How Much Does Anytime Fitness Membership Cost

Anytime Fitness is a chain of health fitness clubs that can be found, not only in the US but around the world. This is a membership-based gym that caters to their members’ fitness needs with state of the art equipment and exercise programs.

Anytime Fitness’ edge among all the other chain of gyms in the US is the fact that their gyms are indeed open 24 hours, 7 days a week, no holidays. Members are quite literally given a key to their gyms which they can access anytime. This feature alone ensures members a full access to their fitness routines- busy schedules can no longer be an alibi for missing out on their fitness.

Anytime FitnessHow much does Anytime Fitness cost? The fitness club is membership-based. Anytime Fitness prices depend on the membership type, it is either monthly or annual, depending on the members’ preference. Annual membership fee can save patrons more money, but then again it entails more commitment for them to use this membership all year long.

Anytime Fitness membership fees can depend on the location of the gym you applied at, the amenities that the club offers, and what type of membership it would be, monthly or annual. However, Anytime Fitness prices anywhere would cost around as much as these prices.

Anytime Fitness Monthly Membership Fee

Members who opt to commit to a fitness routine for just one month at a time can choose Anytime Fitness membership fees paid for on a monthly basis. The monthly membership fee  for a single adult can range from $37.00, there will also be an initiation or activation fee that will start at around $50.00. Anytime Fitness’ unique feature of key-access for patrons to their gyms would require members to pay for their One-time Key fee that is worth around $35.00. This key is an electronic key that the member can carry with them anytime.

Anytime Fitness also encourages couples to apply for memberships together, perhaps because motivation amongst couples help them push through fitness routines better as compared to those who do it individually. Anytime Fitness membership fees for couples paid for on a monthly basis costs around $60.00, with an initiation fee worth around $100, and their one-time key fee that is also around $35.00.

Annual Membership Cost

For fitness buffs looking for a long term fitness routine and will have no problem committing to one for an entire year, Anytime Fitness has a perfect deal for them with their Annual Membership fees. A single member’s annual fee will cost around $408.00 with an Initiation fee of around $50.00, and the one-time key fee of  $35.00.

Couples signing up for an annual membership fee also get a good deal as they are also given further discounts on Anytime Fitness’ Dual Annual fees. Couples’ annual fees cost around $660.00, with an initiation fee of about $100.00, plus of course the one-time key fee of  $35.00.

Anytime Fitness gyms’ cancellation policy may differ per gym given that the gyms are independently owned and operated, therefore policies may vary from state to state. These policies are outlined in the member agreement to be signed by applicants upon availing of their membership.

How much does Anytime Fitness cost  in total is still very reasonable given the attention and high standards each club professionally gives its members.


The very first Anytime Fitness health club was founded at San Leandro California in 1983 by fitness gurus  Dave Mortensen, Chuck Runyon, and Jess Klinger. Since then Anytime Fitness has grown in number mainly through franchising. These franchisees still get constant and high-quality monitoring in terms of its cleanliness and daily maintenance,  keeping the name Anytime Fitness indeed at the head of its game.

Why Choose Anytime Fitness

With over 3000 clubs anywhere in the world, about 1900 of this in the US alone, members are given access to all these clubs with just a single membership and no additional fees needed as long as they have gone beyond 30 days of membership.

Anytime Fitness not only offers convenience and flexibility especially for very busy members, not only does it have top of the line fitness equipment as well as up to date fitness programs, Anytime Fitness offers its members a community of people who can support each other fully in their goals of achieving optimum fitness. Each fitness club is staffed with highly trained professionals who can get you started through an initial assessment, personal training can also be availed for.

Services that the club offers aside from their 24-hour access and 24-hour top security are personal training, tanning, adaptive motion trainers, Zumba classes, cardio classes, yoga classes, body conditioning classes, as well as spinning cycles and classes.

They also offer health plan discounts and wellness programs.

Top of the line fitness equipment that are available in their gyms are Treadmills, ellipticals, exercise cycles, stair climbers, rowing machines, free weights, rack, synergy 360 systems, cable crossovers, kettlebells, lateral x trainers, and amt cross trainers.

Fitness can be a fickle task for most people, especially in today’s very hectic schedules where pressures from work and even day to day life can render anyone helpless with time management, having the option to go to the gym even in the most ungodly hours is a welcome treat for people who aspire to add a reliable, convenient, and functioning fitness routine into their everyday life. Integrating fitness and health into one’s lifestyle is one thing, sticking with this is another, this is where Anytime Fitness’ team of fitness professionals come into the picture. Members can stick to a rigorous routine or change it up with other fitness programs that the club offers. Personal trainers can play a big part in this. Anytime Fitness takes good care of their employees just as much as they care for their members, you can trust that personal trainers at are in their optimum shape and mental being all set to give the best health program that would suit your needs perfectly.

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