How Much Do Turtles Cost

If you are planning to buy a turtle, of course, you would want to consider how much they cost. Luckily, they are relatively inexpensive compared to dogs and cats but they require dedicated attention all throughout their lives in addition to the conducive and sustainable environment to live in.

Pet Turtle Price

  • Turtles are typically sold when they are just babies. Baby turtles cost ranges from around $15 or more depending on the species of the turtle.
  • Turtle Holics provides a price list for a variety turtle species in the North America. Red-eared sliders cost around $5 to $25, common snapping baby turtles cost around $20 to $40, commonly painted baby turtles cost around $20 to $40, musk pet turtle price is usually $20 to $40, common wood pet turtle price is typically about $20 to $100, albino red-eared sliders estimate cost is around $1000 and albino spanning turtles usually cost around $3000 to $5000.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Turtles

Cost of Turtles

  • There are certain species of turtles that are native to certain parts of the world, and obviously, they will typically be cheaper in that area. However, the further you are from the source, the more expensive will the turtle be.
  • There are also other species that can either be born in captivity or born in the wild. They can also be born prior or after they have been hatched. Turtle eggs that are born in the wild will definitely be more expensive than turtles born in captivity.

Extra Costs

  • Aquatic setup is needed for your pet turtle to live in. A tank, heater and filtration unit can cost around $400 up to $700. Depending on the species such as the red-eared sliders, turtles of this kind will surely need a larger aquarium filled with water that is one and a half (1/2) times deeper than the turtles with. A fully-grown red-eared slider will typically need around 55 to 72-gallon tank that may cost around $100, an ultra-violet spotlight for about $25 to $30, a large flat rock for around $35, a water heater for $20 to $30 estimate, a water pump costing about $20, an aquatic filter for $20 to $50 and aquarium gravel which could cost around $15 to $17 for twenty-five-pound (25 pound) bag. An aquarium stand is also needed in order to keep the turtles up off the floor cost about $50. For an aquatic setup alone, be prepared to shell out money and it can get more expensive depending on the modifications of the tank.
  • Dry tanks could cost about $160 to $200 and an ultra-violet light for about $25 to $30.
  • In terms of the turtle’s food, turtles require a combination of animal protein, commercial turtle feed, and vegetable. Usually, they are fed three to four times per week with some fruits, flowers or vegetables and can accumulate cost around $20 to $40 per month.
  • Diets of turtles are crucial and it needs to be discussed with an expert. Usually, your veterinary doctor can suggest a diet for your pet turtle but other turtle experts can sometimes do the dietary consultation. Hiring an expert of turtles can cost you extra expenses. On top of that, an initial check can cost about $120 and annual veterinary visits can cost around $40 to $80. Medical cost can be expensive, so be prepared to save up some money for your pet turtle’s medication in case you pursue on buying one.
  • When purchasing a turtle overseas or online, shipment fees may apply. Typically, shipping fees cost around $100 up to $300 depending on the carrier. The said amount should also include the crate to be used for the transportation of the turtle.

Tips to Know Before Getting A Pet Turtle

Turtle in the water

  • Never let your kids kiss your pet turtle. Like box turtles, they can have a risk for salmonella bacteria. Kissing a turtle can cause younger children to become very ill.
  • Know how to determine whether a turtle is healthy or not by examining its outer shell. The turtle should also have clean nostrils, clear eyes and a shell that is outrageously smooth. Any conditions observed or any sort of matter on the shell could be a sign of an unhealthy turtle.
  • A lot of turtles of different species die within or less than two years because they are not taken cared of properly. It is necessary that you are equipped with the basic knowledge of petting a turtle and reinforced this knowledge through seeking expertise from your pet turtle’s veterinary doctor. Remember that petting an animal is not a decoration to add to your home but a responsibility that you should take seriously.
  • You can also buy a book, or surf the internet to make sure that you understand how to raise a turtle or even any pet for that matter. Taking care of a turtle can be difficult and one wrong move can cause your little turtle its health security.
  • You also need to pay great attention to where they live in. The environment should fit the prescribed space a particular species of turtle needs. Clean the tanks regularly, dispose of harmful object that could endanger your turtle when stumbled upon and make sure that the water used is suited for the turtle.

Ways to Save Money

  • Always consider buying from a local breeder. In this way, you can slack off some money from your expenses since you will not be spending the fee intended for the shipment and create to be used for the transport. You will also have the opportunity to inspection the turtle before buying it- see if the place it lives is conducive for its survival if it is in a healthy condition and other concerns you might want to check.
  • Of course, you can always ask a discount from your breeder so long as you do it politely.
  • You can plant your own vegetation as well. You can also plant some flowers. In this way, you would not pay an extra cost for your pet’s food since you have it planted in your garden. This will extremely be helpful and can save you money, in the long run, most especially if you plan on buying more than one turtle.

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