How Much Does A Pool Cleaning Service Cost

Pool is cool. It makes everything fancy. Having one in the backyard is a great win-win. Everyday will be a great escapade for pool owners. It is no difficult for them to have a good water splash and nice high dive. But maintaining it clean and running smoothly is a bit rope-grasping.

To have an amazing swimming experience, it is very important to keep the pool clean and never green. A crystal clear pool will make you go swim non-stop. Not only it is refreshing to look at, but it also gives excellent sanitation. If you find cleaning your pool a great struggle, then seek help to professionals. Pool cleaning companies are available all around the states. We’ll be discussing the pool cleaning service cost in average. 


The prices of pool cleaning vary by state. You can search online for the nearest pool cleaning company that will solve your pool problems. Most of them offer free estimation and free quotes. Protégé Pool Services claims they have the lowest rate for pool cleaning. They charge from $89 to $350 per month with no hidden charges.

Pool cleaning service cost also varies on the size of the pool and the type of pool to be cleaned. There are two types of common pools, the in-ground and the above ground pool. Some pool cleaning companies charge less for smaller pools.

The typical swimming pool maintenance service rate ranges from $75 to $165 per month, pool cleaning for each Pool cleaning service priceweek. That includes skimming the surface of the pool, brushing of walls, backwashing the circulation system and cleaning the baskets and filter traps. For one-time payment, pool cleaners usually charge $75 per hour and that includes the over-all cleaning errands. For very murky pools, so dirty you would not see the pool floor, pool cleaners charge $500 to $600 for the whole drain and clean process. For pools with childish stains, pool acid washing is a must. The price of pool cleaning with this kind of treatment is $200 to $300.

As reported by HomeAdvisor, the national swimming pool maintenance service rate starts from $100 to $565, in an average cost of $259. Most homeowners spent $179 to $364 for pool cleaning. The price of pool cleaning every two weeks tunes from $134 to $400, in an average price of $267.

Opening and closing a pool is pricey as it gets from $150 to $300 per service. For opening and closing a pool, it is recommended to let professionals do the work since it requires deliberate output to make sure the pool is chemically balanced and mechanically fine. They also make sure that the pH level of the water is in harmony with stable acidity and alkalinity.

Winterizing is important thing to do for pools in the winter-climate areas. This is to keep the water and filtering system keep running smoothly even in freezing temperatures. Winterizing a pool ranges from $100 to $150.

ProCare Pool Care is a family-owned pool cleaning company with good reviews as they conquered pools for hundred households. Their pool cleaning service cost is $150 or higher for professional pool cleaning. They are CPO (Certified Pool Cleaner) and insist they are highly trained pool experts.

DIY Pool Cleaning

Swimming is fun. It’s a good sport and a good leisure. It feels really good to give strokes as the water splashes up. But cleaning is not fun especially if you cannot outsource this nasty task.

If you could not afford hiring professionals to do the cleaning, you can always do it yourself. If you’re no expert and do not have enough preferences on how to properly open, clean, and close your pool, cancel that dinner you promised and take time to do some research.

For DIY pool cleaning, the average cost will get you from $20 to $100, depending on the size of your pool. That includes a refined brush for algae and one leaf skimmer to clean the pool surface. Keep some dollars for the additional costs. Filter cleaning sways from $60 and higher, filter parts replacement is priced $25 to $100. The average price of pool cleaning will be $100 to $250 if done DIY. An economical and conventional pool maintenance kit is priced $60. This includes wall brush, leaf skimmer, and telescopic pole.

Robot pool vacuum is also available in the market. It is as professional as human and it has advance cleaning skills that will give you total no-dirt pool. You can have this in the market in the price of $400 to $1000.

Cool Pool

Have that pool be cooled. It will be amazing to splash up in the water to cool off in a very hot day. It is important to maintain the cleanliness and functionality of the pool. Having a clean pool is a huge pow-wow. You might be in dilemma: to hire pool cleaners or to DIY?

The swimming pool maintenance service rate is from $75 to $200 a month, 4 cleanings each month. The price still varies on the frequency of the cleaning, your region, the pool cleaning company contract, and the size of pool. Hiring pool cleaners will give you satisfaction without sweat. All you need to do is pay them and watch them do the cleaning.

For DIY pool cleaning, the average cost will be $100 to $150. Remember to gather enough pool cleaning 101 before starting the cleaning. Exposing yourself to chemicals is hazardous.

Now your pool’s clean and fresh again, wear the swimsuit on, apply your sun block, and give that clean pool of yours a very nice dive.

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