How Much Does Brain Surgery Cost

Brain – the most delicate storage of precious memories. The genetically catastrophic complexity of brain makes it very special. It’s the core of intellectuality, genuine knowledge, and the treasure chest of wonderful wisdom. But biologically, it is vulnerable. It’s the weak spot second to the pumping heart.

As stink as a person can be, brain is no resistant of lethal diseases and internal invasion. Brain can be a victim of murderous cancer and tumors. Everyone is susceptible to these merciless diseases. Many have survived through brain surgery. The challenge was not only physically intimidating but also financial vindicating as they have also shouldered the average cost of brain surgery.

Brains, Brains, Brains!

Have you ever wondered why zombies on clichéd sci-fi movies reek for human brains? They crave for it, they have the maximum desire for savoring the brain. Is it because they envy the priceless quality of the brain? Little did they know, human brain is costly when surgery is needed to treat disease.

The scalp gives satisfactory protection to the brain. But tremendous tragedies and stealthy viruses can still barge into the brain. The brain surgery rate will depend on the location, health facility, and the type of surgery needed.

The greatest question though is: how much does brain surgery cost? The different brain disease has specific surgical method counterparts. But the common procedure being done is the craniotomy, where the surgeon opens  Brain Surgerythe scalp to get easy access to the brain. Endoscopic surgery is done through creating a small incision enough to penetrate the endoscope, a narrow tube with viewing lens and light. Then the surgeon will perform the surgery by inserting the tools on the small cut made.

However though, this crucial surgery needs to be medically evaluated by professional medical expert. It is best to consult your physician or a neurosurgeon to get accurate physical assessment. The initial consultation usually cost $250 and drastically drops down to $100 to $150 if covered by Medicare. Review consultation mostly cost $120 to $160. If surgery goes ahead, the consultation fee is often offered for free.

There are a number of spontaneous medical exams that needed to be taken first to get the final output to whether the surgery is a great necessity or if you can opt for other alternative treatments. MRI exams cost $1000 to $5000. CT scan cost $600 to $1000. These prices deeply depend on the area of facility.

Braining the Cost

The average cost of brain surgery lays money on the type of method used on the procedure. The archaic technique of brain surgery has the price that goes up to $150,000. This method is pretty invasive that gently wrecks the scalp to open the walls of the brain. The surgeon will shave the head particularly on the affected brain area, cleans it with antiseptic, administer anesthesia, and caressingly cuts the scalp to reach the bloody pumping brain.

A hand of applause to modern studies and advance medical techniques, medical experts have found less invasive brain surgery as revealed by the Peter Landers of Street Journal on his article about the less painful brain surgery. He has also unveiled the pleasing answer to how much does brain surgery cost. As for general estimation, the price bluntly tunes from $30,000 to $60,000. This procedure was claimed to be minimally afflictive and guarantee faster recovery. But critics have always something to say, so talk to your physician for the suggestive method for you.

The brain surgery rate will remain speculation since the services needed for the patient is yet unknown. Brain surgery will be necessary for cases such as development of brain tumor, aneurysm and other blood vessel maladies, arteriovenous malformations, and serious brain injury from phenomenal accidents and other traumas.

Use that Brain

The brain surgery rate can be reduced significantly. Federal insurance such as Medicare and other insurance plans mandatorily covers expenses for the surgery and other hospital charges. Patients are left paying the copayments that starts from $100 and higher. Other out-of-the-pocket fees are for additional services out of insurance coverage. Insurance companies usually pay a huge part of the hospital bill, unless tactically charged by hospital on services not covered on the insurance. Make sure to have your insurance checked to verify payments.

The shadow of a successful brain surgery is the side effects. Since brain is the body’s vital commanding in-chief, movements are greatly affected especially on the freshman years after the surgery. The possible side effects are clumsiness, seizure, blood clot, brain swelling, vision problem, memory loss, body weakness and brain infection. If symptoms persist, seek immediate medical help.

Physical therapy is also essential to get back the quality mobile movements of the body that can also help recover the brain functions. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy are highly recommended. These therapies usually cost $60 to $75 per hour. It takes several months of therapeutic activities to get back the normal range of mobility to the body. That will cost up to $2000 for 11 days of physical therapy, 3 hours each day. This pricy therapy will add up to the average cost of brain surgery as it is still included for the treatment.

Healthy Brain You Can Have Now

How much does brain surgery cost? As for the information bloated out, the cost dynamically ranges from $30,000 up to $150,000 and may be reduced half the price if covered by insurance. Take note that the price will always depend on your location, type of surgery, and the health facility. The price is not guaranteed tagged to every hospital and may always subject to change. This estimation includes the fees for the surgeon, consultation, equipments, post-doctor care, and other consumables.

A successful brain surgery doesn’t make the survivor patient immune for future brain problems. Having a healthy lifestyle can prevent the causes of brain maladies. Excessive radiation can cause brain tumor. Extreme and death-defying sports and activities can cause major head and brain injuries, so always practice safety. Being cautious to personal health will avoid you from spending big time.

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