How Much Does Doggy Day Care Cost

They’re man’s friend since hundreds of years plus they’ve proved to be very faithful. People from all around the world love dogs plus they do take great care of them. There are specific times that individuals don’t get time because of their daily schedule.By maintaining this part of brain, dog daycares have emerged and today, dog owners could work with no tension. Many countries have numerous types of dog daycares and in the event you consider the  United States, then you might find a series of dog daycares with multiple facilities.

A dog day care is built with advanced trainers who look after dogs in an extremely refined manner. Generally, all day long cares treat pets like their very own pets plus they do take great care of them. It is possible to be free of anxiety after leaving the precious dog at a day care. The coaches of such boarding centers are trained specially and could look after dogs economically.

Beautiful puppy image

You will come to realize that the dogs will be over happy plus they’ll feel they’re at home. If you need to train your dog, then this spot is the best option. There are numerous options by which you will find your dog day care.

Among the best choices is to search on the internet as you’ll find a number of websites that offer great doggy day care prices. You may get a possibility to take details about different dog day cares and their services. So, how much does doggie day care cost?

The price of dog day care

Prices for your poochie’s little day care would be around $10 to $50 and is highly dependent on location, facilities, length of stay, training and other services. Moreover, there are private in-home daycares which are less expensive than commercial facilities. Here are some quotes of other care centers.

1.Dog House Doggie Daycare

If you’re on vacation or business travel for a few days, Dog House Doggie Daycare can look after your ‘good boy’ for $28 per night around one to six days. Longer days would entail you a discount. See their doggy day care prices below.

For unlimited monthly visits, a $300 charge would apply per dog.

Costs and discounts

Boarding dogs of late pickups (past 11M) will be charged similar to a day in daycare. Meanwhile, a late pickup of a day experience (past 8PM) will be charged similarly to a boarding dog’s stay. You will also be the one to provide your K9 friend the food for the boarding.

2.Lilly’s Doggy Day Care

The dog daycare price for Lilly’s can be allocated by half or full day worth of dog care. Take note that a full day is equivalent to 11 hours while their half day care is just at five hours.

Dog day care out can be costly

Full Day pass

  • One day pass, first dog = $45
  • One day pass, second dog = $30
  • 10-day pass with wash, first dog = $430
  • 10-day pass with wash, second dog = $280

Half Day care and Friday pass

  • Half day pass, first dog = $30
  • Half day pass, second dog = $20

Costs and discounts

A 10-day pass with basic wash must be used within 12 weeks from date of purchase. Meanwhile, a dog daycare price for a 10-day pass with 11th day $20 discount follows the rule of a one day pass and must be used 22 weeks from date of purchase.

In addition, a 10-day pass with 10% discount off groom is available for $280 for the first dog and $180 for the second dog. This package shall be used within 12 weeks from date of purchase.

Take note, if you bring your dog on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays and avail the center’s grooming facilities, you’ll be issued a discount.

3.Camp Bow Wow

According to this dog care center, they give your pup some daily exercises that will kindle their mental, physical, emotional and social energies with other dogs as well as the people they meet.  Your pooch will have fun on their yard in that entire safe and secure environment.


  • Assessment services are for free.
  • Full day for one dog = $31
  • Half day for one dog = $20
  • Full day, two dogs = $51
  • Full day, three dogs = $69
  • Full day, four dogs = $87

Special packages

  • A dog for 10 to 20 nights is $370 to $700
  • Two dogs for 10 to 20 nights is $600 to $1,120
  • An additional dog would cost $20

Camp Bow Wow offers other services you would like to avail for your dog. Just take a look around their site for more bowwow treats!

The love between a guy and his dog

You may send your pooch if you’re that busy, but don’t do it frequently! In return for all the love and enjoyment dogs give their families; they need several types of care in return. A lot of them are many times each day.

They may be in the hands of somebody else, but if you have free time, you can ‘nanny’ your dog all by yourself. It saves you the cost too! Think about doing those cares for your dogs, how many individual items you’ve, and the way many of them are essential to their health and well-being.

It wouldn’t cost as much as $30 if you buy them in a pet store.

Also, you should know the proper way to humanely discipline your pet when he misbehaves. He’s your dog after all.

But, there’s nothing wrong handing your dog to a care center for a few hours. Proper care still outweighs how much does doggie day care cost .

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