How Much Does Pool Table Moving Cost

Got tired of looking at your pool table standing there at the same place? Having the itch to move it but wanting to know how much it cost? Then you’re on the right place!

This article will provide you the answer to the question that has been knocking in your head right now. So how much does it cost to move a pool table?

The Average Pool Table Moving Cost

First of all, and this is very important, please do not attempt to move your pool table on your own as pool tables are manufactured piece by piece to be assembled piece by piece as well. Moving it on your own is very risky and it might damage your pool table causing unnecessary expenses and irritation on your part.

pool table movingThat is just a silly thing to do and might not just give you a headache but an overall body ache so avoid the hassle of doing it on your own.

The average pool table moving cost is somewhere around $375 and might go up to $1500 or more depending on some circumstances which will be discussed next.

Consider These on the Cost of Moving a Pool Table

Why is it that expensive? Are you getting the right service for the money you let go on moving your pool table? These are questions that may bother you when it’s related to buying a moving company’s service just to move your pool table may it be big, small, old, or new.

Listed below are some ideas on what’s included on a pool table movers’ price for their moving service.

  • The Age of Your Pool Table

Is it old? Or is it a brand new pool table that you just want to be placed on a different location than before? In some cases, moving an old pool table may cost you more than a moving a new one.

Chances are, the moving company needs to be very detailed and careful in your old pool table to avoid damage and assures that it is the same as how it was before after moving it to a new area.

Moving companies may also offer repairs for your old pool table and this might be an additional expense on your part like changing the felt or cushion of your pool table. In some cases, they will offer a 50% discount if you will include these repairs on your pool table move.

  • The New Location of the Pool Table

Pool table movers’ price range will also depend on the location where the pool table will be moved. Is it far, like moving to a different house on a different area, or is it just moving on a different place in your house?

  • The Kind and Size of Your Pool Table

Normal pool table sizes vary from 7, 8 and 9 foot slate pool tables. Having a high-end pool table will also cost you more as you will need to trust and buy the service of a good company who will not do any damage on your pool table.

  • Are Stairs Involved When Moving?

It is important to know if there are stairs involved when moving your pool table. About how many stairs will it be? Moving companies will have a negotiation with you regarding the number of stairs involved in the moving of your pool table.

This plays a big role especially if you want to move a large pool table. Large table or the 9’ pool table has three pieces of slate play field and these pieces are very heavy.

Pool Table Moving Companies’ Price Quotes

We Move Pool Tables, a moving company offers average pool table moving cost at their site. The price of their moving service will greatly depend on the size of your table. They have services with descriptions at their site.

Price range would go as low as $100 for a 7’pool table’s breakdown only to as high as $549 for a 9’pool table recover type of service.

Description of the services they offer:

Breakdown – this is the disassemble of a pool table only

Set-up – the complete assembly of a pool table, covering the rails is not included in this service

Move – transporting of an already disassembled pool table to a different location

Recover – putting new felt on the bed & rails of a table, leveling is not included in this service

New Set-up – putting together and re-felting a new table, rails are included in this service

All the prices listed on their site are subject to change at any given time.  There may be additional fees due to: mileage, stairs, thickness of slate, quality of pool table, etc.

If you want a proper quote and the best possible quote given to you, call or email them providing the size, the manufacturer(Connelly, Olhausen, Brunswick, etc), 1 piece slate or 3 piece slate, etc. of your pool table.

If you are around, New Jersey, New England, and New York, then you should check Billiard Table Moving, another pool table moving company that offers services at a good price. Lucky for you as the offer their prices with no travel charges, no staircase charges, no hidden fees, and still get an insured and licensed pool table moving service.

Some of the services they offer are:

  • Pool Table Relocation & Moving.
  • Pool Table Restoration & Re-Level
  • Table Refelting
  • Table Installations
  • Used Tables
  • Full Line of Parts
  • Leather Pocket & Bumper Rubber Repairs
  • Full Storage
  • Crating
  • We Buy Pool Tables
  • Auction Service
  • Renting Service
  • Vending Service
  • Pool Room Set-ups & Felting

You can reach them through a telephone call or via email.

A Pool Table Moving and Installation Reminder

Home Advisor also has some tips for moving a new or used pool table. One of these is to not look for the cheapest quote as services from one moving company to another vary on different levels. You can spend some time getting estimates from different movers so you’ll get a gist of how much does it cost to move a pool table and type of service they have.

If your pool table is high-end do not spend your money on a cheap offer to move it. And you would also not want to spend a lot of money for an inferior table. Regardless of whether your pool table is high-end or not, you would want to choose a mover that is capable of installing your pool table without causing any damage to it before, during and after the process of moving it to a new area.

When you hire the pool table mover, sign a contract that will guarantee the condition of your pool table once it’s moved to its new place.

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