How Much Does Boutonnieres Cost

At a prom or a wedding, we see men with floral arrangement on the left lapel of their suits. Sometimes these floral arrangement is either made of real flowers or silk. These are known as boutonnieres. For the thrifty, a DIY is their best bet in decorating a men’s apparel. But fresh flowers with really cute, and if classy designs is what you’re after, you can always count on Flowers to Deliver. All you will need to do is plan out your big day and keep in mind the special men who will attend your wedding, especially, the groom, the dad’s, brothers, uncles, cousins and ushers. When this happens you will need to factor in the cost for boutonniere on your wedding event expenses.

The Importance of Tradition

Leaving out a boutonniere at a wedding would be quite a shame since it’s a traditional thing. Boutonniere flowers helps in celebrating the joyous occasion in our lives. They add elegance to the ensemble of the groom and also of his groom’s men and their dads. It makes the bride look happier and radiant as the bouquet matches with the flower placed on the groom’s lapel.

Boutonnieres with rose As a rule, a boutonniere should at least have one local flower in it. The most suggested ones are the orchid, a rose bud or a calla lily. The average boutonniere prices depends on the kind of design and flower the client was able to request from their orders. It is also important that the boutonniere should be a fresh flower, unless the handmade silk was decided by the wedding organizer. As compared with the rest of the groomsmen, a groom’s boutonniere should be made elaborate to make him stand out from among his men entourage during the wedding. Perhaps it should feature more than one flower on his or it should have a different design. Fillers for the boutonnieres like baby’s breath or leaves should be artfully decorated on the pin, and there should be a floral tape that is wrapped securely around the stem.

In order to find out ‘how much does boutonniere cost,’ all florist should be able to present their clients the actual samples of these boutonnieres and her suggested color schemes, including the price range for her boutonnieres. If she doesn’t do so, you can always require her in order for you to make your selection from among the choices presented. The corsage pin should also be provided to have the boutonniere battached to the man’s lapel. 

Flowers for How Much?

How much does boutonniere cost will depend on the kind of flower the bride and groom requests. While we believe some flowers are more expensive than others, there are also flowers are just right for the budget. Examples of the inexpensive flowers would be the daises, carnations, and alstroemeria. The average boutonniere prices for these ones start at a very low cost of $5 dollars. The average range of the cost of boutonnieres is in between $10 – $20 dollars. For a more moderately fresh flowers, in which the most popular choice would have to be a rose, ranges from $10 to $16 dollars in price. For a higher end taste, like Gerbera daisies, and Calla lilies, the average boutonniere prices is going to be around $16to $25 dollars. All these prices mentioned are for each flower’s per piece cost. 

As for the silk ones, the typical price range is about $6 to $15 dollars. The only advantage of the silk ones is that they never wilt, but the downside is, they are not the real thing, you will get to notice them even in the wedding videos. If you’d like to get more details regarding the rest of the flowers on top of your boutonnieres inquiries, has all the information you need, from bouquet to the table arrangements.

Since ordering for boutonnieres has a minimum, you can directly ask your florist for some special deals, she may offer, especially if she is going to make boutonnieres, corsage and bouquet for a large wedding. Perhaps she can have the groom’s boutonniere free after a quota of the minimum order. Expect online order to require extra fees for the shipping. The average boutonniere prices for these is around $75 dollars, and the flowers will need to be shipped overnight towrist cortages maintain its freshness.

Flowers and Boutonniere Guidelines

Like women, flowers are sensitive, and although there are strong flowers what do not easily wilt most of them do, that is why most florist would place them on top of  flower foam to the keep them fresh. For some guidelines about taking care of the flowers and boutonnieres on special occasions especially on events, here are a few tips:

  • Even if you ordered your flowers in advance, pick them up on the day of the event itself, and keep them refrigerated until it’s time for them to be worn.
  • In proms, make sure that the flower you order is color coordinated to the attire that the couple is wearing. By tradition, the female will have to order the boutonniere for her guy date and the guy will order the corsage for his girl date.
  • Take note that no matter the cost for boutonniere, every flower is unique. It’s like saying no two kinds of roses are the same. Make sure you are getting the same kind of flowers in terms of size in order for your florist to make you a noticeable boutonniere.
  • If you can, do order only the flowers that are in season. Off- season flowers are much more expensive than the ones that are out-of-season. Besides knowing the average boutonniere prices, you can also consult with your florist, the best flowers for the season are. This way, you wedding expenses will not blow out of the budget.

Planning your flowers well and in advance on your special day is the best thing you could do to ensure you have a nicely decorated wedding venue. By considering the cost for boutonniere, you can agree with this article that even in things as simple as that, you are stepping on the right foot by planning your wedding well, enjoying the occasion and live a blissful married life. 

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