How Much Does Ear Wax Removal Cost

Let’s discuss Earwax! Are you someone who is fed up with your ear getting filled with excess ear wax? Are you looking for cheap ways to get your ear wax removed? Well, we will help you discover the best cost to remove ear wax!

Do you know, earwax or formally called as cerumen, is supposed to help our ears from terrible tragedies. But sometimes it can result in things they are not modeled for. Earwax is produced in our ears to protect ears from foreign particles, dust, and bacterias. It also helps in keeping the correct PH levels inside our ears and is even helpful when you are swimming.  

In short – ear wax is something you need and it’s completely normal to have them up to a certain quantity. However, there are instances where the ear wax can build up and may block your ears.

Causes of EarWax Buildup

The amount of earwax your body creates depends on many factors. In fact, it’s genetically determined more than anything else. But no matter how much earwax is being produced, it doesn’t always lead to earwax blockage. ear bud removal cost for a musician

Ironically, the major reason for earwax blockage is the usage of cheap ear wax extraction objects such as cotton swabs or bobby pins which, if not done correctly, can cause the earwax to go deeper into the ear.  For the same reason, only a partitioning doctor can decide on the frequency of your earwax cleaning. If you are someone who always has excess earwax issue, it’s better to have them clear once a month.

Usually, earwax gets self-cleaned from the ear canal into the ear opening and gets washed away. The shape of your ear canal could be one thing that prevents natural expulsion of the earwax.

If you are someone who used headphones a lot, it can also prevent natural expulsion of earwax. Same is the story with hearing aids.

So, considering an earwax blockage has already occurred, how much does ear wax removal cost?

Cleaning ears can be done efficiently at home using safe products like DoctorEasy Washer Bottle System if you are someone who wants to avoid having to pay for the cost of removing wax from the ear, you can always do it in the home itself. But if you aren’t sure with the right way to do it and there is already a problem you should go to a doctor. 

Signs and Symptoms of Ear Wax Buildup

Under normal instances, there is no need for you to go to the doctor just to remove ear wax. But if they are in excess quantity and is blocked inside your ear preventing it from naturally coming out, it can cause hearing loss, dizziness, itching, and earache. There are also instances where you feel fullness in your ears. If you experience the symptoms of infection like for instance there is severe pain, fever, hearing loss, and dizziness, you should go to your doctor right away.

Average Ear Cleaning Rate

Most people try to dig or get rid of earwax on their ears themselves, just to avoid having to shoulder the cost of removing the wax in a clinic. While it’s recommended and is always cheap (you can save even up to $150 by choosing to do it yourself), it isn’t always the best case scenario. If you have a hole or tube in your eardrum, you shouldn’t try. Otherwise, it’s perfectly fine to do it yourself if you don’t have a history of any other ear related diseases or issues. 

EarWax Extraction Price At Clinics

The average ear cleaning rate would depend on whether you have insurance policy. So, how much does ear wax removal cost without insurance?  

In average, the cost of ear wax extraction without insurance ranges from $70 to $200. If someone charges an average cleaning rate of over $200, always think that there are other clinics which would do the same process at a cheaper price. 

How much does ear wax removal cost if you have insurance? You will have to pay for the copays and there are also deductibles. The copay rate actually depends on the insurance provider. On average, a primary care office visit copay would cost you $24 as of 2016. 

Here are the charges of a few clinics,

  • HearingWales of UK – $70
  • CVS Clinic (USA) – $99
  • Michiana Direct (USA)- $76
  • TLC Walk-In Clinic (USA) – $110
  • Martin Specialty Clinic(USA) – $118

Do It Yourself Ear Waxing Expenses

If there is no need for you to go to the doctor, there are different DIY methods to clear your ear.

Again, if yours is an ear infection and is not just a wax buildup, VISIT A DOCTOR. It is important to make sure that earwax is the real problem before trying home remedies or DIY kits.

Earwax Removal Kits

If you want to avoid 2 hours long waiting at the clinic and $200+ charge including professional ear cleaning and sitting charges each time, it’s time you get a do it yourself cleaning system. This product involves using warm water to soften the wax and suck the earwax out of your ear. Compared to the cost of a clinic visit, the product is a steal. In fact, you can use the product multiple times. And, it’s easy to use too.

So, if you are someone who gets earwax blockage more than often, it’s time you depending on clinics every now and then. Elephant Ear Washer Bottle System is currently the best seller on Amazon in the ‘Ear Removal Products’ category. If you don’t want to mess your wash basin, buy an ear basin along with it which is made to work along with the washer bottle system.

