How Much Does Roto Rooter Cost

Roto Rooter is a company that specializes in emergency plumbing. The services they offer includes, clogged sewer and tubs that refuse to drain. Roto Rooter being an emergency plumbing service is also a full-service plumber, so basically you can call Roto Rooter for services like opening up a drain or installing a dishwasher.

According to one customer who wrote his experience on About Home Renovations  the positive thing he finds about Roto Rooter is that they show up really fast like within a couple of hours after calling for their service. However there are also a lot of bad reviews with regards to getting a Roto Rooter service. So, people would ask, ‘how much does Roto Rooter cost?’ Some would rather compare their service with another company’s drain cleaning cost that also does sewing service cleaning.

Drain Cleaning Cost

Roto Rooter prices for their drain cleaning is said to be more expensive than other drain cleaning companies out there. The plumbers, has a flat rate charge for their service however they do not divulge it over the phone when you inquire. Their hourly rate runs from $45 to $150 dollars. You can call them for quotes for the service you request and they can provide you figures while some plumbers would check out the damage first before giving you a quote.

Roto rooterIf you ask how much does Roto Rooter cost, the answer will depend on the kind of service you are asking them to do. However their base product is drain cleaning. Some people who have been through the same ordeal in the past would usually say they’ve been charged $50 to $450 dollars, and sometimes more for a job that seem to be just a simple obstruction. The usual average charge is around $226 dollars, if we consider that the plumber guy is honest about his time and the charges, they would charge their customers. 

For toilet issues, Roto Rooter prices, could charge you around $65 – $250 dollars, the average expenditures for some customers over this kind of problem is around $164. For backflows snaking procedures in order to clear the drain ranged from $100 – $800 dollars. As for other companies the usual charge is only around $50 – $60 dollars, but perhaps the kind of service the customers get for paying to cheap a price, some of these customers would sometimes feel being pressured to agree to additional drain cleaning cost services.  According to some customers, the charged is usually around $148 to a $900 dollar charge. According to Yahoo answers, the usual average charge is $410 dollars.

Roto Rooter prices may also be more expensive if the service request is to fix a damaged pipes. Depending on the depth and length of the lines will need to be replaced and the kind of pipes to replace. The overall charge for a Roto Rooter service could be starting from $1000 up to 25000 dollars and above. 

However if you think that the prices above that is mentioned are too much to spend, you can always have the do-it-yourself option which can cost you $10 to $75 dollars or more for the drain cleaning cost. Reports coming from online readers would admit paying $29 to $70 dollars for renting an industrial quality sewer snake that could be a length of 50’ to 100. ’ The average drain cleaning cost with DIY is aroung $55 dollars. For an additional cost of $100 to $800 dollars, Roto Rooter will include a video camera inspection so that their clients would be able to see the inside of the pipes of the sewer line, however this one’s an option.

Service Procedures

So now that you know how much does Roto Rooter cost, let’s go to the procedure of how to get them do a service job of your requested drain cleaning for you. First off you have to call their office, and then a customer service representative will answer, you can discuss with him or her what you need help with and he or she will discuss with you about what service they offer and regarding the quotation for the service needed.

Once you agree with the price, all you will need to do is to wait for a plumber to knock on your door. They are their sent personnel who will check on your pipeline of the cause of the backflow. Make sure the person who knocked on your door will be able to answer truthful questions regarding the company you called for. In this day and age it’s hard to trust strangers. Anyway, if they are the legit Roto Rooter plumber, feel free to accommodate them you may need to ask further of the company is properly bonded, if the plumber is licensed and are they insured. You may then explain your case, and what you need help with.

In order to clear the main line of your sewer, in between your house and the public system, the plumber will have to first locate the clean out of the sewer system. He will then use a snake cable in order to cut the head through the line. If you are not happy with the results of you job request service for your sewer, you can always file a complaint. Be it Roto Rooter or not, you can always check with the Better business Bureau, of any previous customers feedbacks to find out if the Roto Rooter prices you are paying is worth your money and effort calling them.

Since Roto Rooter prices are more expensive as compared with the other sewer cleaning companies. As a customer it is advisable that you take the unnecessary expenses and be firm with it. The plumber may tell you of add-ons for their service but do refuse it and claim that the basic thing you asked of them is what they persuade you to do. Make sure you are not paying for unnecessary cost but still was able to have the service request be served at the right time.

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