How Much Does Barb Wire Fence Cost

Everything that we acquire from diligently working day and night should be protected at all cost. You don’t work hard just to get your properties stolen, right? You work almost every day to have a decent living and provide yourself – and your future family – with a comfortable life.

For these reasons, it is just right to secure all your properties and prevent thieves from taking them away from you. With that said, installing a barb wire fence around your house is one of the best ways to protect all your personal items within your premises. But how much does a barb wire fence installation cost these days?

Typical Costs of a Barbed Wire Installation

As a short reference, a barbed wire (barb wire, bobbed wire) is a form of wire fencing that is constructed with barbs or sharp spikes placed at different intervals along the strands of steel wire. It is not only used in residential properties, but it is also installed in high-security facilities such as prison camps and military camps.

To get the total installation cost, you have to purchase the barbed wire and pay for the labor fees. For the barbed wire price, they usually run from $50 to $200 per roll, depending on the number of barbs and the strength of the wire (comes in gauges of 12.5, 15, and 18). Each roll has a length of 1,320 feet, which is good enough for a 20-square-meter property.

Meanwhile, the labor costs vary based on the area needed to be fenced. For instance, if you want to install a five-strand Barb Wire Fencefence, which measures from 1,000 to 1,500 feet, then the average barb wire fence prices can range from $1 to $3 for every one foot. Therefore, the total installation costs you need for a 1,000-foot property is around $1,050 to $3,200.

In addition to the barbed wire, you may need to purchase other materials for the fence. These include the wooden posts that cost about $5 to $25 for each piece, as well as, clips and staples for $0.20 per pound. However, there are cases when the barb wire fence installation cost is around $5 to $6 per foot, which depends on the local prices of the barbed wire and the cost of labor.

Other Factors Affecting Barbed Wire Cost

When it comes to running your very own livestock farm, the fencing costs happen to be one of the highest expenses you need to cover. Apparently, a barb wire fence is an affordable choice for owners who have large properties that need fencing. But even if a roll of barb wire is one of the cheapest fence materials you can purchase, the total barbed wire price can increase due to the quality and the necessary quantity to get the fencing done.

But aside from the quality and quantity of the materials used for the fencing project, here are other factors that significantly affect the barb wire fence installation cost:

– the coating on the wire

– the number of sharp points for every barb, increasing the level of security

– the number of metal posts needed to stabilize the fence and increase the security

– the barbed wire’s gauge or thickness

– the size of the property needed to be fenced

– the surface of the land (flat or a bit inclined)

– the presence of different forms of obstructions

These factors don’t only apply farms. They can also affect the installation costs when barbed wire fences are used on residential and even commercial properties.

To Hire or Not To Hire?

This has not been mentioned anywhere in the article, but one of the most important things to consider in installing a barbed wire fence is whether to hire a professional to do the job or do the fencing on your own. While you are thinking of doing the work yourself, you should keep in mind that professional contractors can purchase the materials at lower prices than a homeowner can. Moreover, the fencing experts can get the work done at a much faster pace than you do.

But getting the services of a contractor is ideal when the fencing is needed on large properties like farms, plantations, and even beach properties. You can DIY if you only to put up a fence in a small area such as your backyard or a garden.

Pros and Cons of a Barb Wire Fence

There is no doubt about how effective a barb wire fence can be. It is fairly affordable, and the best part of it is that it can definitely secure your properties well – affordability at its best, so to speak. It can be installed:

– On top or at the bottom of your existing fences so that no one is able to climb or cross over the fences

– Around the pastures, barn, and/or shed to make sure that the livestock can’t escape or prevent predators from entering the property and eat your business

– On top of the fences at the prison camps, deterring criminals from escaping and other trespassers from entering the premises

However, not everything about barb wire fences is good. They also have their share of drawbacks, which people also take into consideration before they decide to put up this particular type of fence. In that regard, here are the pros and cons of installing a barb wire fence.

  • Pros

– It is affordable. Homeowners can definitely afford to have a barb wire fence to secure their properties.

– It has a straightforward installation. The barbed wire is just attached or nailed to the poles, forming a number of levels for the fence.

– It does not have a high maintenance. Once you install the fence, you don’t have to do anything about unless someone has cut the wires, or the fence has been destroyed by a natural calamity like a typhoon or a hurricane.

  • Cons

– Dues to the sharp spikes, a barb wire fence is extremely dangerous to the livestock, wild animals, and of course, to people, especially the kids. If you are not careful, then you will get pricked by the spikes. It would be worse if the wire is rusty as it causes tetanus or other wound infections.

– It is not suitable for small animals and horses.

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