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As with anything that supposedly satisfies, appearance is one of the essential factors. A tub that has seen its glory days wouldn’t be as appealing, for sure. Your old tiles might look somewhat nasty because of the water stains, or some parts of the bathtub have already chipped. It would be nice to have it modified so that it would look brand new and as pleasing as the first time you laid eyes on it, wouldn’t it? The question is, who are you going to call for help? Most likely, one name springs to mind: Bath Fitter. With prestige and experience tucked under its belt, how much does the Bath Fitter cost these days?

Bath Fitter price info

Average Cost of Bath Fitter® Services

The average cost of a Bath Fitter bathtub installation ranges from $1,500 to $7,000. This range significantly depends on the chosen bathtub, the features that the homeowners prefer, the size and current setup of the bathroom, the materials used to complete the job, and your location. Moreover, the cost can go higher if you want to install other bathroom accessories like showers, faucets, toilets, towel bars, shower curtains, cabinets, and shelves, to name a few.

Meanwhile, the Bath Fitter’s bathtub remodeling service has a minimum cost of $1,000. However, Bath Fitter price will typically increase if your bathtub needs to be totally repaired or replaced.

To give you an idea, a 62” x 31” tub basic liner job with a new drain kit would cost around $1,500 if you’re from somewhere in upstate New York. Another client from the northeastern side of the country was quoted $4,800 for a 5-meter tub that included some of Bath Fitter’s higher-end finishes. On the other hand, a bathtub and shower redo with fixtures cost around $4,000 in Wisconsin.

If you’re in Canada, particularly in Calgary, a tub liner was quoted at CAD $3,000 and CAD $7,000 if it includes the tiles.

What Exactly Does Bath Fitter® Do?

Bath Fitter offers custom-made acrylic bathtub liners that can fit over your existing bathtub perfectly.

How it works is pretty straightforward. Nothing will be removed from your old tub, unless, of course, you want to. However, you will need a separate contractor for that. Bath Fitter® will just need to put a liner on top of your existing bathtub to make it look brand new and presentable, especially if you’re planning to put your property on the market.

Bath Fitter® will assist you with the design and suggest different options to choose from. From there, everything will be custom-made.

Once the order arrives, an installer will start working first thing in the morning and finish it at the soonest possible time, as promised. This typically takes around a day or a day and a half at most, depending on the design and the size of your bathtub and bathroom under service.

The good thing about this process is that there will be zero to minimal waste, which makes it more environmentally friendly than other improvement options. Plus, you don’t need to destroy anything in your bathroom, which makes it less costly and less hassle. You can even go to work while Bath Fitter® works on your bathroom and go home to a whole new bathtub after a day’s work.

To ensure high-quality work, Bath Fitter® hires trained professionals who do the planning, designing, and manufacturing of the new or remodeled bathtub, and subsequently, the installation. It also has its own installation process, which involves the following steps:

  • Assessment of the original bathtub
  • Removal of faucets
  • Installation of walls
  • Installation of wall protection
  • Installation of the new bathtub
  • Putting up of bathroom accessories
  • Cleanup process
  • Final touches of the newly installed bathtub

Please take note that the company is known for not providing even a ballpark figure of the cost unless one of its personnel makes an actual assessment of your bathtub. If you are up for it, be sure to let the assessor into your house to make an actual cost estimate of the project.

What is Bath Fitter?

When it comes to bathtub installation and remodeling services, Bath Fitter® is one of the most popular and highly recommended companies. Bath Fitter, Inc. is a Tennessee-based company that provides innovative bathtub solutions to customers across Canada and the United States.

It started its business in Montreal, Canada in 1984. Three years after working in the commercial industry, the company entered the residential market, offering different bathtub products and services to both homeowners and commercial clients.

Because this company only wants the best for its clients, it takes everything into its own hands. To ensure the quality of the materials it will be using, it makes use of its own acrylics and adhesives.

