How Much Does ASE Certification Cost

Automotive Service Excellence or ASE is a certification given to automotive technicians who want to become certified professionals and earn more in any part of the industry of automotive service. ASE certification is what you will get when you pass the exams held by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. This certification helps automotive technicians to get a job easily.

Are you now wondering about an automotive service excellence test cost? Read more to find out!

Average Cost of an ACE Certification

ASE certificateYou cannot get an ACE certification without first registering for a test or if you plan to take multiple exams. Getting a certification test or multiple certification tests is very easy.

The registration fee for any automotive service excellence test cost $36 per person. You can register for one exam or combinations of exams. The certification tests without including the L1, L2, and L3 types of tests cost about $39 each per person.

When you plan to take the Advanced Level Certification Tests which are the L1, L2, and L3 types of test then it cost $78 each per person.

Here is an example pricing if you want to understand it a bit more, you will pay a total of $186 if you wanted to take an A1 exam which is about Engine Certification with an additional exam like A2 that deals with Suspension and Steering Certification, the registration fee that you will pay will be $36. Each test like A1 and A2 costs $36 each as well. That now totals to a $108.

Considering you also wanted to try an L1 which is an Advanced Engine exam that is $78 each per person add it up to your previous total of $108, it now becomes $186 in total. The $186 price will now be your overall automotive service excellence test cost.

Are you considering taking a recertification test and wondering how much does ASE certification cost for recertification?  If it is a yes, then the same prices as stated will apply to you when you take a recertification test.

However, you should keep in mind that the recertification test fees will only let you pay for a maximum amount of $117. Not considering the number of tests you want to take, your limit for paying the recertification tests should only be $117.

More about ASE Certification and its Price

You have decided to take the ASE Certification, that’s very good to know, however, there are also a lot of things to consider before you head out and pay for the exam registrations.

How much does ASE certification cost? Think carefully, if you do not want to waste your valuable money knowing you’ll flunk the exams then it’s best to take some ACE prep materials or study guides and classes before heading out on you ACE certification journey.

Since ACE is an exam-related certification it is only wise to take ASE classes when you feel like you needed to do some information reload. Or if you are the type to do it at your own pace then ACE prep materials will be good for you although these are not usually required if you have the guts and the brain to ace all the exams.

On average, your ASE prep materials or study guides may cost you around $26 up to $30 depending on the certification test that you will take.

Make sure that your references and study guide is up to date and will give you detailed information, new and old that will help you score the exams.

Here are samples of prices that you may find useful when you are planning to buy some ASE study guides. Note that the prices may vary depending on what you will buy and it is only a sample price quote for each study guide.

An A1-Engine Certification Study Guide Ebook and Practice Test will cost you $26 and the practice test for about $10. If you will take an A2 exam then A2-Suspension and Steering Certification Study Guide Ebook is about $26 as well and the Practice Test for about $10 also. Your L1-Advanced Engine Study Guide Ebook will be about $28 plus a $10 Practice Test that you will need.

Adding all those study guides and practice tests prices will cost you a total of $110 then you will add that with your $186 ASE certification price then it is only right to say that your total ASE certification cost is about an estimated amount of $296.

ASE Certification, Is It a Yes or No?

Ask yourself if you want a stable job with a higher income than the rest. If your answer to that is a yes then you should get an ASE certification.

ASE certification tackles a lot of different areas and each of these areas requires the taker to have a minimum of two years of experience before handling them their certification.

Still, an interested individual may register for the exams and can even pass these exams in advance without the need to provide proof of experience. This, however, is not applicable for the L1, L2, and L3 tests.

The ASE certification will only be given to the technician once he provides proof of experience after he passes all the exams that he registered on before.

Here’s additional information for you, if the automotive technician was able to pass all the eight exams provided by ASE then the technician will now be called a Master Automobile Technician so why does it matter now when the ASE certification price is not even that expensive?

The ASE certification has a lot of functions that is beneficial to the technician. It provides security for future employers because they will know that their future employee is fit and perfect for the job. Being ASE certified means you are giving your customer the guarantee and protection that their vehicle is in good hands. You can demand a higher wage or position in your company if you are an ASE certified technician.

However, ASE certification is not a life-long label as it needs to be taken every five years to assure that the automotive technician is still up to date with the current repair techniques and technology used in taking care of vehicles.

ASE certification price for their tests is fairly agreeable knowing you will get a lot of benefits when you get certified. Although you should keep in mind that the tests are challenging and the taker must give all the time that he can get in order to prepare for the exams so it is only wise to get some study guides and read some test-taking tips or answer practice tests that can be found in ASE’s official website.

ASE certification serves to protect the shop owner and the customer to gauge the automotive technician’s level of professionalism and expertise before planning to have a contract with the technician’s services.

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