How Much Does Norfolk Terrier Cost

“When an 85-lb mammal licks your tears away, then tries to sit on your lap, it’s hard to feel sad.” These are the poignant words of one of America’s renowned pop authors, Kristan Higgins (In Your Dreams). Speaking of sadness, 18 percent of adults aged 18 and above are often diagnosed with anxiety disorders in the United States, with the entire nation accruing a total cost of $42 billion a year. While most of these clinical disorders are dependent on medical treatment, people can often resort to a number of corrective adjustments to promote a holistic positive well-being.

One of the most popular, if not the most popular, of these approaches is to adopt a pet. Dogs are excellent stress relievers and they provide lonesome humans with relatively healthy social companionship. In terms of choosing a dog, the Norfolk terrier is a well-liked breed of many American pet owners. This breed sports a lively demeanor complemented by their quirky thick fur and semi-miniature size. Contrary to the weight mentioned by the quoted author, Norfolk terriers only weigh 11 to 12 lbs. This lightweight and energetic breed is also known to be cultivated Norfolk Terrier by the country’s high-profile breeders.

The average Norfolk terrier price can be broad. Most pet stores would sell roughly anywhere between $1500 and $3500. This price range reflects the two ends of the dog quality spectrum. Some very young pups (a few days old) are also sold at $700, entailing a heavier brunt of responsibility for prospective owners in terms of training and grooming.

However, it is always important to take note that Norfolk terrier puppies cost do not often get lower than $1000 for an adult-aged pet. An establishment selling that low can often invite reasonable doubt, especially if personal research often tells prospective owners that the breeder in question has not yet established a solid reputation.

Overall Pet Maintenance Cost

Getting a preferred Norfolk terrier from breeders is one thing. Apart from the Norfolk terrier puppies cost, the prospective owner must consider ongoing expenses entailed by owning this breed of dog. After all, preserving a new life in one’s household only demands a great deal of care and attention from the custodians. Here is one way of looking at the overall cost of investing in the ownership of a Norfolk terrier:

Relative cost per average lifespan

A Norfolk terrier lives a total average lifespan of 9 to 15 years. However, there are certain exceptions that prolong their natural duration of existence up to 20 years. Shorter life spans are often caused by a wide range of diseases which has been acquired and not properly treated since at its earlier age.

Well-fed Norfolk terriers do not require special dietary needs. Their good appetite costs a total of around $7 to $10 per week. Multiply that by the number of days each year, one can tally a maximum total of $520 for its food alone. Apart from their daily nutrition, another aspect worth considering is the grooming. It is often left to the sole discretion of prospective owners whether to groom this breed by themselves or send it to a pet salon.

Due to their voluminous hair growth, Norfolk terriers require grooming at least once a week. If one should put them in pet salons, the most prevalent Norfolk terrier price for grooming is $53.29 (which already includes the $3.54 sales tax). This gives prospective pet owners an annual investment worth $2,771 for grooming alone.

The total cost of taking good care of a Norfolk terrier is roughly between $520 and $3,291 each year. Given this information, one can partially assess whether this breed of dog is worth the annual investment or if it is better to choose another breed. 

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Health & Temperament Issues

Another aspect worth considering in terms of assessing the Norfolk terrier price is the inherent characteristics of the breed itself. This can be determined by their temperament and health considerations.

Restlessness Factor

Norfolk terriers are small dogs, but they are very active for their size. Their natural energy level entails prospective owners to devote 36 to 60 minutes of their time every day to take these dogs for a walk. Although these dogs can adapt to staying indoors, they prefer to be around the yard where they can run around or dig holes. Anyone who is maintaining an ornate garden might take serious note of this particular quirk. These dogs really love to dig.

Another characteristic worth noting is their barking. Owners who plan to raise a Norfolk terrier should be capable of addressing their stress issues. These dogs often take it out on everyone if they are neglected. Extended hours of walks can keep these dogs quiet when they are resting at home, especially inside apartment units where they can’t (effectively) play.

The only challenge that homeowners face whenever they are training a Norfolk terrier to behave is their stubbornness. They are smart dogs with slight behavioral quirks. It is best for owners to socialize Norfolk terriers with other pets (e.g. cats) at an early age in order to establish the other creature as a non-threatening co-inhabitant of their territorial space.

Health Disorders

Given that they are active types of pets, owners would not consider Norfolk terrier puppies cost to be expensive. Some of the prevalent dog diseases like arthritis are more endemic among a relatively sedentary breed. But despite the absence of this and other types of common debilitating illness, the Norfolk terrier is highly prone to experience heart disorders. Another disease that is well-known among the Norfolk terrier dogs is canine epilepsy, and (unfortunately) they are often genetic.

This only goes to show that seeking reputable dog breeders is a priority when one plans to adopt a Norfolk terrier (or any other dog for that matter). A responsible breeder ensures that extremely fatal congenital diseases like these are isolated from the healthier genetic stock. Norfolk terriers having indications of these disorders are already spayed or neutered. 

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