In addition to the outstanding work ethics, the company gives its clients a lifetime warranty for as long as they own the property. This covers acrylic bathtubs, shower conversions, tub surrounds, replacement showers, and basically everything it has touched, which may include plumbing.

Bath Fitter®Shower Services

Aside from bathtub services, Bath Fitter® also offers shower solutions at reasonable prices. It has shower remodeling and tub-to-shower conversion services. Prepare around $3,000 for the remodeling and, at least, $3,000 for the conversion. Of course, converting a bathtub to a complete shower bathroom may take some time to complete, hence, the higher costs.

But the prices still depend on where you live and the features you want to include in the remodeling project. A shower conversion that includes glass doors was quoted at around $9,000 by the company.

Just like the installation and remodeling of bathtubs, Bath Fitter’s professional workers also follow a strict shower remodeling process and complete the whole task in one day.

The whole procedure consists of the following steps:

  • Assessment of the original shower
  • Removal of faucets
  • Installation of new walls
  • Setting up a wall protection
  • Installation of the new shower
  • Installation of new bathroom accessories
  • Installation of the new shower door
  • Final touches of the remodeled shower

Meanwhile, the conversion of a tub to a fully functional shower room involves the bathtub’s removal and replacing it with an extra-large and durable shower.

Bath Fitter’s Bathtub Accessories

If you feel that you could use some little savings by going the DIY route or hiring a handyman, you can still use Bath Fitter’s wide range of quality products. This is because the company also offers high-quality and stylish bathtubs and bathtub accessories that can definitely make your bathroom look sophisticated.

Some of its bathtub accessories are as follows:

  • Shelves and soap dishes
  • Bathroom Towel Bars and Toilet Paper Holders
  • Faucets and hand-held showers
  • Shower Rods
  • Grab Bars and Shower Seats
  • Tub and Shower Doors
  • Walls and Wainscoting
  • Bathroom Ceilings
  • Trims and Moldings

“Design Your Own Bath”

The nice thing about Bath Fitter’s website is that it has an allotted page with an interactive tool where you can design and personalize your bathroom. This will be particularly handy for people who can’t decide what they want until they see it. The selections are as follows:

  • Bathtub or shower
  • Tub fronts style and color
  • Wall patterns
  • Type of faucet
  • Shelves
  • Soap dishes
  • Grab bars
  • Door and rods

After designing your bathroom, you have the option of getting a free consultation or saving the design so that you’ll have the time to think it over before actually getting a consultation once you’re ready.

What Are They Saying About Bath Fitter?

According to a lot of its satisfied clients, Bath Fitter’s installers are known to be punctual, get straight into action, and clean up after themselves. They’re also pretty accurate in estimating how long it would take to finish the job.

So, if you’re working on a very strict timeline, you’ll have no problem with this company. It’s even possible to finish a job in one day! And that’s while keeping you updated with the progress of the project and being open to any of your questions.

But prior to the actual work, talking to its salesman would be the first course of action. Expect the company to send only very knowledgeable personnel who will mainly stay in the lane of your budget and will never try to persuade you into buying products you cannot afford. Despite this, expect to get the best possible product quality and aesthetic-wise.

Payment Options

Although a lot of people believe that Bath Fitter’s services are reasonably priced, some still find them quite expensive or, perhaps, something they cannot afford to pay all at once. To solve this problem, the company offers payment options so you can manage your finances well.

All you have to do is pay the required deposit and pay the balance within 24 months, interest-free.

Some Things to Consider

As mentioned, some people may find Bath Fitter’s services a bit expensive. To ensure that you’ll be provided with an acceptable price, ergo, within your budget, be sure that you take advantage of the company’s free in-home consultation. That way, you’ll know if it’s a go or not from the get-go.

But if you feel like you can’t afford Bath Fitter’s services or you find it unreasonable, you can always hire other companies that provide bathtub installation and remodeling services. As much as possible, get at least three quotes from different firms and determine which one works best for you. Filling out the form below will get you in contact with some companies offering similar services for you to get quotes from.

