How Much Does Ancestry DNA Test Cost

DNA is found in every person, animals, or any living beings in the world. What is a DNA? It is the genetic code that made your overall body. DNA comes from your parents, 50% from your Mom and 50% from your Dad. This means that your DNA is made up of parts of DNA that are passed down from your ancestors from way back to the past. And you can examine your family history by taking an Ancestry DNA test. But first, how much is the cost of DNA testing for ancestry?

Average Cost of Ancestry DNA Test

First of all, you need to know what Ancestry DNA really is. Ancestry DNA test is a test that will examine your special code in your genes to find clues about the history of your family. The test will also use the science of genetics to verify the relationships between your families and the origins of your ethnicity.

How Much Does Ancestry DNA Test Cost

How Does Ancestry DNA test find people that are related to you? Well, they will compare your results to the results of other people who already have taken an Ancestry DNA test. They will look for DNA segments that show you may be related and share the common ancestry.

Ancestry DNA can predict a relationship between one person to another based on how much shared DNA you have with other people. Ancestry DNA can also show your ethnic origins by comparing your results to different genetic results from 26 regions all over the world. Ancestry DNA can find where your ancestors might be coming from by looking for similarities between your results and the regional results.

So how much is the cost of DNA testing for ancestry? Well, lucky for us, the cost of Ancestry DNA test didn’t increase as goes by. Instead, the cost decreased a lot. You can find your new cousins, find your ethnic origins, and know a lot more about your relatives for only $99 in the United States. Here are some other costs of Ancestry DNA test from different locations.

  • In the United Kingdom and in Ireland, the cost usually runs around $101
  • On the other hand, Ancestry DNA test in Australia and in New Zealand can cost you around $110.
  • While in Canada, expect to spend around $108 for Ancestry DNA test.

If Ancestry DNA is not available in your country, you might need to order it online and might cost you an extra for the shipping fee. The shipping fee in the United States can cost you more or less $10. In the United Kingdom, expect to spend around $25 for the shipping fee plus additional $12 if you order additional kits. On the other hand, the shipping fee in Australia and New Zealand can run around $22.

Why Should You Take Ancestry DNA Test?

Now that you know how much is the cost of DNA testing for ancestry, it is also best to know how why you should take one.

The first reason for taking Ancestry DNA test is that it can help you discover more from both sides of your family tree. This is a very helpful tool if you have a lot of questions regarding your mother or your father. Ancestry DNA is the most current and broader DNA test in the whole world. This test usually looks at your autosomal DNA. This means that this test will survey your whole genome at more than 700,000 locations where genetic markers that will identify you will appear, unlike other DNA tests such as Y-DNA or mtDNA.

Another good thing about Ancestry DNA is that it is gender neutral. This means that both men and women can take this test. Both have the same way of testing and finding the same number of markers. The results of both male and female have the same level of details.

This is very opposite from Y-DNA test. It is because only male contains Y chromosomes, they are the only one who could take the test. This makes the results have its limitations. Y-DNA test can only trace the single paternal line. While on the other hand, mtDNA (also known as Mitochondrial DNA) can be taken by both male and female. However, the results will only trace the maternal line. From your mother down to your great-grandmother, and the rest.

When to Take Ancestry DNA Test?You can take Ancestry DNA test anytime you want. Taking this test is best when you really want to look for more information about the origin of your family and if you are very curious about your family tree. Choice DNA provides you the advantages of taking this test.

Is Ancestry DNA Private and Secure?

Yes, Ancestry DNA test is very private and secure. This is their top priority. Your DNA sample, DNA test results, and your personal date are stored using their standard security procedures. The industry also doesn’t put your name or other identity information when they store your DNA test results and DNA sample. You can opt to download your raw DNA date and make them delete the results of your DNA test or abolish your DNA sample at any time you want.

A Way to Save Money

Why Should You Take Ancestry DNA Test?

If you are looking for a way to save money, you can avail Ancestry DNA test when they have their sales. Here is the list of Ancestry DNA sales from 2015 and 2016 (Be sure to check from time to time to know the current date of sales):

  • Ancestry DNA in the United Kingdom had a Father’s Day sale from June 9 up to June 19. The price of Ancestry DNA test was $88 (from $101).
  • The frequent Sales in the United States usually runs around from January to June. The price of Ancestry DNA test during this sale was $79 up to $89 (from $99).
  • In Australia and in New Zealand, they had a sale on November 26 up to November 30, 2015. During this sale, the price of Ancestry DNA was $87 (from $110).

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