American Family Fitness Membership Cost

American Family Fitness has been in the fitness industry since 1988 and since then, they have grown to become one of the fastest growing fitness hubs in the region. American Family Fitness wants you to maintain an overall health not only for yourself but also for the rest of your family. If you are wondering how much does American Family Fitness cost then you would be glad to know that they have several packages offered for you and your family.

Cost Of American Family Fitness Membership

American Family Fitness wants their staff and their members to work as a family. They believed that each of their staff and patrons is in the business of improving their health and mental well-being with the help of the fitness center. Currently, the franchise has nine locations and each location offers various classes and activities for their members to enjoy. American Family Fitness rates vary depending on how many are enrolling. Below are the common rates if you want to avail of the American Family Fitness Center facilities.

SingleCoupleFamily of Three
2 YR CONTRACT/MONTHLY$49.95$72.95$82.95

There are 4 types of payment terms that you can choose from if you do want to enroll at the American Family Fitness. The American Family Fitness rates also vary depending on the payment terms that you will be choosing.

If you are a single enrollee and plans to pay your dues monthly then it would cost you $49.95 but you would have to pay the one-time $150 enrollment fee for all month to month memberships and you are required to enroll for 2 months at the fitness center.

But if you choose to be on a contract with the fitness facility whether a 1 year, 2 years or 3 years contract then your annual membership fee is only $49.00. Aside from the annual fee, you would have to pay the monthly fee of your contract which will differ between the contract years. A 1-year contract will cost $59.95 while a 2-year contract is $49.95 and a 3-year contract is $39.95.

If you are a couple or a family of three then you will have a different fee to pay for a none-contract or a contract membership. Note that the 3-year contract is not available for the couple or a family package. If you are a couple and would like to pay monthly with no contract then your due is $72.95 but if you choose to be on a 1-year contract then you would have to pay $84.95 while a 2-year contract will cost you $72.95 monthly. If you are a family of three then your monthly, no-contract fee is $82.95 and your 1-year contract monthly fee is $94.95. If you want to be enrolled in a 2-year contract then your monthly fee is $82.95.

Once you have paid the American Family Fitness rates and become a full pledge member you will enjoy all the amenities that the center provides including their pools and courts. You will also get a one-hour consultation with a certified professional trainer as well as unlimited use of their equipment and join hundreds of classes such as Group-X, Cycle & Mind/Body classes.

The facility also has a Basketball and racquetball court if you are into outdoor sports and they also have a KidZone child center for your kids who wants to exercise and be healthy. They also have a program called AmFam-U which is a free 8-week course that will teach you the fundamentals of a successful exercise program.

Free Trial and Discounts At American Family Fitness

If you are still asking how much does American Family Fitness cost then you would be happy to know that they also offer a discounted price for a specific group of person.

If you are from the military, firefighters, EMT’s, police, clergy, teachers, students, seniors, corporate wellness partners as well as a state, county, and city employees then you are entitled to a discounted price on your membership.

Aside from that, you can also get additional discounts when you purchase coupons at Groupon. You can purchase a $35.00 coupon for a 30-Day Health Club Membership at American Family Fitness which is usually valued at $99.00.

They also have provided free passes to first time user who wants to try out their services and facilities. They will also give a discounted price worth $20.00 if you want to start using their services as a first-time customer.

Other Fees At American Family Fitness

Aside from the usual monthly fees that you pay when you enroll at American Family Fitness, they also have a nutrition wellness program that you can join in order to watch your nutritional intake. With a small fee of $30, you can meet with the center’s in-house nutritionist for 30 minutes and discuss with her on which program would fit your best.

man at gym

Once you have made a decision, you can either choose from the 30 Day Wellness Jump Start, 90 Day Wellness Reboot and 180 Day Wellness Optimizer. If you choose to meet with a nutritionist twice a month then you would have to pay around $94.00 to $159.00 but if you would like to meet with the expert 4 times a month then you would have to pay $99.00 to $199 a month.

It does not really matter whether how much does American Family Fitness cost, what is important is that you are healthy and fit. Your food choice will greatly affect your health and your well-being. A healthy lifestyle paired with physical activity will help you maintain a healthy weight which will greatly reduce your risk of chronic diseases such as heart attack, hypertension, and diabetes.

Making small changes in your diet as well as your daily routine will make you stay strong and active. Do not ignore the needs of your body to eat healthily and become fit. This is your tool to living a happy life.

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