Once you have found a company you can work with, make sure to check its credentials. These may include licenses, insurance, and other papers that your contractor can provide. These ensure that you’re not dealing with fly-by-night contractors and that you are covered in the event of back jobs and damages.

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  1. This information is invalid as cost is truly dependent on precise measurements and style choices.

    For example, does the customer need/want a tub liner only, a wall, accessories, fixtures, etc. Does the customer want to convert their tub to a shower? Is there a problem that exists which needs to be repaired first? What are the exact measurements of the area?

    This is why Bath Fitter offers free in-home consultations to meet with the customer and provide a quote based on what they choose and need. This along with the measurements of the area will provide an exact to the penny price.

    • I would like a quote for a bathroom fitter.
      I have an old tub I had the color change from yellow to white. The white has worn down on the bottom and it looks ugly. I have limited funds and would like how to remedy this with the most economical pricing. Thank you so much. Maria Wright
      If the price is reasonable, I’d like to change my toilet as well.

    • This is not INVALID but precisely what I wanted to know. This is so much better than trying to get information out of their company. After talking to several of they phone reps they ALL absolutely refused to even give a ballpark figure. They wouldn’t even say something like ‘90% of our jobs cost below $11,000’. When I asked them “Are most jobs below $30,000.00 they wouldn’t even say. I will never schedule an appointment for a full estimate by a technician without a ballpark figure in hand. I told them to take a hike. Why wouldn’t they at least give a ballpark figure like this site did of $2000 to $7000. If they can’t honestly give an average quote before making an appointment, even if I don’t want an exact cost while shopping, then they are no better than scam artists and I’m not going to deal with them.

      • I agree. It is a waste of both my time and theirs if I cannot afford their service and it would be nice to have a ballpark figure before scheduling an in home consultation. I makes me wonder if their business is based on high pressure sales once they are in the home. Is that why they refuse to provide a price range before hand?

  2. They wanted $1900 to place a liner over an existing tub. There are restrictions as well as you cannot use certain cleaning agents with their product and certain bath accessories as they may damage the caulk seal around the tub. We replaced tub and tiles for $1500 including labor.

  3. Terrible company!!!! Bath Fitter of Ft Myers is a sham and a scam. My bath tub, 3 plain walls and glass doors was over $4,000. I never got my bathroom installed. The contract said 6-8 weeks and after 2 months they still didn’t have an install date. Contract is null and void. I cancelled and they kept my deposit of $1,100. Customer service is the worst I’ve ever dealt with. They are rude and lie, don’t return phone calls. It was a nightmare!
    They have the Florida Keys territory and do not have installers in the keys. I was told there was only 1 installer for 120 miles of territory.
    They can send a sales rep from Ft Myers to sell bathrooms and collect money but they can’t send an installer from Ft Myers?!!
    Please read other reviews on the internet. There is a lot of bad stuff with Bath Fitter. I contacted my sales rep and he said ” sorry for your problems”
    I wish I would of read the reviews first, I would of never called them. I rely on reviews. Don’t contact them!!!

  4. I can tell you the cost has increased hugely . I had one bathroom done 5 years ago and they want 50% more to do the same work to another bathroom today.

  5. $5000 to remodel a shower!!?? all they do is take a piece of plastic and cover up the mold and dirt and old tiles, stick it on witj butel tape and they are done! $5000 DOLLARS!?…did I say $5000 dollars? they have the nerve to tell me it is cheaper than renovating…what? $5000 could do my whole bathroom, not just a

  6. The sales rep that came out quoted me for over $5000 at first. He told me I had to get their shower rod (~90) and tried to convince me that I needed more shelves than I requested. It took 2.5+ hours for him to give me an estimate, then when I said no to buying the services he had an attitude. In addition to all this, he ran my credit TWICE – one time while at my house, then again the next day. I did NOT ask him to run it twice as I told him I was going to either wait until I could afford a $5000 remodel or just be happy with my ugly tub for now. The company called me weeks later to ask about the interaction, said they were going to send out the area manager to re-measure my bath tub and get me a better quote. I cancelled things in order to make this meeting happen and they called me 30 minutes before he was scheduled to be here to tell me he was running behind at his last appt. because “the customer decided to do 2 baths instead of just 1.” WTF?! If anything, he should’ve told that customer that he would have to come back later. I’m sure they didn’t wait until he was about to leave in order to tell him that they wanted a 2nd bathroom done. So yeah, they are shady and unprofessional for a business that claims to be the best in the business.

