How Much Does Boston Terrier Cost

“Dogs don’t rationalize. They don’t hold anything against the person. They don’t see the outside of the human but the inside of the human.” These are the powerful words of the National Geographic society’s legendary Dog Whisperer named Cesar Milan. Given this message, it is not surprising for American homeowners to adopt dogs as a matter of self-actualization. After all, dogs pretty much bring out the best (and unfortunately at times the worst) of humanity. 

Approximately 37 to 47 percent of the households in the United States have a pet dog. As of 2013, the Boston terrier was ranked 23 in the most popular pure-breed in the country. They usually sport a natural proportion of white and dark (e.g. black, seal or brindle) fur colors and due to their pigment’s tendency to mimic a man’s formal attire, these dogs go by the nickname “The American Gentlemen.”

  • Buying from breeders

When it comes to purchasing these types of pets, the average Boston terrier cost can vary depending on their pre-Boston terrier puppyadoption habitat. If one buys directly from a good breeder, the median cost is somewhere between $800 and $1500. The quality of the pet in terms of physical appearance, health and natural temperament will determine the actual cost. On rare occasions, some dogs are sold up to $2000 due to its resplendent genetic attributes. Despite its relatively higher price, these types of Boston terriers are guaranteed of basic safety precautions in terms of overall health condition. Essentially, these types of dogs were not exposed to the realities suffered by stray creatures.

  • Buying from pet shelters

If one chooses to buy from the pet shelter, the average price is between $700 and $1000. However, it is also important to take note that the Boston terrier puppies prices alone will not guarantee an excellent pet. Unlike those cultivated by the breeder, Boston terriers kept in shelters did not undergo the necessary quality of nurturing needed to raise a ‘convenient creature’ for a family. These types of dogs usually even fail basic behavioral screening and are suffering from a wide variety of psychological baggage prior to adoption.

After all, the essence of adopting pets from shelters is simply to cater to the sentiments of rescuers who want to provide a good home for these ‘poor creatures damaged by humanity’s hostile environment.’ Hence, in some pet shelters the price of a Boston terrier can drop to as low as $500 depending on its age and extent of physical impairment. 

Overall Pet Maintenance Cost

Prospective pet owners should look beyond the Boston terrier cost before buying this breed of dog to be a member of their household. Owning a dog is essentially the same as adopting a child. A custodian must be able to provide its basic needs apart from the vital good parenting entailed in raising a healthy and happy four-legged child. When it comes to understanding a more comprehensive assessment for pet ownership, one can always begin by looking at the lifespan.

  • Relative cost per average lifespan

Looking beyond the average Boston terrier puppies prices, all pet owners must be aware that Boston terriers have a total lifespan of 11 to 13 years. This means one must feed, train and groom them for more than a decade. When it comes to their nutrition, pet owners are only looking for an average cost of $4 for their weekly consumption. As long as the particular Boston terrier did not succumb to its natural tendency for gluttony, pet owners are looking at an annual investment of $208 exclusively for its food.

Due to their very short ‘skin-tight’ fur, a Boston terrier would not require conventional hair grooming compared to its small-sized furry English cousins like the Norwich and Norfolk. A Boston terrier only requires a weekly bath to keep itself hygienic. Keeping these dogs tidy can be conveniently done at home, preferably in a sizable bath tub, but some homeowners also prefer to visit a salon and pay an average cost of $25 for a bath. The annual investment for a Boston terrier’s hygiene only entails as much as $1,300.

Health & Temperament Issues

Another set of perspective that helps homeowners assess overall investment value beyond the Boston terrier puppies prices involves knowing the breed’s health and temperament issues. Knowing their inherent characteristics enable homeowners to ascertain whether the particular breed is suited in their living arrangement.

  • Behavioral Profile

When it comes to their behavior, the average Boston terrier cost is a very good bargain for people who prefer aTerrier boston highly independent pet. Boston terriers are an excellent combination of low energy threshold and high discipline. Unlike their energetic Norfolk cousins, these American-bred terriers have acquired the calm demeanor of their bulldog ancestors. They only require a maximum of 40-minute exercise timeframe per day.

The best takeaway about owning Boston terriers is that they have better manners indoors compared to their high-strung English cousins. They can indulge in playing with children but are highly prone to injuries when the outdoors games take a more intense turn. 

  • Health Disorders

The only real downside to owning a Boston terrier has a lot to do with its inherent genetic flaws. Deafness is oftentimes acquired by puppies either right after their birth or throughout the early months of development. While some flaws can be congenital, there are other health disorders that are only acquired with a certain degree of negligence on the part of the owner.

As hinted earlier, pet owners should watch out for the volume of food intake by these creatures. Left unchecked, they can be quite voracious and it easily leads them to suffer congenital defects that can be exacerbated by canine obesity. Another reason why pet owners must be wary of the Boston terrier’s diet is that many of these dogs inherit their parents’ unfortunate bone structure. Abnormal vertebra development is very common among Boston terriers. A deadly combination of inactivity and unhealthy appetite can lead to earlier acquisition of canine arthritis.

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