How Much Does Dance Floor Rental Cost

The traditional narrative of the history of dancing in weddings in Western culture seems ambiguous – in a sense that people would contentedly accept that it existed since ‘time immemorial.’ Yet one of the best and earliest depictions of the cultural significance of dancing in wedding celebration is conveyed in the famous 14th Century oil-on-panel painting straightforwardly titled “The Wedding Dance.”

Completed in 1566 by the Flemish (Dutch) artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder, this masterpiece is now owned by the Detroit Institute of Arts. The painting depicts the jovial and flamboyant merriment of the 125 guests celebrating a peasant’s marriage. Considering the social context of the artwork, one can confirm that wedding dances are already very common in this distant past.

Curiously, however, the attitude of dancing in this era is starkly different from the contemporary times. For one thing, many of its aspects are strictly regulated by the Church (the principal authority in terms of morality). The dance in this aforementioned period also has a structure and dynamics that may seem both different and alien to modern conventions. The tradition of wedding dances has undergone a long and arduous transition throughout the times that the still spectacle of Bruegel’s “The Wedding Dance” can only be relegated to the imagination of the modern viewer.

Typical Cost Per Variety

Dance Floor cost to rent

Given that the contemporary people accept dancing as an inseparable part of the wedding reception, the portable dance floor rental prices automatically comprises one of the key expenses necessary for the couples to organize their celebration. When it comes to the average cost, it is important to take note that ballpark prices are determined by different varieties.

One of the key factors (if not the only criteria) that determine the cost is the kind of material used to fashion the dance floor. The website Mod Wedding determines that the median dance floor coverage for 100 guests measures at 12×12 meters. Depending on the material it was fashioned, the average cost would be anywhere between $215 and $325.

The cheapest variety among all portable dance floor rental prices is wood parquet flooring, entailing a cost of $5 to $16 per individual section. Vinyl indoor flooring costs around $19 to $27 per section while the oak plank entails around $28 to $30. The outdoor dance floor is the most expensive variety, requiring an average fee of $32 per section.

Sound System Rental

The dance floor rental cost only comprises a portion of the overall spending in order to include music and merriment in the overall reception program. Ordinarily, wedding reception venues already include the use of the sound system in the packaged rental fee. However, there are also many couples who would choose a less traditional indoor reception setting.

Specific venues like the public gardens, the beach or the verdant backyard of a generous sponsor are often absent of built in PA sound system. Personal customizations like these warrant supplying one’s own speakers and audio gear. In the online forum of Harmony Central, the average fee for renting a sound system alone is anywhere between $200 and $400, based on the frequency of mentioned figures by online respondents.

A company called Pro Sound DJ & Rental features a variety of package deals that already includes the set rate of a professional disk jockey and a couple of LED dance floor effects (lighting) in addition to the speakers and sound system. For instance, their entire Saturday Standard DJ Package is worth $495.

Dance Floor Lighting

Apart from the dance floor rental cost and sound system, another rentable aspect of the wedding reception revelry is the lights. Similar to the outdoor configuration discussed earlier, some venues do not include lighting in their rental package. Although most sound system rentals already include dance floor effects, it may not always be available for the rental providers who are leasing audio gear exclusively. In this case, it helps to get a little idea on how much the planning couple would spend on lighting alone.

A company called Event Lighting Rental provides a quotation for each variety of lights used in wedding dances. The gobos and monograms that flash the signature names of the newly wedded couples on the dance floor would cost $195. For uplights, costs vary depending on how many units are being rented. For 11 or fewer units, the rental cost is $35 each. For those renting between 12 and 20 units, the rental fee is $30. But for those who charter more than 20 units, it costs $25 each.

String lights, on the other hand, would largely depend on the scope of the area being lit. However, a company called Stuart Event Rentals provided a comparative ballpark price that ranges anywhere between $40 and $75.

Do-It-Yourself Dance Floor

Dance Floor rental cost

Considering the additional expenses on top of the average portable dance floor rental prices, other people would prefer a keener return on investment by simply building their own event dance floor. A blog site called Your Homebased Mom featured an article guide to building a dance floor out of 6 sheets of plywood. The total cost for the materials (planks, paint, and taping) is roughly around $300.

It may be keen to point out that this cost projection is higher than the lowest average dance floor rental cost. At plain sight, this alternative would seem impractical given the chances of failure when the building is conducted by an inexperienced pair of hands. However, it is important to take note that there are also certain advantages to building one’s own dance floor.

For one thing, the owners will no longer have to entertain the possibility of paying for penalty fees that renters would have to cover in case of certain dents and damages on the dance floor. That’s already an average of $250 less for the cost of a damage waiver. Another crucial advantage one can get from building their dance floor is that it can be used in other important jovial events ranging from simple Thanksgiving parties to community dance contests.   

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