How Much Does Bucket Truck Rental Cost

Have you been tearing up your minds wondering of the cost to rent a bucket truck? You are just among the tens and hundreds out there. First things first, for those who may not know, a bucket truck is a moving kind of aerial platform that is specifically designed for transporting cargo and planted on a van. These aerial devices are typically mounted on top of a van or mini truck to make a bucket van. The question of rental pricing is determined by many factors that I will be discussing just in a while.

Bucket Trucks Main Tasks

There is a variety of tasks that a bucket truck can perform. Been an open platform with a barely emptied backspace and aerial devices just at the front of the truck, many functions can per performed by it including:

  • Maintaining traffic lights.
  • Installing traffic lights
  • Installing telephone lines
  • Installing and maintaining traffic signs and boards.
  • Installing cable lines.
  • Displaying road advertisement signs and boards.
  • Painting tall walls and much more.

Determining the Rental Cost of Bucket Truck

There are many aspects and determinants of bucket truck rental rates. This will be from both the person renting the truck and the person who owns it for renting and leasing services.

Bucket TruckThe model you are renting is the top determinant of the rental price, you do not think that you can get a pure loaf of bread at the same price as a well-baked cake, do you?

Duration and extent of the chores you will perform with the truck is another key determinant of how much the cost to rent a bucket truck will cost.

Supplied Materials. In the cases where the leasing/renting company is to supply added materials including an expert to handle your chores are another important aspects to be considered.

Discount possibility. Some companies offer discounts to those who will rent the truck for some framed period of hours. This will alter the normal prices to be charged.

The only determinant of the price is the rental company. Many of times this happens to be the case leaving those renting trucks with almost nothing to bargain for. Company’s reputation, the number of trucks they own and the location are mostly reasons for this.

The size of the truck. The size of the truck and capacity it can lift or carry is another main determinant. The bigger a truck is the more rentals prices you will pay. There is a big difference on how bucket trucks will be rented and the boom track rental price. Just to clarify a little bit on that, Boom trucks are a bit modified with a bigger capacity and strength to do more than bucket trucks.

Average Rental Cost

Considering the above-said determinants, averagely one should plan to part ways with their $400-1000 per day to rent a truck bucket. The most used criteria in small companies or individuals operating rental services, the higher a bucket truck can go, the more amount of money you will probably pay.

According to one , it will cost you $400-500 per day to rent a bucket truck, this is the most reported price and whether there is a difference in what’s exactly is out there, it will be very insignificant and will make a very small difference.

What Is Included? : In some companies, these trucks are delivered to the customers’ project place at the time of customers’ choice. An expert or someone to operate it may be included as well as fuel prices and other similar stuff may as well be inclusive in the daily rates. After the completion of the hours it is rented, the truck is either delivered back or picked up again from the project site by the company, any charges on this may as well as included. The same happens and it’s considered on the boom track rental price determination.

Any Extra Charges? : Once you rent this truck, it’s up to you to be aware of everything that you will need for its functions to be fully attained. Failure to this, you will find yourself paying more money to small details that you never thought they would be required.

An operator if not in the rental rates from the company’s agreement will cost you not less than $50 per hour. It is very important that you get this covered from the companies end. Other crazy payments that go up to $200 are delivery prices. Failure to getting this sorted in times of renting may add you more stress than you might be having.

In the case that repairing prices were not inclusive in the initial rental prices, you will be forced to cater to them if any repairing will be needed during the period of rental. Some companies and majority of them charge by hours, if you go past the time frame set in your agreement, you will be forced to pay extra charges.

Some of the project sites may require other electronic materials to successfully complete the project, sites like parking slots may need a generator which if you do not have one you will be forced to rent one. It is important too to find out if you are the person to ensure the driver or operator of that bucket truck, same with truck insurance depending on the company policy.

Additional Tips

It is recommended to first of all inspect the truck before using it, in the cases of damaged parts, leaks or any sort of loss occurring during your project, you will have to pay it up, save your money by inspecting it before starting your project. It is important to keep in mind that bucket truck rental rates is the only costs you should pay.

Bigger trucks are hard to maneuver especially if you are working on a tight and taper space. Pick a truck that suits your working site and the environment. Take note of rainy seasons and the state of your site before renting the truck.

Renting trucks from a high rated companies is advised because many of them have added advantages including cost effective prices. Enquire from the renting company whether in case the truck spoils or damages during the project they will be able to replace it with a working one. The paid money should not only be the cost to rent a bucket truck but also act as a guarantee that your project completes successfully without problems.

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