How Much Does Jaw Surgery Cost

The equation for a perfect tantalizing smile is an adorable lips stretched from ear to ear and healthy white teeth. But getting into this equation is titanic when you have jaw problem. Jaws bestow important function in our body. Our jaws make the eating, grinding, smiling, and speaking simple as ABC.

Improperly aligned jaws hand out a number of restricted facial movements and can also affect our facial looks. To get rid of this adverse, many have decided to surgically fix their jaws. A deep financial pondering is a must to get further look on the accounts of the jaw surgery price.

Getting to Know Your Jaw

Jaw disposition is caused by a number of factors. This impairment may be a cause of birth defect or injury. People who have jaw problems usually find eating and breathing difficult. Some of them may have speaking difficulties and some experience uproar jaw pain either acute or chronic. This stiff pain in the jaw is usually called jaw joint pain; that is in the temporomandibular joint or TMJ.

Misaligned jaws can also cause open mouth (a space between upper and lower teeth even if the mouth is closed), gummy or toothless smiles, sleep apnea, and facial disparity.

Many may have thought how much does jaw surgery cost. But you wouldn’t really know how much you’ll be spending unless you’re actually in that momentum. But a quite good estimation can help prime up probable expenses.

Jaw SurgeryThe average cost of jaw surgery will depend considerably to the type of surgery needed, the type of jaw problem, and the preferred health facility. The type of surgery will depend to the complexity of the jaw problem. Early detected jaw alignment and disposition can be treated by braces while in severe cases, surgery may be the paramount choice. Most commonly, braces are required by orthodontists to align the teeth before the surgery.

Orthognatic surgery is done to realign, reconstruct, or adjust the jaw and other related bone dispositions. The procedure is medically studied by oral and maxillofacial surgeons. It is recommended to seek a dentist first. Upon evaluation, they may refer to see an oral and maxillofacial expert.

The treatment most likely starts by requiring the patient to take braces before and after the surgery. If braces have conciliated the jaw problem upon initial usage of braces for some time, then surgery may be an option B unless modified by the surgeon.

The Jaw Surgery Cost

Getting further discussion on how much does jaw surgery cost, it is wise to get thorough details about jaw surgery, the possible adverse, alternative treatments, and additional expenses. Colgate had provided coherent information about orthognathic surgeries. 

The jaw surgery price will depend on the surgical clinic and the surgeon. Reputable high end health facilities charge higher especially those in large cities that have costly premises. The price will also depend comprehensively if the facility offers modern and advance state-of-the-art facilities. Credible board-certified surgeons charge premium. Look for the nearest hospital or outpatient orthognathic clinic on your area.

Jaw surgery corrects the alignment of the jaw which includes grinding or cutting in the jawbone. This surgery often takes 2 to 3 days stay in the hospital, one of the factors of the price inflation.

The average cost of jaw surgery melodically starts from $20,000 all the way up to $50,000 and higher. This estimation is changeable subject to the number of days the patient has stayed in the hospital and the basic surgery rate of the facility. The price may also include the fees for the surgeon, equipments used, post- and pre- doctor care, and follow-up visitation.

The surgery will require the use of anesthesia. The price will depend on the type of anesthesia needed for the surgery. Commonly, general anesthesia is used that costs $1000 to $2000. The anesthesia is sometimes pre-included on the total cost of the surgery.

Why invest for such costly surgery? Mayo Clinic posted the benefits of reconstructing the jaws. This includes smile improvement, correcting facial imbalance, and it makes chewing and biting much less difficult.

Jaw-Dropping Results

The jaw surgery price can be reduced 40% to 60% with the cooperation of insurance companies. Jaw surgery is considered medically necessary rather cosmetic. This means insurance company will cover a part of the expenses of the surgery. Co-payments and other services shall be paid out-of-the-pocket which will cost up to $5000 or more.

Braces and other post-dental care must be summed up on the average cost of jaw surgery. Depending on the design and the teeth’s readjustment complexity, the price for braces is roughly $1000 to $3500 including consultation and installation.

How much does jaw surgery cost? The price is drastically $15,000 and will even go beyond $50,000 including the fees for the consultation, facility, surgeon, and equipments. Other consumables like pre- and post-doctor visit, post-surgery care, filling of the prescription, and braces are yet to be considered. Remember also, that the prices will generally depend on your region or state. Insurance companies will help you spend less than expected, so let your insurance get checked to know diligently what to pay and what not to pay.

It is recommended to consult a dentist or orthodontist to get an oral evaluation and to know helpful treatments that can solve the jaw reconstruction. The consultation fee is often added to the total cost of the surgery.

Many have decided to get their jaw realigned and were very happy with the results. Jaw surgery relieves sleep apnea, speaking difficulty, and facial imbalance. When having jaw surgery, you’re not just changing how your jaw look but in deeper insight, you’re emotionally changing the way you look at yourself. Jaw surgery has a bunch of physical benefits that boosts self-esteem and confidence. The results are totally jaw-dropping!

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