How Much Does Car Undercoating

Undercoating is definitely one of the most effective ways to stop rust damage before it even starts. The undercoating, a protective layer applied to the under layer of the car, gives an extra measure of protection to parts susceptible to damage and rust. It can also provide the car with sound reducer that removes any unnecessary noise that comes underneath the car.

Undercoating Car Price

Undercoating cost will vary depending on the automobile, geographic setting and company performing the task. Generally, undercoating car price ranges from $150 and above.

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The Hachey’s Auto Enhancing, for instance, provides comprehensive undercoating service with basic undercoating cost of $600 for cars and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) of a compact size.

The undercoating car price varies through sizes (such as midsize, full-size, full-size lifted, full-size XL, full-size XL lifted) and kinds (cars/suv’s and trucks).  The said undercoating cost is already inclusive to labor, time, materials and taxes.

However, it will require extra prep work if any automobile has several undercarriages damages that cost additional $100 for compact and midsize automobiles alone.

For automobile-proficient individuals who can confidently do the job alone, undercoating products are actually available for purchase. Undercoating products can be purchased through local car dealers and stores or online.

Autozone, for example, sells undercoating products that are either rubberized or normal undercoating sprays for $10 and above depending on the quality of the product. This can significantly reduce the undercoating cost of a car as it subtracts the expenses for labor and will only be paying for the product itself.

Service included in undercoating cars

Undercoating services from your local car dealer or any undercoating car service provider already includes the labor, materials and taxes. This saves you from spending too much time in personally doing the job.

However, if you pursue doing the undercoating service on your own, the method usually starts by washing off the underneath of the automobile.

Metal sandpaper, grinder and degreaser are used in clearing off the automobile’s rusty parts. Once everything is clean, the automobile’s underneath is primed with a primer. Once it has dried, the area will be painted with black or yellow automotive paint. The actual undercoating is applied liberally once the paint has dried. It is best to leave it overnight or the next 24 hours to let the first coat dry and move on applying the second coating.

Extra costs of undercoating

It actually depends on you if you want to go an extra mile in protecting your automobile from any damage. The most common additional expense an owner incurs after undercoating his or her car is rust-proofing. Rust-proofing is seldom used confusedly with undercoating although they are both different methods of car protection. Rust-proofing protects the car from early rusting.

The Hachey’s Auto Enhancing, however, provides packages which includes both the undercoating and rust-proofing. The price starts from $400 for cars in compact size and varies depending on the quality of undercoating and rust-proofing product used, size of the automobiles, and severity of rust-damage. The most expensive undercoating and rust-proofing package the company offers ranges from $1400 to $2000 for trucks.

Factors that can affect undercoating car price

The factors that can affect the prices are the geographical location and company, size and kind of vehicle, severity of rust damage and quality of undercoating products used.

Geographical location and company

Prices of undercoating services can vary from places to places and from companies to companies. Metropolitan areas offer a cheaper price due to the extensive competition in the market. Companies that have established reputable image in car services will definitely offer a higher rate of undercoating service.

Size and kind of vehicle

The size whether compact, midsize, full-size, full-size lifted, full-size XL or full-size XL lifted can affect the cost of the undercoating service. This is because the larger the automobile, the more time, labor and materials especially undercoating products are going to be used. The larger the vehicle, the more expensive an undercoating service would cost. It will also depend what kind of vehicle it would be whether a car, sports utility vehicle or truck. This is because some kinds of vehicle have a more elaborate and complicated undercarriage parts making it more difficult for cleaning which require more extensive undercoating service.

Severity of rust damage

Car services providers will usually give additional charges the rustier the automobile is. This is because extra prep work is needed to be done.

Quality of undercoating products

The more high quality an undercoating product is, it is likely more expensive. Undercoating products comes in sprays, cans or gallons. The cheapest undercoat product in is the Rust-Oleum Automotive Undercoat Spray for only $4.29. Say a car servicing company uses this product, the expenses for your car’s undercoating service would definitely be much lower than those car servicing companies that uses a more expensive, high-quality undercoating product.

Important reminders

an image of a mechanicalist

It is encouraged that the undercoating procedure should be done by an expert as it is a delicate task. When it is not done correctly, water drainage holes in the automobile can clog and accumulate water inside resulting to rusting and damaging metal parts. It is better to consult your car dealer or visit the nearest shop for automobile services. Annual check-up of the vehicle is advised as the undercoating only last for a year and to avoid further damage.

Ways to save money

Although car owners are encouraged to consult a professional, it is also an acceptable suggestion to perform the undercoating procedure on your own but only when you have the skills to do it. You can buy a good undercoating product at the nearest local car store or purchase it online so you can instantly start the job in your garage.

Also, the most expensive aren’t always the quality deal. You can scout for shops that do undercoating services for cars and then compare the deals. Always go for the most reasonable price yet known to deliver quality outputs.

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