John’s Incredible Pizza Menu and Prices

At John’s Incredible Pizza Menu is the place to be if you are looking for a family fun filled day within a budget. It is the ideal hangout for families with kids and also individuals. They have incredible offers for both children and adults. John Incredible Pizza Prices pride themselves in offering a wide variety of out-of- this world mouth-watering dishes ranging from pizza, soups, salads, fried chicken, French fries, pasta, corn, mashed potatoes, vegetables, and beverages. They also provide soft drinks as part of the buffet.

Founded by John Parlet in 1997, John’s Incredible Pizza menu has maintained its credible reputation through the years. With 11 locations throughout America, its growth is just amazing. All its locations in Beaverton, Bakersfield, San Diego, Las Vegas, Buena Park and others, are all run within the same theme and the service is the same through and through. Incredible and fantastic.

The theme eat-all-you-can-eat buffet with fun and games became the slogan that has made it unique and the perfect place for family fun days and parties. This hangout has maintained its reasonable prices and has remained affordable for everyone and ideal for mothers who wish to entertain their kids within a budget.

John’s incredible Pizza Prices

At John’s, you are required that to purchase the buffet on admission. The buffet is offered exclusive of alcoholic drinks. The buffet includes pizza, soup, salads, fried chicken and unlimited soft drinks and beverages.

John's incredible pizzaThey have fantastic offers, promotions, and events for people of all ages. Games and entertainment for kids especially during the holidays at very reasonable prices. Senior citizens of 55 years and above pay 10.49 dollars, adults of 13 years and above pay 11.49 dollars, kids between the ages of three and six pay 5.29 dollars and kids between the ages of 7 and twelve pay 7.29 dollars.

Kids under the age of two are given free meals if they are accompanied by a paying adult.

Unlimited beverages are offered which includes soft drinks, iced teas, coffee, hot chocolate. All beers are offered at 5.29 dollars for regular beers and 7.29 dollars for large beers.

All wines are offered by the glass for 8.29 dollars.

John Incredible Pizza Prices has everybody covered. They have special gluten free pizza for those that are gluten intolerant at a cost of 2.49 dollars. It is, however, worth mentioning that the kitchen is not entirely gluten free. Gluten free pizza is offered on request.

Their wonderful soup and assortment of delicious salads will leave you wanting more.

It is the best place to be during Christmas, thanksgiving and during other family moments because of the fun-filled activities that are offered to kids. End year parties are also held here because of their spacious sitting and after party activities that are offered within the perimeter. It is the place to hold your birthday party or your graduation party or your cocktail party.

Kids will enjoy games such as Donkey Kong and street fighter, kids show 24 hours, seven days a week. There are also sports and amusements for kids.

The amazing thing about this place is that you are allowed to eat what you want and as much as you want.

The Buffet

  • The signature PIZZA

John’s has over 20 pizza varieties which it is well known for. The eat-all-you-can-eat buffet will include pepperoni, mushroom, sausage, cheese, peanut butter and mac and cheese. The choice will be yours.

  • The pasta masterpiece

The varieties range from fettuccine to noodles with freshly added sauces and topped with vegetables, onions or peppers. Simply delicious

  • The succulent Fried chicken

It is simply delicious and the accompaniments are out of this world. The gravy, beans, mashed potatoes et al are simply delicious.

  • The tantalizing Soup

The thick tasty soup will leave you licking your fingers. This soup is just a torment!

  • Vegetable Salad

If you want a light drive this is the section to be. The salad includes over 40 vegetable items. It is heaven for the salad lovers with the dressings and crunchies. The salads range from raspberry vinaigrette – one of the favorites, the Ranch, Caesar, and honey mustard, Blue cheese and much more.

  • Dessert for the sinners!

After you have filled up, this will be the most difficult because you can’t ignore the cakes, cookies and cinnamon rolls.

The meals are prepared daily so that you are assured of fresh and nutritious food.   

The Parties.

John’s Incredible Pizza Prices is a great place for birthday parties which allows 2hours time for birthday parties and time afterward for fun filled activities. The offer is inclusive of a party host and a reserved room.

The party buffet offers varieties and the food is made especially for kids who are known to be picky eaters. You can never go wrong with this place because we take care of everything regardless of age.  The price of the party is worth it for what you get.

If you know a cool kid gives them John’s gift card for Christmas. It is worth it!

There are large themed rooms for large parties where you can sit and enjoy yourself. Sit back, relax and let the staff do all the work. With their party host, you do not have to do anything. Everything is done for you for the few bucks.  There are also fun games for adults so they don’t feel left out. It’s not just piling on the pounds but burning them as well and only at this excellent place. The dining rooms are stocked with huge television screens where the adults can watch a variety of sports and also play music videos. 

The staff with their pretty uniforms and their cool demeanor gives the place that neat and cool atmosphere where even the strongest of all headaches is cured. It is like therapy. Their enthusiasm towards their work makes you love this place. They are very friendly and supportive and are quick to give solutions and handling customer issues.

It is like they are having fun themselves, so, who wouldn’t want to part of the fun? It just the place to be. 

It is a totally unique experience that combines a made-from-scratch all you can eat pizza buffet with rides, games, and attractions all under one roof.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, John’s Incredible Pizza Prices has got your back. They have your sort of food, drink, and fun!

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