Benihana Menu Prices

How about starting with a small introduction of who Benihana are and their short story on how they came about and rocked in a very competitive restaurant business. One hardworking and innovative guy, commonly known as Rocky (That is how he was commonly known in the US, his parental name was Hiroaki) is the founder and sole owner of the loved and friendly Benihana Menu prices across all their restaurants both in the US and all over the world.

Rocky moved to the US to pursue his dreams of opening a restaurant that would reciprocate what his Mom’ offered in his childhood are and added more on it to suit the current digital world of innovations. He did not have a lot of money; he started by selling ice creams in the streets during the day and do his hotel management course at night. Within no time, he raised over $10k which he used to open his first ever Benihana restaurant.

Benihana Menu Prices

The one fundamental aspect of business whether service offering or selling of the product is to do it in a way that makes it sell and advertise itself.  Benihana price has been slightly questionable; there are various reviews online about that, and the truth is, although they may have overpriced some plates, none has given them below three stars, we have all seen restaurants getting a minus in regards to prices.

In this respect, it is only fair to give them a thumbs up and embrace the efforts. Below is Benihana menu prices list of some few items, for complete guide menu list, please check out their website.

Menu ItemsPrice
Vegetable Roll (Half)
Las Vegas Roll (Half)
California Roll (Half)
Spicy Tuna Roll (Half)
Alaskan Roll (Half)
Sashimi per piece
Crab' Stick
Smelt Roe
Rolls and Hand Rolls
Cucumber Roll
YellowTail Roll
Salmon Skin HR
California' HR
Shrimp Tempura HR
Sushi entrees
Sushi Combination
Sashimi Combination with Rice
Sushi Combination Deluxe
Sushi/Sashimi Combination with Rice

Benihana Delight
Rocky's Choice
Land 'N Sea
Hibachi Supreme
Banihana Special
Spicy Hibachi Chicken
Filet Mignon
Hibachi Lemon Chicken
Hibachi Scallops
Lunch Duet

Customer Specialties

Benihana Menu Prices

The idea of having something extraordinary comes with its effects, Benihana prices of specialties comes as a shock to many, this is probably not your every guest’s meal especially some of us who have budgets of everything and calculate our expenditures frequently to help meet our daily responsibilities. As you may have seen in the table above, they are highly priced, those who go for them do not complain about the price so who are we to if we are on $5 meals per meal or drink :).

Advice would be to go for their great cups and plates that you are comfortable with; they have a wide variety of meals that are relatively cheap and quality for everyone to enjoy. Do not stress yourself with a five-star dishes that have almost zero different with your $7 average lunch.


It is a trick that massively helps the growth of any firm. It’s more like an indirect advertisement that costs less and in many times, proves to be very much effective.

  • Chef’s Table: This is their exclusive customer online program where people can register and enjoy tremendous advantages and profits. As a member of this club, you are legible to receiving a $30 certificate for your month of birthday. You as well stay up to date with breaking news and new offers available in Benihana as well as any changes in Benihana menu prices.
  • Kabuki Kids: At Benihana, serving great and delicious meals to everyone including kids is a priority. They want everyone to have fun, pleasure and a memorable dining experience including the young ones. Kabuki Kids is a children club of the age of 13; you can register your child and have them enjoy the best of their generation experiences with new friends as well as enjoying lots of games around the place.
  • Be The Chef: This is your perfect chance of getting that new trick on how this or that is prepared, they will give you one of their master chefs to take you through that exceptional experience, guiding and giving you tips on the small details to perfect you cooking. This can be a bit costly, though, for a single person, $200 is the starting amount and could change to something more depending on what you may prefer to learn preparing. Any introduction of someone else will add $50 on each.

Benihana Gift Cards

Unique at its best! Benihana has two unique gift cards with the common one been the common cards that you can purchase for your friends or loved ones to enjoy in any of the Benihana restaurants. The second unique card is the “Be the Chef Gift Card” which is a bit costly but one of the most enjoyable cards across the nation. With it, you can have a class with their super master chefs and learn one or two tricks on how to prepare your favorite dish.


Benihana recommends their guests and frequent customers to make reservations before their visit in either of their restaurants. It helps them to have an adequate time of preparing your dishes and table and having your customer specialist personnel on toes immediately you get in the restaurant. Group or birthday celebration meetings are a challenge if lately reported or abruptly set, Benihana prices for this can as well be negotiated well if reservations are made earlier with time.


Like we have always said, if you are one of us, the average citizen who plans for their extra dollar in their wallets soberly, weigh up the best restaurant for you and your family. Avoid online embarrassment and awful reviews about restaurants prices and visit the one that suits your pocket. Those who have had a taste and experience of Benihana prices knows that it can be a bit tricky if you wanted to be special with your pocket been not.

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