How Much Does Ball Joint Replacement Cost

These are sphere-like bearings that connect both steering knuckles and the control arm in all vehicles. Question on how much do replacing Ball joints price depends highly on the type, manufacturer, and the market one is getting it from. They essentially serve as a pivot between the suspension and the wheels. Both the hub and the chassis are linked by the control arm which is part of the said suspension. The ball joints are comprised of both sockets enclosed in a casing and a bearing stud. This stud is fitted on one end into the hole in the steering knuckle.

Damaged Ball Joint

There are severe consequences in by driving spoiled and damaged ball joints. The most commonly known one is that the vehicle loses control and what results from that is not a good story to tell. Loss of lives is one huge consequence of driving a car with bad ball joints .In common occurrences, failure of ball joints results to the vehicle stopping, which is a better option rather than losing control on some mountain slopes.

Inspecting Your Ball Joints

There are various ways of inspecting your ball joints on if they are getting spoiled or if they are in a good condition. Firstly, there will always be some funny sounds from the suspension if the ball joints are not in a good condition. Ball JointKeenly try to listen for any abnormal grinding or rattling coming from the ball joints. Lower ball joints spoil and wear out faster and you can tell if they have by closely looking at and identifying whether their rubber boots are in perfect shape.

The following are resulting effects of a damaged ball joints:

Clunking and rattling voice from the front tires: In many motor vehicles, ball joints are way hidden and if not careful you would even forget they existed in the first place. Clicking and grinding voices then reminds you that your most important part of your vehicle is not in good conditions. This voice is mostly heard when the vehicle is on the bump, deep sloping or when going round the corner. Many times the voice seems to be coming from one side of the vehicle.

Shaky steering wheel: Worn out ball joints affects vehicles steering wheel, this mostly manifests itself in a number of ways. On straight still highways, the driver feels the wheel vibrating from the central part. This is as a result of worn out ball joints. On this case, you do not have any choice pay the price to replace ball joints damaged. The state of which ball joints are wearing out also determines the kind of symptoms a driver will feel or hear from the steel wheel.

Abnormal wear out of tires: Tires are supposed to wear out systematically, in a level kind of style such that no part of it that looks like it was most used than the other. Any abnormal wearing of tires is common as a result of damaged ball joints.

When going over the bumps or slopes: the car moves left or right: When driving over the bumps, the movement of your car should be so easy that there should at any time be any cracks or voices from your steering wheel or from your tires. This is not the case when your ball joints are worn out. The same experience is evident on sharp corners as well.

Reminder: Repairing bad ball joints will obviously affect your wheel alignments, this is the reason why many mechanics will suggest that you align and check on all four wheels of your call for the sake of balancing everything which increases the price to replace ball joints. Once you realize that there could be some damaged ball, your plans should be the full servicing of all your cars wheel and probably repair all their ball joints.

General Ball Joint Repair Cost.

Very important to note is that replacing ball joint prices will vary depending on the market prices and the mechanic service providers you will go to. The type of the car you own as well determines the pricing of the repairing.

  • Vehicles like Jaguar XJ6: Their ball joints repair will cost around $480-635. This price will be for the cost of repair parts which will be around $155-225, Labor for around $325-410.
  • Isuzu Trooper: Their ball joints repairing will cost an average of between $125-265. Repair parts prices will cost you around $25-140, Labor payments of around $100-125.
  • Land Rover Range: This category of vehicles ball joints repair will cost between $170-225. Repair part prices will range between $55-80 while the labor prices will cost around $115-145.
  • Dodge Caravan: An average amount of $275-380. Prices of repair parts range between $55-100 while that of labor will cost between $220-280.
  • Volvo 740: Another common vehicle, the average ball joint repair cost will be around $225-345, spare parts prices will range around $120-180 while the labor price will be between $125-155.
  • Dodge D350: Average cost of repairing ball joints this type of vehicle will range between $330-480.Spares prices will cost around $110-200 while that of labor will be around $115-145.

There are tens and thousands of cars with deferent types of ball joints which vary in prices, I may not be able to cover them all but I am sure that the above estimations will help in determining how much your car’s ball joint repair cost may cost. Take into consideration that these prices may change with time and so is the labor pricing depending on the mechanic of your choosing.

Conclusion: Replacing ball joints or repairing ball joints doesn’t have a specific time frame, it all depends on with the manufacturer’s maintenance intervals. Ball joint repairing is not something you will commonly hear people talk about because in most cases, they have a very good rated durability and can take a long time to wear out. Again, your driving discipline will determine how long your ball joints will stay safe and in a perfect condition. Reckless driving, poor alignments and servicing of your tires is the most course of damaging ball joints. Drive safely, service your vehicle regularly and you will have fewer problems with your ball joints.


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