How Much Does Patent Lawyer Cost

First things first, a patent is a right granted to the owner of an invention that protects one’s ideas from been made, used, imported and sold by others without his permission. At this point, a patent attorney cost comes in due to its complexity, which involves extensive research and paperwork as well as an understanding of the patent law, patent trademark office protocol, and scientific research. As result of its complexness, most people get lawyers to help them with the legal protection process for their ideas. Beneath you will find detailed information about the duties of a patent lawyer and the cost of hiring an attorney.

Patent Lawyers Average Cost

Patent lawyers cost depends on what will be done with the patent and whether there are realistic market opportunities. If your idea has high demand in the market, you might need to spend more to have them covered to have a strong foundation. Patent lawyers depend strongly on the geographical location and the attorney’s credentials.

With that in memory, expect to pay within $100-$500 per hour, defining that hourly cost could multiply up to= $ 250-$450.this can explain how much does a patent lawyer cost in a major metropolitan hrs., however, patent lawyers fee can patent lawyerincrease. This depends on the amount of down put data analysis that you to get, depth of the invention and a total of prior art that needs consideration.

The total attorney’s fee, it could add up to $5000-10000 for an easy invention, $10000-15000 for a bit moderate complex invention, and $15000+ for a large or complex design.

When adding up to the right patent attorney cost, you will be required to pay a filing fee which is personal ranging from $130  for a small plant and a drawing fee ranging from $70-150  per patent drawing.

If an inventor wants to reduce the costs, first they need to start by filing a provisional patent application which shuts down the invention ultimately comparing to a non-provisional patent application. It reduces the outline by creating simplicity to make it organized hence cost less. Documents are attached to give support to the first drafted provisional patent application and give enough focus on the report. Most inventors out there deal with the interim application because they have already made an advance in protecting what they have, waiting on the invention. Provisional patent application protects and respects what inventors have and bridging continuation of work before need for filing a no provisional patent application comes up

Sometimes an attorney charges time for the provisional patent application which may cost $2,000. The example below will give a sense to an inventor.

EXAMPLE; A Computer modernized allow a certain function via internet

  •     Patent search with help of attorney = $3000 to $35000
  •     Provisional patent application prepared and documented $6000
  •   Filing fee for a provisional patent application $130(small entity
  •   Non-provisional patent application based of provisional filing $10,000 to$12, 00
  •   Filing fee for anon provisional patent application $850 to$1,200
  •   Professional analysis for non-provisional patent application $500

It will be favorable for inventors before going for big discount providers to research more of patent pricing because mostly you always get what you pay for. To protect your new idea first apply for a patent license, register the design, obtain the automatic copyright or a registered trademark. It’s best preserved considering it’s a personal idea and after that, you will sum up and find how much does a patent lawyer cost.

Duties of a Patent Lawyer

The quality of what you want it’s what determines the fee of the patent council. Patent attorneys help their clients in obtaining a patent application and a patent. The lawyers assist in the following areas.

Searching patents records

Once an idea for the invention is out, the next step is to go and find out whether other investors in the market have patented idea similar to what you have. It’s good for investors to do research on their own, but it’s even more professional and better if a patent attorney performed the search. Going deeper of a lawyer in search of quality work increases the chances as to how much does a patent lawyer cost.

Narrow the patent scope

If an existing patented invention similar to yours already exists now, a patent law attorney can help to squeeze the extent of your license and explain its features that give it privileges to stand unique in the market without tempering other person’s research findings. The uniqueness and the capacities at which your idea allows direct marketing without a struggle. In the process, a patent attorney can help you file a provisional patent application (patent pending) on your behalf, which is useful and less expensive.

Prepare and file the patent application

A patent application is a request waiting for approval at a patent office for the grant of a patent for the idea illustrated in that request. A patent application has many segments that include a description of previous inventions similar to your own. A patent application can have two different meaning due to its complexity.

  • The legal way of affairs that is lawful when someone requests the competent authority to issue him with a patent and application goes unapproved
  • The contents of that document filed intending to initiate the invention with at most one claim.

The application can be national, regional and international depending on the off office at which a patent application was filed. Preparing the patent application is where the lawyer shows in as an expert in the required fields.

Refining and resubmitting the application

It’s not that common for the original patent to be rejected by the patents office. Once it happens, in some cases it’s a simple matter of requiring more documentation or something better in explaining your work. This allows and gives you spaces to go through your patent and see what could have made it be kept aside. In some cases, the patent attorney cost could be low, and you can increase or change the fee of a patent lawyer. Once you have done the necessary corrections to amend the patent application you can resubmit until it’s finally accepted.

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