How Much Does An Alternator Cost

Before we learn about the alternator price, let us get to know what an alternator is. According to HowStuffWorks, an alternator is one of the three major components of a vehicle’s charging system. The other two parts are the battery and the voltage regulator. The alternator typically works together with the battery to power up the vehicle’s electrical components such as the instrument panel, as well as, the interior and exterior lights.

Automotive alternator parts

Since they provide power to the car, alternators are also prone to wearing off. If for instance, you notice that the lights are dim, hear whining noises, or see that that dashboard warning light has indicated that the alternator is losing its energy, then those are the signs for a replacement. With this, how much does an alternator cost? How much can you spend on the alternator repair cost? And how much will the alternator replacement price be?

Typically, the cost of an alternator ranges from $100 to $1,000 or more, which can depend on the vehicle’s make, model, and the year it went to the market. And the price to repair an alternator can run from $200 to $1,800 or higher, which may vary on the accessibility of the alternator, including the parts and labor costs. Meanwhile, the national average cost to replace an alternator is around $407 t0 $650, which consists of labor fees and parts.

Alternator Prices

If you want to purchase an alternator, then expect that the alternator price can range from $100 to $1,000, depending on the make, model, and year of your model. Your location also affects the prices and where you want to buy it.

Apparently, companies, which have their production of alternators, sell the items at $100 to $500 or more for parts sold at aftermarkets. Meanwhile, the alternators sold at the automobile’s manufacturing company (OEM parts) can cost around $250 to $1,000. But if you are on tight budget, then you can go remanufactured or rebuilt alternators sold at factories.

How much does an alternator cost if your vehicle was manufactured in another country? If this is the case, then expect that the costs are higher than the car locally made in America. Moreover, the automotive parts for luxury vehicles have the highest price. For example, the alternator for a 2008 Lexus LS460 can cost around $995 to $1,111 based on RepairPal’s estimator.

Alternator Repair Costs

When it comes to the fixation of alternators, the alternator repair cost can run from $200 to $1,800, which may vary based on where the alternator is located in the vehicle.

*Near the Engine

If the alternator is near the top of the vehicle’s engine, then the repair costs will go from $200 to $1,200, which consists of the labor fees and the alternator price. It has the said cost range because the alternator is easily accessed by the technician, and it only takes one to three hours to fix the part.

– The total repair cost for an alternator bought at an aftermarket is $200 to $600, having a labor cost of $50 to $120 per hour.

– But if it is an OEM part fixed at a car dealership, then the total repair cost is around $300 to $1,200 with the same labor cost.

*Far from the Engine

However, if the alternator is far down from the engine, then the alternator repair cost can cost about $400 to $1,800, which are much higher compared to the first scenario. This is because the repair process usually requires the removal of other engine parts to get to the alternator. Furthermore, it takes five to eight hours to complete the job.

– The total repair cost for an alternator bought at an aftermarket is $400 to $800, having a labor cost of $50 to $120 per hour.

– If it is an OEM part repaired at a car dealership, then the total repair cost is around $500 to $1,800 with the same labor cost.

Alternator Replacement Prices

According to RepairPal, the national average of an alternator replacement price is around $407 to $650, which includes the labor costs and the estimated  alternator price. But the costs may still vary depending on your location and the specifications of your car.

Breaking down the alternator replacement price gives you an estimated labor fees of $125 to $158. The price of the parts, on other the hand, may range from $282 to $492. However, these estimates do not include taxes, so be sure to ask what other expenses should be covered.

Alternator Replacement Best Practices

Before your vehicle’s alternator undergoes a replacement, it is best and highly recommended to inspect all aspects of the car’s starting and charging system. Such practice eliminates other technical concerns that may affect the optimal performance of the alternator. Examples of these issues are drained and weak batteries, as well as, battery cables, which may cause for the alternator to work properly.

Another instance would be the alternator belt, which can be partially or completely removed from the charging component. If you notice that it is already wearing off, then it is an appropriate time to spend for an alternator replacement price.

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