How Much Does HGH Cost

Human Growth Hormone, also known as HGH, is a hormone that is produced by our body throughout our lifetime. The hormones of our body are responsible for our development, from the tiniest cells up to the largest organs. The role of HGH is responsible for the growth and development of our muscles and bones. It also repairs our cells.

Production of HGH in our body declines as we grow old. However, there are prescriptions of HGH in the United States that are legal for only a few conditions. This drives us to the question, “how much does HGH cost?”

Average HGH Price

Average HGH Price

HGH can only be bought if you have prescriptions. And doctors only give prescriptions to a patient, who is experiencing conditions like a child or adult having HGH deficiency and AIDS. HGH is not legal and FDA approved if it is used for bodybuilding or to counteract the natural aging of a person.

The Genotropin cost for a monthly supply that is injected daily, usually runs around $500 up to $7,500 if you are not covered by a health insurance. It depends on the required dose and what is the treated condition. Usually, adults that have a deficiency in their growth hormone will spend the lower cost since they only need small dosage. On the other hand, children experiencing growth hormone deficiency will have to spend only a part of the total cost and it usually depends on the child’s size. Meanwhile, people with AIDS will have to spend on the higher cost since higher doses are required for them.

Oftentimes, HGH is covered by health insurance if it is considered as a medical necessity for the patient. However, there are times where the insurance coverages are denied. A foundation called The Magic Foundation provides help to patients in making the coverage case or appealing a denial. They also outline the experiences of the patient getting the approval.

HGH price would only include out of pocket costs such as monthly copay if you are covered by insurance. It usually runs around $300 up to $700 or more.

Extra Cost

Visits to the doctor and testing your blood are needed to monitor the level of your hormone. This can add up to the total Genotropin cost.


Now that you know how much does HGH cost, the next thing you should know is its inclusions when you are planning to avail one.

Your doctor will perform a blood test on you before he or she can give a prescription. A blood test can determine if you really need HGH. HGH can help children with growth deficiency to grow properly. On the other hand, adults taking HGH can increase the density in their bones and muscle mass, as well as help decrease their body fats. HGH can also increase the exercise capacity of an adult. HGH can also counteract muscle mass loss for patients who have AIDS. The degradation rate of HGH is short. That is why the normal dosage of it is 1 injection daily.

You can visit Mayo Clinic to have an overview about HGH.

Factors Affecting the Cost

Average HGH cost

  • The ingredients used in the HGH can greatly affect its cost. There are a lot of different concentrations of HGH from different supplements. The higher the concentration, the higher the price.
  • Brand Name. The name of the manufacturer of HGH can also affect the price. The difference between different brand names could run from hundreds of dollars.
  • The place where you buy the supplement also affects the cost. It is advisable that you purchase directly from the manufacturer or at least as close to the manufacturer to have the lesser price. A middleman usually drives the price up. The more middlemen standing between you and the manufacturer, the more the price could go high. There are times where people purchase HGH illegally through online from foreign countries to save money. However, you might end up in jail if you are caught. You could also end up paying a huge amount of fines.

Side Effects of HGH

Hormones play a vital role in our body. It could lead to some severe heath concerns if you abusively use it. So, take the amount that is prescribed to you by the doctor if you don’t want to have any health issues.

Abusive use of HGH can cause Acromegaly. Acromegaly is the abnormal thickening of the jaw bones, bones in the forehead, and hands. An example to this is the baseball star, Barry Bonds. Bonds is rumored to have Acromegaly because of his excessive use of HGH. Abnormal enlargement of the kidneys and heart, diabetes, and hypoglycemia are also the side effects of the abusive use of HGH.

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