How Much Does TV Repair Services Cost

When the television is down, you break down. You can’t watch Saturday Night Live or the Jimmy Kimmel Live or know what happened to the Season Finale of American Horror Stories nor The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and the Flash Season 3. I know, right? Sheesh, what a bummer.

You spent your time on Plan B which is to watch it online, but your internet is down. Your kid brother used it too much, and you chased him around the house and got grounded for two weeks by mom whom you have argued that it was unnecessary because you’re an adult now. When the internet is down, you trusted in watching your fave shows on the TV, but not anymore.

Signs your TV is beyond saving

People would always choose the newer, chic flat screen TVs nowadays than those vintage looking ones used by grandpa back then. No matter what TV they want, there will come to a point when their hearts stop beating when they see the TV stops working.

There are a few signs to consider when a TV is not functioning well and is beyond saving. If you see that your television won’t turn on, the display broke, or the channels or sound don’t work, check the wirings and settings to fix the issue or accept the fact that you need to repair (or replace) your TV.

With reference to Techwalla, here are the signs you should know so that you can calculate the cost to repair TV.

TV or televisionTV sockets should be plugged on and press the power button. If your TV still won’t turn on, remove the TV and plug another electronic device into the socket and if there is power searing through. If the device won’t work either, the problem is the outlet. So try plugging the TV into another outlet and see if it works. And if it does, try to be comfy as possible over your new spot until you could get the socket fixed.

Check for physical damage, like a broken screen, bad wires or messed-up inputs. Remember and jot down any recent incidents where the TV has undergone a rapid change of quality output that may have resulted in a permanent impairment. Did someone hit the screen? Was the TV dropped before? Has a thunderstorm affected the electromagnetic field of the television and disrupts it sensitivity?

Make sure that all the TV’s wirings tightly and correctly plugged into their appropriate places in TV physical settings. Issues in TV audio and visual distortions are often a result of loose or damaged plugs. If all the wires are still in mint condition and are connected to their right places, there must be a fat chance that the TV is broken in some way.

Channel problems? Change the source of your antenna and run a channel scan. Wait a couple of minutes for the results. If this doesn’t change a thing on your problems, call your local cable provider and talk if whether there are problems with your cable service.

You’ve got the necessary know-how if whether your TV still has its saving grace or not. If it’s the latter, now you are cranking your brain on what to do: buy a new one or have it repaired? You chose the second option because it’s cheaper and easier to do. But how cheap? How much does it cost to repair TV?

Average Television Repair Cost

Is your LCD acting up? You’re not alone. The most common issue among TV owners is the display problems where the screen is going haywire, giving off inverted colors or starting to burn out. Manufacturers say that display in a standard flat screen is made to carry around 40,000 viewing hours. That’s almost 20 years if TV viewing is done in an average, moderate time programming. And if there is indeed a problem, TV repairing price would be equivalent to that of a new television.

An average TV repair services pricing reach $500, while, newer TVs, like plasma screens, is costly. If you want to repair your television so badly, always know this: TV repairing price should not be higher than 50% of the purchase cost. When that happens, no, don’t go for repairs.

While, however, it is true that TV prices have lowered throughout the years, the cost of repairing or maintaining for one is still high, and it depends upon the gravity of the problem. What constitute to these prices are the labor fees, parts of the TV that need upgrading, and more.

Quotes from different shops

According to Techwalla, Best Buy has a directory of repairs required for flat screen TVs based on the national average. A panel costs $1250, and the main system board is at $350, the power supply is $275, the control board for $350, cooling fans of $335, speakers $335, and inputs of $335.

There are the mom and pop TV shops that are way better than Best Buy but do your research to see if whether the store is legal enough to do repairs on your TV. Other things to take note is that a lot of these shops offer a fixed rate to mend your television and usually cost around $50 to $100 range.

And there are also extended service plans that provide a wide variety of options for the repairment of your television based on the size or original purchase cost of the TV. Example, as Techwalla has pointed out, offers extended warranties for a TV in the $300-$399 range for $65.99 for four years of coverage. A TV costing $1000-$1499 will run $169.99 for the same four-year plan.

The Stereo and Video Repair Company published its TV repair services pricing at $295 for ordinary repairs of Direct View CRT TV color TV of 28 inches and more as well as LED monitors of 47 inches and above. Direct view of 27 inches and below plus LED screens 26 inches and below are priced at $245. Plasma TVs are a bit costly as they are charged for $395.

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