  7. Wow, these reviews are surprising to say the least. I was hoping to get a quote, however, I may be better off leaving the bathtub as it is.

    • Same here! Totally makes me want to cancel my appointment now. I would like a ball park figure as well;I certainly don’t want to waste anyone’s time if its out of my range for now.

  8. In speaking with Theresa, Heidi and Mike (manager) in the W. Bridgewater, MA office, I will NEVER EVER do business with Bath Fitter again–and I have had wall liners done for both of my bathrooms plus refresh work, in the past. I was interested in the basic cost of an acrylic tub covering; I asked the price range, gave size of tub. Would not–I mean absolutely not–give me any info. regarding cost, insisted I have someone come to my home. Mike stated that I go to another company, which I have. Bad, bad business practices and I sure wouldn’t hire these 3 folks.

  9. First I would say the installer did a good job with what he had to work with. The tub and shower surround was replaced. The salesman apparently measured the tub 2 inches less than was needed. The installer showed me I needed a 34in. tub, not a 32in one. He called the office to see if they could get one out. They told him they don’t make one in that size. He had to build the back wall out so the wrong tub would fit. I have tongue and groove on the walls that the old tub had a lip on it then screwed to the studs. The walls were built out so they could glue their cheap walls to them.

    When completed it looks like a cheap plastic tub glued to the wall. They are way overpriced. It cost over $4600.00 for the job and I had to remove and dispose of the old tub to keep the cost down. I replaced the shower stall in an upstairs bathroom myself with a very nice unit from Lowe’s that had the proper lip on it so I could screw it to the studs and reinstall the tongue and groove. It was less than $1000.00 and it looks so much better. Don’t waste your money with Bath Fitter!

    • Update: Now the tub wasn’t installed level and water runs off the back wall and down the outside of the tub to the floor and now soaking into the wood molding. I’m requesting a refund so I can remove this piece of s..t out and install a quality unit.

  10. I reside in WNC. I have had all three shower types done with excellent results.1. Bath Fitter completely gutted and replaced a 20yo. leaky builder installed stall corner shower, changing swing door to slider 5 years ago, No leaks, easy clean, looks new. Bath fitter did return to replace mildewed butyl caulk once, as it is guaranteed as long as you own your home. 2. Next they installed a tub and tile overlay in a rental, also 5 years ago, no problems. Just make sure tenants keep tub/wall caulk mildew free with white vinegar. Still looks new. 3. Another rental 2years ago, I personally used a reglaze kit from H*me D**ot on a 1940 tub, following directions EXACTLY. Still shines. Is used daily. The secret is to fully clean, allow to completely dry, then not cut or drop anything sharp on the finished surface. Still, using an overlay is a better fix, but ran about $1500 without extras. Whoever you choose, speak to previous customers, and check that franchisee is established.

  11. Glad I checked this. Their TV ads imply this is a much cheaper solution. You can buy a similar kit at Home Depot for less than $500 and install it in a weekend with friends’ help. I know someone who did a complete bathroom re-model a few months ago–changed a tub to a walk-in shower, new tile on floor and walls, new sink vanity and toilet–for $4,000. Including labor. This bathfitter thing looks like a ripoff. Glad I didn’t waste my time on estimates, etc.

  12. Diana
    So glad I read these reviews. I was ready to sign on the dotted line. They quoted me 6,700 for a shower make over. Looked really nice but the price I thought was very high. All is good thanks for all your comments.


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