How Much Does Patagonia Trip Cost

Beaches and Resorts for a vacation trip are kind of becoming too mainstream. A lot of people are having these kinds of vacation for quite a long time now. However, there are still other ways to spend your summer vacation that doesn’t involve any beaches and resorts, and that can be found in Patagonia. This place offers going to peaks covered in snow, lakes with crystal waters, and alpine fields that are perfect for trekking and camping. However, it is located between two expensive countries in South America – Chile and Argentina, which means it is an expensive travel destination. The name of the place is Patagonia. But how much does it cost to go to Patagonia?

Trip to Patagonia Cost Breakdown

Patagonia is split into two – Argentine Patagonia and Chilean Patagonia. And both of these are very expensive but each offers something different. The country with the highest economy in South America is Chile, making it an expensive place to travel. On the other hand, Argentina before was a cheap destination to go to, but because of its economic progress, it has also become a country that is expensive to go to.

Trip to Patagonia Cost Breakdown

Before you will know the total Patagonia vacation cost, you will need to break it down into four main parts namely – the cost of Flight tickets, the cost of accommodation, the cost of transportation, and the cost of meals. Each of these parts depends on different factors. However, because you will do mostly camping, trekking and hitchhiking you can save a lot of money from some of these parts.


This will be the biggest expense you will make and your first priority. That is why it is first on the list. The cost of flight tickets varies on two important factors – the date of your travel and the location you are coming from. Normally, if you come from a place far from the destination, flight ticket prices are much more expensive. Luckily, there are now a lot of websites on the internet that helps travelers find a cheap flight. One of these sites is Trip Advisor. This site can help you find the cheapest air flight ticket. You will simply have to input your location, your destination, and your travel date.

You will have to choose between the two countries for your destination, Argentina or Chile. Here are some rough estimates of air flight prices to Argentine Patagonia:

  • Round-trip flight from New York to Argentina – $1,200 up to $1,800 (Economy).
  • Round-trip flight from Houston to Argentina – $2,180 up to $2,520 (Economy).
  • Round-trip flight from Toronto to Argentina – $1,800 up to $2,610 (Economy).

Here are some rough estimates of air flight prices to Chilean Patagonia:

  • Round-trip flight from New York to Chile – $1,300 up to $3,000 (Economy).
  • Round-trip flight from Houston to Chile – $2,300 up to $2,750 (Economy).
  • Round-trip flight from Toronto to Chile – $900 up to $1,200 (Economy).

Always keep in mind that the prices for air flight tickets vary dependently on the season of Patagonia. Everybody knows that when you travel during the place’s peak season, prices for air flight tickets increase. The peak season of Argentine Patagonia is from October to November and December to February. Expect to have a mild weather during these months making it best time for trekking and camping. On the other hand, peak season of Chilean Patagonia is from November up to March. Peak season of any certain place means a lot of tourists will come. Be sure to make arrangements for your accommodations as early as possible. Rates of these accommodations also increase so better plan your budget.

Shoulder season in Argentine Patagonia is from March up to May. Expect to have lesser crowds during these months. The weather can be as enjoyable as the peak season. However, a lot of attractions will be closed during this season. So you might not enjoy your trip very much. Chilean Patagonia has the same shoulder season as Argentine Patagonia.


This is another big part of the cost breakdown. That is why it is placed next to air flight in the list. This will certainly add up to your total trip to Patagonia cost. However, because you will do a lot of camping, you can save a lot of cash in this part. If you have no plans to do camping, there are still a lot of guesthouses, dorms, hostels, and even luxurious hotels available there. But be sure to make arrangements several months before your trip because accommodations in Patagonia are always fully booked.You can use Hostel World to book an accommodation in advance. Here are some rough estimates of accommodation prices in Patagonia:

  • Camping. Camping is the best way to stay in Patagonia. You can really admire the beauty of Patagonia if you camp. Availability of camping in Patagonia is endless; it means you can camp anywhere you like as long as you have a tent with you and find a flat terrain. The cost of camping is free. You will just need to buy or rent camping equipment.
  • Dorms. Dorms are recommended for travelers who are on a budget and don’t mind staying with few other tourists. There are a lot of available dorms for around $15 per night.
  • Residenciales. This is like BnB. You can rent an apartment or a local house in Patagonia for $18 or more per night. This already includes a private room, a complete kitchen utility, breakfast, and even Wi-Fi. You can even practice the local language there.
  • Private Guesthouses. If you want to save money and have more privacy, there are private rooms available in Patagonia for $20 up to $60 per night.
  • Hotels. For high-end travelers, hotels in Patagonia can run around $500 per night.


This can be a little bit expensive and can greatly affect your total Patagonia vacation cost. As long as you stay in Patagonia, you will have to avail transportation. However, there are still ways to save money.

  • Hitchhiking is the best way to save money on transportation in Patagonia. You will just have to be patient and wait for a car to let you hitchhike. However, this is also a risky option. The cost of hitchhiking depends on the driver. Sometimes they charge you a little and sometimes they offer it for free.
  • Most travelers in Patagonia use Buses for their transportation because it is affordable and their buses are in good shape. A 10-hour bus ride in Patagonia may cost around
  • The boat is another mode of transportation but only available in Chilean Patagonia. The cost depends on the type. A cheap boat can cost you around $16 but it does not include any meals. There are boats that charge $70 but it includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The boat is another way to explore the amazing coastline of Chilean Patagonia.
  • Car rental is also available if you want to have a more private time. It may cost you around $34 for a 4-seated car.

Food and Drinks

Patagonia is known for their lamb and steak. Their food and drinks are a lot expensive when you buy it at a restaurant. So the best way is either to bring your own meals or buy directly from their local stores. You can simply cook yourself a meal if your hostel or apartment has a kitchen.

There are local restaurants that offer 3-course lunch for $8 up to $10 plus a drink.

You might get hungry whenever you hike or trek. The best way to fill your stomach with food while on the road is their famous empanadas. Empanadas are pastry shell that is filled with delicious meat, ham and sometimes cheese. It is really good for snacks.

Total Costs

So how much does it cost to go to Patagonia in total? The answer depends on your preference. You can either have a budget trip or an expensive trip.

  • Budget travelers should expect to spend at least $60 per day. The price already includes a dorm bed ($15 up to $20) and a cheap meal ($11).
  • Midrange travelers should expect to spend $70 up to $110 per day. It includes a 4-hour bus trip ($30), an average meal ($11 up to $16), and a room at a 3-star hotel ($80 up to $180).
  • High-end travelers should expect to spend more than $120 per day. This includes a room at a 5-star hotel ($150), a luxurious meal ($16), and a taxi trip ($10).

Other Costs

Tour to Patagonia

Gears will be the number one additional expenses you have to make. And these are very expensive when you buy them in Argentina or Chile. So if you want to save money, it is better to buy them in your place instead.

However, if you don’t want to bring a lot of things with you during your travel, you can still save money on gears if you rent them instead. There is a lot of rental equipment available in both Chilean and Argentine Patagonia that is a lot cheaper than buying them.

There are a lot of tours available in Patagonia that promises you to give the best Patagonian experience. However, they are just a swindle. You might end up spending more money. So it is really best to do the tour yourself instead.

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