire period at the school. Note that in the case where one joins a not accredited cosmetology school; you will not be able to apply for federal students’ loans. You need to keenly inspect whether the school you are joining can refer you to private lenders.

Room And Board Cost

The location of the school will determine the average prices for both rooms and board. In rural areas, the prices are expected to be lower compared to the urban town places. An average of $20000 a year or more is projected to be the cost on of city rooms and boards. However, a decreased amount of $10000-5000 is the amount that rural rooms and boards will cost per year.

The question on how much does a cosmetology school cost is determined hugely by these side payments that do not necessarily have anything to do with studies. It is crucial that you ask your school about their rooms and boards expenses be it in rural or urban places. Enquiring from your school is even more important in the cases where one is applying for federal students loans. It helps in calculations of the amounts required for each field, in the case when you forget some details, that is needed during the course, you will cater for it later on

Textbooks Prices

It is a school, normal one like any other out there and so you will need books and pens, not only textbooks but exercise books. More expenses though are on textbooks which will cost around $2000-3000 inclusive of suppliers. Again you will have to buy more tools such as mannequins, shampoo, conditioners, scissors and other more which as well is inclusive to the quoted amount above.

It is important that you provide some extra money in case your instructors and teachers asks you to buy something. Cosmetology course is more of practical, and with it covering beauty up from your head down to your last toe, obviously more beauty training tools will be needed. On the same point, if one is unable to cater for textbooks and all stationary requirements, most schools provide soft loans and scholarships that can cover up all the needs, this helps in leveraging the average cost of beauty school.

Cosmetology Scholarships

Like any other course, Cosmetology is a regular course that is recognized widely as a career, and so both the government and private sectors offer scholarships to willing to study students but unable to pay up their fees. Though cosmetology fees are steep compared to other courses, beauty school scholarships can be relied upon to pay it up. At their alma maters, alumni create beauty school scholarships often. This type of scholarship is offered commonly to persons who qualify for talent beauty scholarships.

Another very viable learning option is an outside school one. Many private entities offer cosmetology scholarships. These firms look for the cheaper courses that are easy to sponsor and create their name brands with and asking themselves just how much does cosmetology schools cost seems to have answered another one of their questions on where to best put their money for the sake of their business advertisement campaigns.


It was not going to be over before pointing out the fact that this is not a feminine career, this just like secretaries or transcription is not a females jobs only, millions of men are out there doing perfectly well on the cosmetic field. In fact, many ladies would prefer their nails and hair to be made by professional male hairdressers.

The wrong previewed lies that there is a male and female careers need to be stopped, anyone can do anything so long as they are delivering quality work. Tens of thousands of boys students are out there doing cosmetology and all sorts of beauty related courses, which does not mean they are gay or anything, even if they are, it is their rights to be who they are.

Having said that, cosmetology school cost should not be the reason not to do it, if one is interested in doing cosmetology, tuition fees, are relatively steep plus there are so many various private firms who offer scholarships as well as government’s student loans. Go for it, do what you love and make a living out of it.

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