The process is slightly different than the above product and there have been many reports from our readers that it’s less effective than the first one. Most of the time, it’s because of the way you use it.

It contains earwax softening drops and a syringe to irrigate your ear with warm water. Tilt your head to a side and let the solvent drip into your ear. Remain in that position and let the drops stay in your ear for at least 10 minutes. Then a syringe is used to force body temperature water to let the earwax to come out with water. The only issue with Debrox Removal Kit is that the pressure of irrigation water can’t be controlled, unlike Elephant Ear Washer Bottle System.

*Earwax extraction systems are not fit for infants and children with tubes in the eardrum. 

Ear Drops

Ear Drops are a cheaper alternative to earwax removal systems. Eardrops soften the hardness of earwax and thus ease the ears’ job of naturally letting out the ear wax. Almost all ear drops costs less than $15. For example, you may check the price of Dr. Sheffield’s Ear Wax Removal Drops which is one of the best-selling ear drops.

Ear Candling

Ear candling to remove waxThere are also alternative ways to remove earwax like ear candling. Although there is a warning by the Food and Drug Administration, there might be some who want to try this alternative. If you want to try ear candling at a spa or salon, the cost is about $35-$70 and is usually completed in 30 minutes. 

The method is dangerous as it would lead to eardrum damage, face burn, and ear burns. Depending on the intensity of damage, it could cost you way more and could leak your pocket way more than you could think of. 

What Not To Try?

  • Q-Tips or Cotton Swabs

Every Tom, Dick and Harry make use of cotton swabs, right? Some perceptions of the society are difficult to change. Do you know that the major reason for earwax blockage is the use of cotton swabs? When you use cotton swabs, there is a very probability of you pushing the ear wax further deeper. Once it gets that deep, it intensifies the whole situation.

What Are Included?

When you go to the doctor for a professional earwax removal, your doctor will talk to you about symptoms and other concerns. He will also further examine your ears for any sign of infection or if there are problems. Based on his diagnosis, he will recommend that best method to remove earwax. There are doctors who would use pressurized water while there are others who would either use vacuum removal or a light suction.

When you buy the over the counter kits, some of them are almost similar to what the doctor uses. For instance, loop kits also come with a plastic loop to remove the wax and the instructions on how to do it.

Searching for Earwax Removal

So in short, the cost of removing wax from the ear is not too expensive, but it will still cost you some. So, you really need to take the time to shop for earwax removal or have to consult a doctor. Cost wise, buying removal kit is better than consulting a doctor. But it’s always safe getting ears cleaned professionally by a doctor, right?

If you see a reason to believe the pain in your ears may not be just because of an earwax blockage, get an appointment with a doctor. If you have the following symptoms, consult a doctor. 

  • Inability to balance
  • Severe fever or vomiting
  • Sudden loss of hearing

Going for the over the counter products in the situation might make the problem worse. As such, it is better that you seek professional help. Before you purchase any earwax removal product, you can also ask the pharmacist about any other possible options. If you are looking for an ear specialist, you can ask for referrals.

Preparing for an Appointment

In cases where you have to see a doctor, you have to prepare for your appointment. But there are also cases where you may be referred to a specialist in case you have an ear disorder. Before your appointment, do not attempt to remove earwax can result to more serious injury and problem. Prepare for the appointment, your doctor may ask you about your symptoms and if you are having any difficulty hearing.

Are There Natural Remedies?

For those who want to reduce costs, there are home remedies. This can be useful if you do not have to deal with severe earwax problem. To soften the wax, you can use mineral oil. After one day or two, you can use warm water when the wax is loosened. Use a syringe to squirt it in your ear canal. Tilt your ear and pull your ear up and then back again. Let the water out. Actually, home remedies are similar to the Debrox Kit procedure that was discussed earlier in the post. 

How Often to Clean Your Ear?

That’s actually a difficult question as there is no standard scale. It changes from person to person. For some, there may not be a single instance in their life where they feel the need of cleaning earwax. But for some other, they have to do it every 2 weeks. So, this is something you have to find out yourself.

Anyway, if you are someone who produces a lot of earwax, you should consider ear waxing once a month. For such persons, having a home kit can really save some serious money.

If your ears produce normal or below normal quantity, you don’t have to worry about cleaning wax. It gets cleaned automatically due to the set mechanism of ear canals.

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