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How Much Does Hermit Crab Cost

Who knew that hermit crabs can become domesticated pets? Well, just in case you didn’t know, these shelled creatures are considered as well-known pets because of their peculiar behavior. One distinctive thing about them is their habit of transferring from one shell to another shell, as they grow bigger. Apparently, a lot of pet stores […]

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How Much Does Finger Monkey Cost

Fancy an exotic little pet? How about getting a finger monkey? A “finger monkey” or pygmy marmoset is one of the smallest known monkey natives in South America’s rainforests. No, it’s not as little as the size of your finger, but it can easily cling to your digits. Though exotic, some states in the US […]

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How Much Does Cat Deworming Cost

A thousand years ago, Ancient Egyptians domesticated cats as pest exterminators. The practice may have persisted until modern times (particularly in some Middle Eastern countries), but the general attitude of pet owners in contemporary era have gradually shifted from treating cats as outdoor pest killers to indoor fur babies (and for the right reasons). The […]

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How Much Does Flea Exterminator Cost

Owning pets take more than just simple adoration. Although the love for animals plays a central role to that responsibility, a prospective owner must also invest a good deal of time, effort and (most importantly) resources. Suffice to say, pet parentage (ownership) is also an expensive proposition. In terms of spending resources, keeping conventional pets […]

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How Much Do Munchkin Cats Cost

Cats are great pets and they can be your everyday companion. They differ in breeds, though, and one of the different breeds of cats are called the Munchin cats. A Munchkin cat is actually a quite new breed of cat with very short legs. With its sweet-natured characteristic, they are very high in demand most […]

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How Much Does Maltipoo Puppies Cost

The Maltipoo is a hybrid breed resulting from the cross of a purebred Maltese with a purebred Poodle.Some breeders market the Maltipoo as a “designer dog” for them to get higher prices. The Maltipoo is a mixed breed and is also known as a mutt. Still, there are a number of endearing qualities that make […]

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How Much Do Turtles Cost

If you are planning to buy a turtle, of course, you would want to consider how much they cost. Luckily, they are relatively inexpensive compared to dogs and cats but they require dedicated attention all throughout their lives in addition to the conducive and sustainable environment to live in. Pet Turtle Price Turtles are typically […]

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How Much Does Savannah Cat Cost

Savannah cat is a cross breed between a Wild African Serval and various breed of cats and popular for it tall slender body, huge ears and hind legs. Although they are cute and seemingly ideal for pets, savannah cats are absolutely expensive. So how much does a savannah cat cost? Savannah Cat Price The savannah […]

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How Much Does a Goldendoodle Cost

Dogs are really cute pets, let alone a Goldendoodle breed. A Goldendoodle dog is a mixed breed between a golden retriever and a poodle. It usually has the color of a golden retriever with the fur of a poodle. No wonder Goldendoodle dogs have been popular for people wanting to have a pet. When buying […]

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How Much Does a Baby Sloth Cost

Given the cute and just absolutely adorable beings that they are, it’s no surprise how sloths have become one of the most popularly domesticated animals coming from the wild. These creatures are known for being very tame and slow when it comes to movement, and in the wild are normally seen hanging from trees. This […]

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