How Much Does a Baby Sloth Cost

Given the cute and just absolutely adorable beings that they are, it’s no surprise how sloths have become one of the most popularly domesticated animals coming from the wild. These creatures are known for being very tame and slow when it comes to movement, and in the wild are normally seen hanging from trees.

This slow and idle, and incredibly unique characteristic they possess make them a great pet to have at home. Having said that, sloths price, and how much does a baby sloth cost are among the most common inquiries to pet shops that sell them.

Baby Sloths Price Range

An image of a baby Sloths

There are two kinds of sloths which you can buy in shops that sell exotic animals, specifically the two-toed and the three-toed variety. The price ranges are expensive, and at the same time vary very wildly. For sloths price, it could range from as much as $700 to $4 000.

The reason behind these huge sloths price is simply because these are rather hard to capture in the wild. Moreover, it is not uncommon for exotic animals, in which the sloth is classified as, to have prices as high as that. Another factor which could be attributed to this great cost is that fact that there are regulations which impose tax on owning or distributing pets like this, in countries or states where raising this and other exotic animals are not clearly specified as illegal.

In the question “How much does a baby sloth cost?” it goes beyond merely the price you have to pay just so that you could get a hold of the sloth. There actually are several other matters that you have to put careful consideration into, such as its simulated habitat, as well as their highly specific diet and maintenance routines that you have to take care of in order for your baby sloth to successfully grow, without any diseases, or other issues it may otherwise not have.

If you wish to know other biological facts about sloths, then gives you more in-depth information, such as its taxonomy and common behaviour.

Cost to take Care of a Sloth

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  • Food Expenses: This is the primary method through which we, living creatures survive, which makes this the first most important part of the overall cost to take care of a sloth. Their food is one which is carefully prepared, and is therefore relatively expensive, given that the fibrous fruits and vegetables that we have is way different from the complexly fibrous, and extra dense leaves and greens they may consume in the wild.For the best substitute to these greens, are Mazuri High Fiber Sticks, which costs around $33 for a 25-lb pack, according to They could also be given other kinds of food, such as the $30-dollar costing Diet Marion Leaf Eater Food, waccording to, as well as other high-fibre, low-sugar foods, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, and green beans.  Food, however, is not much of an issue, given that states that sloths eat very rarely as their digestive systems work rather slowly.
  • Habitat: In order for baby sloths to be as comfortable with their environment as possible, you have to try your very best to recreate their natural habitat in the wild. First of all, they should be in spacious, aviary-type cages, which could not easily be found in pet shops. Expect to spend from $300 to as much as $3,000 dollars for this type of cage. This could be understood, given that they naturally spend hours in the woods once they are in the wild. They also need places where they could attach themselves to, such as poles and rods, which could cost you roughly $10, depending on the strength of the material that you would choose.
  • Maintenance: Sloths are high-maintenance creatures, most especially in terms of their food. They also have to be taken care of and sent to zoos and other places for a comprehensive check-up on a regular basis. Expect to pay an average of $50 for every trip to the veterinarian, which would include a comprehensive check-up of its over-all health. Finding a vet which is actually capable of handling sloths is a matter which you have to put serious consideration into should you decide on raising a baby sloth at home.

Other aspects for their maintenance includes the bathing time, making sure that only the mildest of shampoos are used, most of which cost around $10- $12 dollars. Moreover, another thing worth taking care of is the sloths’ stuffed toy, given that they would need something to cling on. There are several of these out in the market, and the cheaper that you find, the better. Just make sure that it has approximately the same size.

  • Other Expenses: Taxes are some of the other expenses, as well as the costs of processing permits, given that some states have enacted laws which make taking care of exotic animals one which is are relatively more expensive. The good news about this one, however, is that these expenses are already integrated within the first purchase, especially if you by in a manner which is deemed legal, and if you buy sloths that are not merely “smuggled” or obtained through illegal means.
  • Pet Insurance: Just as with other pets, there are also insurance systems that are available for pets as well. This would come in handy whenever your pet would be stricken with ailments that would require them to visit the vet, and would also help to cut costs with every comprehensive check-up, which is ideally done on a regular basis. Although the entire amount would not be refunded, these insurances would definitely help make pet care one which is easier. For sloth insurances, these are usually paid in monthly contributions of a fixed amount.

There are various plans that one could avail of when it comes to insurance, with the most typical being Standard, Gold, and Premium, which could cost as much as $19.00 to $42.00, which would effectively cover several benefits such as lower cost for vitamins, as well as check-ups and tests administered by the vet. There are also cheaper options as well, should you find this too expensive, with the accident-only insurance costing around $4.

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