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Hometown Buffet is a known casual dining restaurant that prides themselves on a vast variety of most American meals ranging from appetizers, seafood, steaks and much more. This restaurant has been highly rated and one of the most known in the town. Availability of Coupons and generous discounts plays a significant role in making sure that none of their customers’ complaints about hometown buffet prices regardless of how much he/she will pay.

HomeTown Buffet Menu Prices

Close to every meal here is prepared and served in a buffet setting. Their customers will get seasonal specialties, as well as a delicious, unique set of desserts, are available as well which helps the restaurant in a diversity of clients.

Food TimingPrice
Breakfast BuffetOn both Saturday and Sunday, a strong breakfast buffet is served from 8:00 am-11:00 am$7.99
Lunch BuffetDaily lunch buffet is available at 10:45 am -3:30 pm except on Sundays.$8.50
Dinner BuffetOn Monday – Thursday at 3:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Friday and Saturday at 3:30 pm -9:00 pm.
Sunday at 11:00 am -8:30 pm
Family NightThursdays at 5 pm – 8 pm
Kids of 11 years old and below.
$1.99 with drinks included.
Military MondayEvery Monday all day long.15% off everything purchased.

Vital to note is that these prices are prone to changes, in a business where you are buying perishable goods and not service providing business, one or two items may have their prices increased or decreased. Such an incident will alter their final consumption cost. Although hometown buffet prices have not been changing for a while, we cannot rule out the possibility of them been altered in one way or another.

Services like Military Monday have been off in the last few weeks, but there is no official announcement whether this service has been terminated. Rumors have it that it might be temporally due to Christmas and New Year Eve celebrations and so, it should be back early in the following year.

Hometown Customer Specialties

In several places where people mostly call this an old school buffet, hometown buffet offers a variety of it in plenty and in Hometown buffet restaurantthe most delicious way around. Salads, soups, entrees, and the fabulous desserts among much more. Their most favorite meals that leave absolutely everyone in their best moods is the hard breaded fried chicken, freshly made Macaroni with Cheese, fried and baked fish, as well as friend and baked chicken.

Expect a new unique feature and a different item every week; their chefs are not afraid of testing this and that which in many times proofs to not disappoint. Their side meals and drinks are spot on. Delicious small batched set of meals are in plenty. With literally very little to pay, you can sort yourself with a superb fruit salad, mashed potatoes, French fries, fresh from the garden vegetables and even two-home-style soup.

Your typical restaurant meal comes no close to a buffet, not to mention if you were to visit a buffet of hometown class where customer service and hygiene tops their priority list. You may not believe it but hometown buffet dinner cost per person costs less than any other typical dinner meal in your traditional restaurant. You will hardly get services of half-efforts somewhere else like you will in a buffet.

Health and Nutrition Values in HomeTown Buffet

With the diverse meal taste of different people, hometown buffet offers a variety that sorts out everyone with their liking. However funny yours is, you will funnily be served it to your satisfaction. You do not have to worry about fats and cholesterol been added to your body, or having meals cooked with this and that spices missing. In most cases, you will even be tempted to have a word with the responsible chef about their tricks and recipes of certain meals.

Among many who have been enjoying hometown buffet menu charges and recipes, easy breezy recipes have had more than meals to enjoy from the hometown buffet. Rated by the healthy dining finder, hometown buffet prioritizes in making sure that their meals are perfectly prepared in relation to their customers’ health. You will barely have any meal, drink or snack from them and complain of some stomach upsets.

Meeting and Group Meals

Hometown buffet provides the best you can find group tables and spacious dining that will help you comfortably have your crew set up on their best moods. You can bet that hometown buffet will shine when it comes to group and tour accommodations. Whether this group is planning for any party or meeting, rest assured that hometown buffet can give them a handful services and products to their last minute of been in the place. Hometown buffet menu charges come at a steep discount especially when it comes to serving a large group of guests, an advantage that you’re not going to get more frequently in other places.

Hometown Buffet Coupons and Gift Cards

Not every restaurant will give coupons or gift cards, however, with thousands of customer’s nationwide, hometown buffet have been offering these in plenty, actually, an amazing 100% discounts have been witnessed severally, and more are expected to especially during this festive season. Coupons and gift cards can be purchased online, and customers will have their gifts sent via postcodes. One will have that freedom of enjoying their meals of choice with a gift card once in any of hometown buffet restaurant.

Hometown Buffet Locations

They are probably all over the United States of America. Maybe to just mention few of them, there is one in Washington DC, five restaurants in Oregon which is their historical exodus, forty of them in California, one in Missouri, two restaurants in Ohio, one in both New Jersey and Connecticut as well as Maine. From the list, you can obviously tell that they have had a success story of themselves to tell. Been in some of the big name estates and having their services and products rated as they are, this is a place to go. It will serve you correctly, with the least hometown buffet dinner cost per person around the nation.

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