How Much Does A Coil Pack Replacement Cost

Every vehicle is built with an ignition system, which is highly needed to start the engine of a car. And within the ignition system is the ignition coil or a coil pack that boosts a low voltage battery to a high voltage power, which is between 15,000 to 20,000 volts or higher, igniting the fuel through the spark plugs and preparing the vehicle to move.

If for instance, the car is not running normally or there is less power when it is accelerating, then it simply means it is time for you to change the ignition coil. With this being said, how much does a coil pack replacement cost these days?

Costs of Ignition Coil Replacement

Replacement cost of coil packIn most cases, the ignition coil replacement cost primarily consists of the ignition coil price and the labor costs. According to RepairPal, the national average price for coil pack replacement ranges from $174 to $278, having estimated labor costs between $73 and $93 while the average coil pack price is around $101 to $185.

But remember, those are just the average costs. The actual prices of a coil pack replacement may still vary according to the price of an ignition coil, the labor fees, as well as, the make, year, and model of your car. Apparently, the total coil pack replacement cost ranges from $105 to $550 or more. To know what constitutes the prices, here is a cost breakdown:

*Ignition Coil

Although the national average coil pack price is between $101 and $185, the typical price of an ignition coil is still different, which runs from $70 to $375 or higher. The price depends on your vehicle’s make and model, and whether the item is purchased at an aftermarket or bought from the vehicle manufacturer (an OEM product).

As a basic reference, each spark plug has one ignition coil that is either bundled, connected and made into a coil pack or placed on top of the spark plug in which the spark plug wires are not needed. If the coil pack is not properly held together, then it may cause misfires, power loss, and poor fuel consumption.

*Labor Fees

The other aspect of the total ignition coil replacement cost is the labor fee. A professional ignition coil installation can take about half an hour to one and a half hour (30 to 180 minutes), depending on your car. The rate is $50 to $120 per hour, which varies according to the place where you want the replacement to be done. You can choose your vehicle’s dealership, a chain repair shop, or an independent car repair establishment.

By doing a little calculation, the labor rate is about $25 to $180. If you add the price range of the ignition coil, then the total coil pack replacement cost ranges from $95 to $555.

Specific Cost Estimates of Ignition Coil Replacement

The cost to replace an ignition coil significantly depends on the vehicle’s make, model, and year. Here is a list of the national average ignition coil replacement cost based on the specific cars as provided by RepairPal. It also presents the average coil pack price and labor fees.

*BMW 328i

The average cost to replace the ignition coil of this particular car is around $80 to $130. The ignition coil price runs from $54 to $96 while labor cost is between $26 to $34. The ignition coil replacement can be done on BMW 328i models in 1996 to 2000 and 2007 to 2015.

*Chevrolet Trailblazer

For this sophisticated car, the average cost of ignition coil replacement is very high, ranging from $165 to $196. The average coil pack price is between $95 and $107. The labor fees, on the other hand, runs from $70 to $89. These prices are applicable on models introduced from 2002 to 2009.

*Ford Escape

If you have this car, then its average coil pack replacement cost starts from $115 to $197. The ignition coil has an average price of $71 to $141. Meanwhile, the labor fees range from $44 to $56. There are estimated prices for the Ford Escape models that have been introduced from 2001 to 2016.

*Ford Expedition

The ignition coil replacement cost for a Ford Expedition is about $136 to $195. The ignition coil price for this vehicle is between $92 and $139. The labor costs for the replacement range from $44 to $56.

*Ford F-150

Apparently, this has one of the highest average ignition coil replacement costs. For a Ford F-150, the estimated costs run from $160 to $208. It is expensive because of the average coil pack price, which is around $116 to $152. And the labor cost is the same with Ford Expedition that is $44 to $56.

*Honda Accord

If your car is a Honda Accord, then expect to pay within the range of $110 to $204 for the average ignition coil replacement cost. Its ignition coil costs about $49 to $126 while the labor charges between $61 to $78.

*Nissan Altima

The average cost to replace the ignition coil of a Nissan Altima ranges from $161 to $233. The ignition coil parts for this vehicle can cost between $117 and $177 while the labor fee is around $44 to $56.

*Nissan Maxima

Evidently, a Nissan Maxima is one of the most luxurious cars available today. The national average ignition coil replacement cost for this vehicle runs from $157 to $238, consisting of ignition coils about $113 to $182 and labor costs ranging from $44 to $56.

*Toyota Camry

This is another sophisticated car. The average cost to replace its ignition coil runs from $156 to $276. Its ignition coils cost $87 to $188 and the labor fees run from $69 to $

*Volkswagen Jetta

This has the highest national average coil pack replacement cost on this list. The total replacement fee ranges from $147 to $416. The ignition coil fit for a Volkswagen Jetta is priced around $86 to $338 while the labor expenses can run from $61 to $78.

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