How Much Does Flea Exterminator Cost

Owning pets take more than just simple adoration. Although the love for animals plays a central role to that responsibility, a prospective owner must also invest a good deal of time, effort and (most importantly) resources. Suffice to say, pet parentage (ownership) is also an expensive proposition. In terms of spending resources, keeping conventional pets like dogs and cats healthy may sometimes be the biggest monetary value of the annual spending. The biggest bane to the physical condition of ‘fur children’ is flea infestation.

Although flea infestation is primarily a health concern, a greater deal of attention is being given to resolving this problem. Thus, it has occupied a significant category of a pet owner’s overall expenses. According to the website My Pet, each female flea can lay as much as 2,000 within 50 days of its short average lifespan. Such is the magnitude of the inconvenience fleas bring.

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Not only do fleas render pets weak and itching incessantly, it may even irritate human parents in worst cases. To some extent, flea infestation in furry animals has a tendency to progress from a simple veterinary health care concern to a troubling safety issue for all members of the family. It stands to reason that pet-owning households would consider flea extermination cost or the cost of flea exterminator as a necessary domestic spending.

Three Kinds Of Flea Control

There are three ways of looking at the average flea extermination cost American homeowners would usually spend. Projected fees may vary depending on the type of measure one would prefer in addressing the flea influx of their beloved pets. These are the three kinds of treatment and their overall national median cost:

Flea Insecticides

These pest control products are available at any hardware or home improvement stores in the country. Flea insecticides my come in powder, liquid or aerosol spray. A decent flea insecticide contains potent chemical components that kill adult mites and control the growth of eggs, pupae, and larvae. The average cost spent on each insecticide is between $5 and $50.

Indoor & Outdoor Control

Another way of killing fleas and preventing their expansion is lacing the environment with pesticide. Flea foggers, or better known as flea bombs, are special aerosol cans that release toxic mists designed to exterminate mites within a close vacated room. One can of flea bomb is enough to obliterate lice in a single room. The cost for each is anywhere between $10 and $150.

When it comes to dealing with fleas outside the house, a viable measure requires homeowners to spray the lawn and garden with flea pesticides. Flea sprays contained in a 32-ounce bottle attached to a garden hose can clear 5,000 square feet of the residential land area off of lice that can plague dog and cats during their outdoor playtime. Flea sprays usually cost around $10 to $30.

Professional Exterminators

In the case of worse flea influx, it is imperative for homeowners to hire professional flea exterminators. Pest control companies usually charge $150 to $300 for the overall cost of flea exterminator. This fee projection already includes both the initial and follow-up service. Most companies have a service contract that is usually effective within 6 months. If fleas resurface within the usual warranty period, the professional exterminators will return to completely eliminate the remaining persistent lice that continue to thrive in a customer’s home.

Veterinary Health & Hygiene  

Although eradicating fleas entails subjecting one’s home to one of three control procedures mentioned previously, it is possible to avoid such costs by dealing with the influx in its earlier stage. The initial phase of eliminating fleas at home is to decontaminate the furry pets that carry it. As soon as the cat or the dog starts scratching itself, it is important for pet owners to head to the nearest pet shop and purchase some remedies.

As part of the overall pest control fleas price, homeowners are looking at around $10 for a bottle of flea shampoo. Oral or topical treatments is anywhere between $40 and $50. For some treatments that require the expert application of veterinarians, a visit to the vet clinic entails an additional cost of roughly $50.

4 Best Flea Treatment Brands

When it comes to the inclusive pest control fleas price, highly recommended lice remedies makes the best return on investment. The online directory called Consumer Search lists four great brands designed to remove fleas from fur babies. Here are the names one should watch out for:

Advantage II

One of the key advantages of this brand of tropical treatment is that they do not require a veterinarian’s prescription. On top of the relative ease in terms of purchase, Advantage II for dogs or cats is proven to be highly potent without any side effects. This treatment is worth $44.28 for dogs while the price for cats is $36.09.

Frontline Plus

This product is notorious for its wholesale destruction of fleas – not only limited to adult lice but also claiming casualties for egg, larvae, and pupae. When it comes to customer reviews, a visible portion of customers also claim poor or inadequate flea-killing performance. The difference in terms of quoted costs between dogs ($34.95) and cats ($31.99) is relatively minimal.

Novartis Capstar

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When it comes to the quoted price, purchasing this brand of oral therapy proves to be very cost-efficient. It only costs $21.89 at Amazon. Unlike other medications, the Novartis Capstar tablet is applicable for both cats and dogs. In other words, ‘one pill to cure both creatures.’ This drug is designed to get rid of adult lice as fast as 30 minutes. However, removing flea eggs and larvae requires an extensive long-term application.

Seresto Flea & Tick Collar

Contrary to popular disbelief, dog and cat collars can effectively repel fleas off the poor host’s body. Putting on the Seresto Flea & Tick Collar around the neck of one’s pet cat or dog keeps them guarded for eight months. The collar systematically emits the same active ingredient found in potent tropical medications throughout its entire duration of use. Each collar is sold at a price of $49.00 online.

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