How Much Does Phlebotomist Certification Cost

In the United States, a prestigious career in the broad field of medicine seemed like an occupation that is only possible by way of a privileged upbringing. However, it is possible for accomplished medical specialists to begin from the grassroots entry level employment. Among these respectable low-level jobs is phlebotomy.

The demand for phlebotomy technicians in between the 2014 to 2024 decade period is expected to maintain a 25% growth, outpacing other occupations in the country. As of 2015, there are roughly 112,700 medical assistants who are skilled at drawing blood, urine and other bodily fluids from patients. Within the same year, the average annual income phlebotomy technicians usually earn is around $21,674 to $31,630 per year. 87% of all American phlebotomists are females and only 13% are males. In terms of experience, around 40% of all phlebotomists have 1 to 4 years experience.

According to PhlebotomyCertify, phlebotomists occupy the median category in terms of the nationwide salary comparison. For its job satisfaction, Pay Scale also rated this career with a grade of 4/5 according to 589 poll respondents. Not bad for an entry level work. The best thing about phlebotomy is that it provides a viable opportunity path for one to become a registered nurse or a medical doctor. It does not come as a complete surprise that many of the ordinary Americans are drawn into this career path, especially considering the phlebotomist certification price.

Phlebotomy Certification

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Considering the possible opportunity for advancement offered via the phlebotomy path, it does not take too much expense to earn a license to become one. There are top three best organizations that are well-known for granting phlebotomy certificates. This roster includes the American Medical Technologists, American Society of Clinical Pathology, and the National Health Career Association.

It is important to consider, however, that the cost to become a phlebotomist may vary depending on where one would earn the certificate. Here are the possible pathways of earning the phlebotomy certification:

  • Community Colleges: The phlebotomy training cost in community colleges could be anywhere between $600 (lowest) and $2,500 (highest). It is important to consider the advantages of falling under the ‘state category’ of the enrollee. It requires one to reside for two years within the state where the preferred community college is located. The phlebotomy certification entails a separate fee of $50.
  • American Society for Phlebotomy Technicians: The cost to become a phlebotomist is around $800 for those who wish to avail their program via the American Society for Phlebotomy Technicians. Apart from the $35 membership fee, the applicant would also cover the cost for books worth around $40.
  • American Red Cross: Another viable and highly prestigious path to take in order to earn the phlebotomy certificate is training with the American Red Cross. As of 2012, the average fee for a phlebotomy course is around $1,000. Apart from the standard procedures for venipuncture and the proper handling of blood, some courses also offer modules on how to operate an electrocardiogram machine. Prior to starting the Red Cross program, applicants must comply with a number of medical tests as well as vaccinations and immunity shots. After all, the active members of Red Cross community have the highest exposure to environmental infections, hence requiring optimal fitness.
  • Private Facility: Acquiring phlebotomy certificate via private facility training is relatively very costly, though it provides a more extensive creditable experience. The average phlebotomy training cost could climb as high as $2,000. In addition to this expense, applicants must also pay a deposit fee of $616 as well as a non-refundable registration fee worth $250. Other than the standard training program, applicants may opt for a shorter 20-hour class. The basic class or the advanced class costs $550 The elite clinical class, on the other hand, is worth $675.
  • Online Training: Like almost everything else, people would turn to the internet for a viable alternative acquisition of goods and services. If there is one clear advantage of acquiring the license online is that the phlebotomy certification price is relatively cheaper. The average cost is somewhere between $300 and $700, yet excluding other possible extra costs such as the $300 worth training kit. Acquiring a program from the Family Health Services Training Center is worth $600 for either the basic or advanced courses. Regular state-recognized certificates are usually worth $50 However, a broader acknowledgment entails a more expensive fee. National-level phlebotomy certificates could cost anywhere around $80 to $150. Case in point: The National Phlebotomy Association is worth $130.

Prerequisites & Training

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Apart from the expenses, another aspect worth considering in terms of acquiring a phlebotomy certificate is the basic prerequisites. Basically, being a certified phlebotomist does not entail exceptional accomplishments. However, there are certain basic requirements one should take note before enrolling in any training program.

In the United States, any legal adult aged 18 years and above can subscribe to phlebotomy courses as long as he or she has a high school diploma. The GED can also be a viable alternative document necessary to screen applicants. In terms of academic performance, public schools and private institutions are looking for candidates who excel in biology and chemistry. High grades from these subjects give prospective phlebotomists a competitive advantage over those that lack aptitude in these scientific fields.

Perhaps the most crucial investment apart from money and character profile is simply ‘time.’ Every successful applicant must be able to commit to an average of 4 to 8 months of training. The duration of the program depends solely on the school or training facility where it was taken.

The total timeframe that already includes the pre-enrollment preparation is roughly 10 months. Any applicant undertaking phlebotomy training courses is recommended to take a 12-month long program. By comparing the minimum annual salary of $21,674 to roughly one-year overall expense worth as much as $3,000, this investment is definitely a very good deal. The real return on investment comes from the degree of determination and commitment one is willing to spend.

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