How Much Does Ultrasound Technician School Cost

What would be the face of the world without the presence of technology? We wouldn’t be able to enjoy so many things as what we are doing right now. Life would be a lot complicated if this bright idea of men didn’t come to life. Let’s put it this way. Just imagine how hard for women to know the gender of their babies if the ultrasound was not invented.

Did You Know That?

Ultrasound was first introduced on the early 1950s. Many technicians and operators have emerged from that year on. So are you interested in how this thing work?

But before going into the details of the cost, let’s first discuss a bit of what is this kind of procedure.  Sonography is a medical process that generates images inside the human’s body using high-frequency sound waves.

There are 2 kinds of people who are responsible for operating this equipment.  They are the Ultrasound technicians and Ultrasound technologist. The Ultrasound technicians are responsible for collecting data, while Ultrasound technologist are the ones who has a bigger role since they have more knowledge and extensive training.

How to become an Ultrasound Technician or Technologist

How Much Does Ultrasound Technician School Cost

Do you have the passion for being a future sonographer? How much does it need to become an ultrasound technician? How much does ultrasound technician school cost?

Let’s now go into the details of how much can cost to become an ultrasound Technician. Some of the expenses are depending on the school and training centers that you are enrolled into.

These figures and data below will show you the usual rates which can cost you if you plan to enroll in this program.

Typical Cost and Schools Offering This Program

How much does it can cost you to go to school to study for a Diagnostic Medical Sonography and Ultrasound Technician major? What are the affordable colleges in town?

The average annual cost for bachelor a program in Diagnostic Medical Sonography/Sonographer and Ultrasound Technician is around $31,499. It has an estimated average four-year degree with a total cost of $125,796. The cheapest college that bachelor program is offered by Webster State University with an annual of $20835 out of state total cost.

Associate’s degree programs can cost you $6000-$40000 and it will have a duration of 2 years all in all. Bunker Hill Community College which is located in Boston offers this kind of program. Students will pay around $6800 for the tuition fees for those who are living in Boston and $16000 for the locals.

States Colleges and Universities That Offer The Program

The tables below will show the colleges in different states that offer this program and its cost.

Most affordable state colleges Offering Four Year Bachelor’s Degrees in Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

StateCollageMajor GraduatesOut of State Total CostIn State Total Cost
CaliforniaCharles R Drew University of Medicine and Science1$25,610$25,610
FloridaFlorida Hospital College of Health and Sciences24$21,304$21,304
Nova Southeastern University24$40,304$40,304
Barry University15$40900$40900
IllinoisBenedictine University1$37,780$37,780
KansasWashburn University
Fort Hays State University42$22,249$13,246
New YorkRochester Institute of Technology26$50,092$50,092

The registration exam for future sonographers can cost $200. It is also administered by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography.  The renewal of the license can cost you $60 every year. Upon passing the exams and able to pay all the fees that are needed, they now can practice as a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (RDMS).

These are only the states that have licensing requirements for sonographers. These are Oregon, New Mexico, New Jersey, and West Virginia. In those states that have no licensing requirements, their practitioners can use their registration as credentials.

Additional Tips

These factors may add up to your expenses while taking up the programs. Try to consider these additional cost to become an ultrasound technician.

  • Room, Board, Ultrasound Books-related, and Uniform – This can cost you about $10000-$20000 per year.
  • In Mayo Clinic University, they have additional fees which include books that cost around $700 for books and $540 for lab fees, while room and board at the University can cost about $20000 per year.


SDMS foundation gives out scholarships from $1000-$2500. The American Society of Echocardiography is another foundation that helps those who in need of a financial assistant.

Why study Sonography?8

The sonographer rates are good unlike other jobs out there. It is also now considered in demand in all over the globe. The hourly rates in the U.S are about $21.02-$39.62. Tips also need to be considered. An hourly tip is $0.04. The exciting part is the overtime. You can double up your earnings more than your regular rate. Overtime rate is ranging from $24.41-$59.56.

We must first strive for success in order for us to be one step ahead in the future. Studying to become an Ultrasound Technician is a good idea to consider. Cost are not that quite expensive like other programs or courses. Your total cost when the time you are still studying can’t even have a pinch in your monthly salary in the future.

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