How Much Does Bridal Makeup Cost

How much does bridal make up prices cost is the usual worry of brides who are getting married, as not everyone can knows how to do their up do’s and make up. Wedding planning is stressful with all the budget considerations that will need to be allocated for caterers and wedding apparels and venue decors, but something that is left out of the planning sometimes is the bride’s make up. We don’t know why this is not invested enough. Wedding make up cost is important considering this too is one very important aspect of the day. A bride will need to look and feel good on her wedding day as for sure the guests will all have their eyes on the bride, especially her groom. She also needs to look radiant in the photos, thus the cost of wedding makeup should be given importance and be included on the wedding budget.

The Wedding Make Up Cost

How much does bridal makeup prices cost? Well, there is always a high end and a low end to many important things in Bride makeup cost and beautyour everyday living and even on our days of special occasion. One Fab Day has a lot of tips regarding make ups on wedidngs. A low-end cost of wedding makeup is around $70 dollars. This could include a one-time make up and an updo or a partial or half-done updo. However, if you want to give a bit more emphasis on your looks during the wedding, you can get a mid-range, more experienced makeup artist. These kinds of artist would travel to the location just to give her service for the cost of $150 dollars.

For a high end cost, a big name makeup artist who travels to the wedding and who will stick around during the occasion for some touch ups would bring the cost to a good range of $350 – $500 dollars. Hourly rate charges for these artist could range from $50 – $125 dollars to have them stick around for touch ups. Some brides would even include the part where they are being beautified on their wedding videos, with their makeup artist dabbing a brush on their faces. Some makeup artist would require additional charges if they will have to be travelling to the location, so much for the wedding make up cost.

Besides what was mentioned, some makeup artist would ask their clients to provide for their own make ups. If you’d like to buy a new set however as it is your special day, you will have to be prepared to spend around $50 – $300 dollars more to the cost of your planned make up and updo budget. Mind you some make up products are expensive especially when they are branded. Also, do not forget to tip. They are a must especially to those who can provide excellent service to beautify you on your wedding day. The appropriate tip would be 15 – 25 percent of the total cost of wedding makeup that you were able to spend for the makeup alone. On average, a bride would spend around the price of $183 dollars for makeup including the hair dos.

The Pre-Wedding Make Up Consultation

Weeks or month before the wedding, the bride and her girlfriends should already be looking for the best makeup artist for a wedding event, they also try to check out if there be any make up packages that would cover not only for the brides make up but also for her entourage. It is usually the made of honor’s duty to find out how much does bridal make up prices cost, and recommend her choices for the bride to approve.

There are salons that offer discounts to bridal make up packages that sometimes includes the bridesmaid’s hair and makeup as well. The bride has to take into consideration that not all of her bridesmaids would know how to do their own hair and makeup and would need someone to assist them in a once in a while special occasion, on her life’s once in a lifetime event or maybe two.  Not only would the makeup artist assist the bride and the bridesmaids but also the family members who will need help on theirs too.

Some makeup artist would recommend consultation few weeks prior the wedding day. It is known as the “trial make up run.” This way, on the day of the wedding itself, she will already know what to do with your face and what shades she will be able to apply on you depending on the colors that would match your skin, and bring out the beauty in you. Some makeup artist offers this service for free while others will charge it to your wedding make up cost. Most probably an additional of $100 dollars for the makeup for bride

For some guideline or tips, to make the most for the cost of wedding make up, you can bring photos of colors that you like. It’s your wedding day and so you can always choose the shades you like, unless you have no idea how to match the shades that would look good on you then you can just leave your face to the hands of the experts who will experiment until you will be able to find the kind of look you like. You can beg for your stylist to take note of the shades for you, so when the big day comes, you be all set, and would not delay time or be late on your own wedding.

Also, take note of the retouches that you will have to do and the kind of logistics your wedding will have. Bear in mind you will need your make up to last for several hours. To give you a realistic expectation, a hand applied makeup will last for about 8 hours or more while an airbrushed makeup can extend longer than 10 hours. At least with this, it can help determine ‘how much does bridal make up prices’ is worthwhile if you are able to choose the makeup artist that knows how to work with your face. For additional tip you can visit the website and see for yourself which make up vendors are near your location.

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