How Much Does Capital Punishment Cost

Does it matter the kind of evil that one has done to have them hugged, chopped their heads or in any way have their lives taken cold-bloodedly by the court? This remains as a debate with some good number of people convinced that capital or death punishment serves correctly to some cases while others argue that in any way, capital punishment should not be done. With so much to criticize, ethically and religiously, the cost of capital punishment is insane. It’s the most expensive penalty type in the United States of America. 

Estimated Cost of Capital Punishment

The initial cost of death punishment is said to be double that of standard life sentence or term of years. The recently carried out report shows that the cases that resulted in death penalty expenses three to four times more expensive. This same study further shows that their last 61 cases, done at Oregon were worth over $2.3 million compared to an average 313 murder cases that did not result in death penalties costing $1.4 million. This is a huge amount for taxpayers to lose in such cases.

Capital punishment methodsThe matter has become an issue and now with every sector looking like defending their site of hustle; nothing may happen to not review the case. On the same said report, when you exclude state prison costs, the amount still doubles that of a regular court sentence costs. A whopping $1.1 million was quoted for death punishment while the average yearly term sentences would cost $315160.

The rate at which the death punishment costs have increased recently is what surprised everyone. Back on the 1980s, death punishment expenses were not more than $274210. After less than twenty years, the price increased by huge percentages to over $1.8 million. Zero possibilities show that this rate will decrease or stop rising any soon so long as the death punishment is still in existence.

Currently, it will be hard to ask someone how much does it cost to execute a prisoner. These kinds of expenses are barely discussed during the typical yearly budget.  The reason is simply that it is frustrating especially for the common citizens paying taxes and watching the money go out to inappropriate uses.

There could be other important projects like the improvement of the infrastructure or some medical and education developments that would be of more use for the money. On the other hand, taxpayers’ money goes to cater for some cases and more so more expenses on the kind of case that arguably should not even exist. Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinions about it, but the majority would agree that there should be more painful ways of punishing crimes viewed to be worth the capital punishment.

This same study interviewed several departments including one Oregon department of corrections, examined the cost data from local jails as well as public defense service offices and the justice department. All these firms provided costs of appeals which helped in the estimation of the actual death punishment cost. The most expensive part of these cases was the appointments of the most qualified lawyer experts, both pre- and post-trail case filings from both sides of prosecution and that of the defense.

How effective is Death Penalty

The death penalty is not the easiest to take, not for the victims’ family or friends regardless of what they did. It is very easy just to claim how happy one will be if their relative was hugged like Sadam Hussein after a murder case. It’s all debatable, very few will watch their family members electrified, and none will ever wish to attend such an event. Once the accuser, death penalty expenses are the least of your worries, the accused has to pay no matter how much will be spend.

Justice is crucial, once it’s delayed is said to be denied but, for the capital punishment, the affected party would likely take the easier shot. Have the accused immediately prosecuted and to them that is justice served. On a bigger picture, everyone wants to see that the defendant if guilty has suffered a similar fate like they had inflicted or more. In many cases, one is sentenced to death, but before that, they could be jailed up to 17 or more year before they are killed depending on their age.

How would you prosecute someone like Osama Bin Laden, how would you do it for Gaddafi or Sadam Hussein? Given their list of evils they’ve done, it is always hard to find the correct way to deal with them once caught.

You may not want to lock up Osama; he may somehow find his way to sneak out. Some other murder would rape and kill some young girl and her mother; these are the kind who to many people’s opinion deserve nothing less than a 20+ year of jailing followed by a death penalty. Maybe, just maybe this could serve as a good example to any goon out there. Another death may not justify Death; however, something more could be added on top of it to juice up the justice.

Hope for a Better Solution

There is every indication that this is not going to end, it can only get worse. We could all agree that no one is allowed to take any human being live. No religion says killing a fellow man is a way of disciplinary or justice. There is already enough on the cost of capital punishment than adding another dead body on top of the killed one.

On 2015, an increased number of executions were witnesses, more than any other year since 1989. A total of 1634 persons were executed. If one was asking how much does it cost to kill a prisoner, and the amount currently goes up to $22951 per person, then you can multiply that with the 2015 executed number of individuals and take a glass of wine as you wonder the source of the money.

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