How Much Does Dog Microchip Cost

Many pet owners have decided to microchip their pets, especially dogs for that matter as most of the time they disappear without you noticing. It is hard for them to find their dogs especially if the ID tag got lost along the way or if it is no longer visible and readable. As such, pet owners turn their head to microchipping which is an easy way of implanting an identification chip as small as the size of a grain in your dog’s shoulder blade or scruff on the neck.

Don’t worry! The process won’t hurt your dog. It is a common process to get your dog’s identified. Consider this option and know more about the average cost to microchip a dog down below.

Average Cost of a Dog’s Microchip

A dog microchip cost will only be around $25 to $50 depending on your veterinarian. It is also possible to get a Doglower price than $50 if you are doing the process along with other things like your dog’s regular check up as you have already paid for the clinic visit.

It is a one-time fee and will include a registration in a pet recovery database which will then be transferred to different veterinary clinics and animal shelters’ database. Most of them have a scanner that is used to pass over the pet to read its microchip and get identified.

A dog chipping price does not cost much and sometimes may lessen if the process is done by local animal shelters and rescue groups. Some pet owners usually add this procedure when they want their dogs spayed or neutered as the cost will also lessen.

Humane societies in some areas also offer this procedure for a little less and the average cost to microchip a dog may be offered around $10 to $15.

The Price You Get in Exchange of Your Dog’s Microchip

An adventurous owner would love their dogs sticking with them during trips to other places and sometimes be going on a run in forest or mountain tops. Some dogs are trained for this kind of activity but if you plan to be one someday make sure your dog gets a microchip.

If it so happens that your dog gets lost and is taken to an animal shelter you would worry less as most shelters have a scanner for a microchip dog. It will be easier to find your dog and be reunited with it so long as your dog gets scanned.

Microchipping is lifetime and you’ll realize that the dog microchip cost will not hurt your pockets at all. Sending the initial requirements for the microchip is a one-time process and your only responsibility after getting your dog a microchip is to register the microchip in a national pet recovery database and keep the registry informed of any changes with your contact number.

At some cases, there is a possibility that the dog chiping price will not include that of the registration and may give you an additional cost of below $20 for the registration and storage of your contact information in a pet recovery database.

A properly implanted chip cannot be lost or damaged as the chip is composed of biocompatible materials that have no capacity to degenerate over time. It is also a rare case to have the chip migrating to another place but if you are worried about this you can always visit your veterinarian yearly for an annual exam and have your dog’s microchip checked to make sure it is still in the correct location.

Should You? Or Should You Not Get Your Dog A Microchip?

First thing to know is if you love your pet. If so, then you should have your dog a microchip. The most numbered reason why pet owners want their dog to have a microchip is because of the risk of losing them one day and not knowing where to find it.

Are you fond of training purebred dogs? Purebred dogs have higher risk of getting snatched away by thieves to sell them for a bigger price. If you have one, then you should get it a microchip. A stolen dog that is scanned by any pet clinic will be automatically traced in a pet recovery database who will then inform you of the location where your dog has last been taken.

If you’re a worry wart then this option is the best one for you as you would worry less if your dog has a microchip because you will have a better chance of recovering your dog if it has one.

In some countries, microchipping your dog is mandatory and owners who have yet to do so risks getting fined and must get their dogs  microchips within 21 days.

As of now, many communities are proposing to make microchipping mandatory for all dogs.

The decision to microchip your dog or not is not a hard decision at all. Spending around $25 to $50 for a lifetime service is not as bad as losing your dog and taking a long time to have it back or worse lose you’re your dog forever.

A Side Note about Microchipping

You may spend a few dollars for a microchip but know that there will be fines if it is found that you have intentionally abandoned your dog. With one scan on its microchip it will easily trace the contact information of its owner. So think twice before doing so as this may lead you straight to jail.

Another thing is the fact that some owners turn their dogs into vicious killing machines. They turn them to become weapons and might cause serious attacks and damage to other people. But with one scan on its microchip the owners will have to answer to any offense done by his or her dog and be held liable for all the things it has committed.

A microchip may cost you a few dollars, yes, but you should also be mindful of what you’re doing and planning to do with your dog.

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