How Much Does a Goldendoodle Cost

Dogs are really cute pets, let alone a Goldendoodle breed. A Goldendoodle dog is a mixed breed between a golden retriever and a poodle. It usually has the color of a golden retriever with the fur of a poodle. No wonder Goldendoodle dogs have been popular for people wanting to have a pet.

When buying a Goldendoodle, you might wonder what the letters and numbers F1, F2, F1B, and F2B are for. The letters and numbers signify their breed of parent. An F1 Goldendoodle is the offspring of a golden retriever and a poodle while the F1B Goldendoodle is the offspring of a poodle and a Goldendoodle.

costly Goldendoodle picture On the other hand, an F2 Goldendoodle is the offspring of an F1 and another F1 golden doodle, while an F2B Goldendoodle is the offspring of an F1 and an F1B Goldendoodles.

There is also another kind of Goldendoodle breed, it is called the miniature of “mini” Goldendoodle. Mini Goldendoodles are not purebred dogs as it is a cross breed between the golden retriever and the toy or small standard poodle.

Regardless if it’s a mini Goldendoodle or not, people are stoked to know “how much does a Goldendoodle cost?”.

How much does a Goldendoodle cost?

The average golden doodle price is about $900 to $2400 and can go up. The cost will depend on the quality, breeder, inclusions of the adoption and the geographic location.

The Goldendoodles of Niagra sells Goldendoodles and post the price list on their website. For a standard or F1 Goldendoodle weighing sixty (60) to one-hundred (100) pounds, it costs $2400. Another Goldendoodle shop (Goldendoodles of Bar C Kennels) sells the standard or F1 Goldendoodles for $950 only.

A mini Goldendoodle price ranges from $1600 to $2600 or more. The same with a regular Goldendoodle, the mini Goldendoodle price will vary depending on the quality, breeder, inclusions of the purchase and the geographic location.

The Goldendoodles of Niagra sells the mini Goldendoodle weighing fifteen (15) to forty (40) pounds for $2600 and the Goldendoodles of Bar C Kennels sells it for $1600 only.

Factors affecting how much does a Goldendoodle cost

As mentioned previously, the prices of the Goldendoodle will vary depending on their quality, breeder, inclusions of the adoption and the geographic location.

  • Quality: The quality of the Goldendoodle, including the size and color, will greatly affect the cost of each Goldendoodle. Mini Goldendoodles are more expensive than the standard Goldendoodles and abstract Goldendoodles are more expensive than the chocolate brown-colored Goldendoodles. This is because the breeding of mini and abstract Goldendoodles is much more complex, requiring the breeders more time, skills and money to invest.
  • Breeder: The breeder, especially if it’s popular and established a reputable image in Goldendoodle breeding, will definitely affect the price of each Goldendoodles. With each breeder’s variation of talent, techniques used and more, you will definitely pay for an extra.
  • Inclusions: When buying a Goldendoodle, it usually has an inclusion of extra service. For the Goldendoodles of Niagra, for example, a Goldendoodle puppy comes with a free wellness check-ups, vaccinations, some vitamins or dog food, health guarantee and an insurance. Usually, the more freebies you get, the higher you will pay for a Goldendoodle.
  • Location: The geographical location should also be considered as one region or city differs rates from another.
  • Extra Cost: Of course, regardless if it’s a Goldendoodle or any dog, you have to shell out for additional maintenance expenses such as health bills, grooming tools, food, toys, accessories, and shelter.

If the Goldendoodle is going to be shipped through a shipping company or through the air, always be ready to spend around $75 to $400. The said amount will include the shipping and the crate to secure the Goldendoodle during the shipping.

A Goldendoodle also have common health problems that come with its breed such as hip dysplasia which can cost $2500 or more to treat.

If you wish to own a female puppy, it will definitely cost you more than the male one. Females can be used to breed more Goldendoodles that’s why female Goldendoodles cost more.

Standard Goldendoodleversus Miniature Goldendoodle?

Yes, they are both Goldendoodle and they are both adorable. The compares the standard Goldendoodle versus the miniature golden doodle according to their maintenance, shedding, training, watchdog ability, adaptability and how they are with kids. This can help individuals planning to get a Goldendoodle have an informed choice.

Beautiful image of GoldendoodleThe miniature Goldendoodle is easier to maintain than a standard Goldendoodle, of course, given its size. Both standard and miniature Goldendoodle, fortunately, although, shed minimally and good for owners who do not want to deal greatly with their dog’s hair. Both Goldendoodles are easy to train, however, in terms of their watchdog ability and adaptability to the environment, the miniature Goldendoodle performs well. With kids, either the Goldendoodle or the miniature Goldendoodle are good with them as they can grow up becoming great family pets.

Ways to save money

Petting a dog requires time, patience and, more importantly, money. Dogs of different breeds, colors or sizes will definitely cost you another dollar since they are required to be maintained. However, there are ways to hack off some of your expenses for your Goldendoodle or any dog you have.

Health procedures will definitely cost a great deal of money if your Goldendoodle is not insured. Pet insurance policies will only cost you few dollars a month and can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Since the breed of this dog is not that rare, try to scout for a local breeder. In this way, you can save the money that is supposed to be intended for the shipping fee. It also gives you the opportunity to visit the dog personally and ensure that it was bred in a conducive environment.

There could be a good chance that older Goldendoodle dogs or any kind of dogs end up at the shelter. If you do not mind adopting one, they can adopt for $150 or less.

Goldendoodle dogs are in higher demand, you could buy a female and male Goldendoodle and breed them to produce second generation offspring. Of course, you will have to shell out more money at first but you could make money out of it by selling the puppies.

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