How Much Does It Cost to Tint Car Windows

Don’t you know that car tints aren’t only there to give you privacy, or having that sleek car look, but also because for your life’s sake?

Some people lack the knowledge about how crucial car tinting can be when driving. Safety should not be overlooked for aesthetic purposes. Millennials and yuppies are said to want tinting for their vehicles to look cooler. Only a handful of people see the security benefits of window tint, and they’re mostly individuals who work on the field as police and emergency teams since they are the first ones to respond to many car accidents.

More security features when having your vehicle tinted is to hide your belongings away from thieves, reduces glare from the garish light of day, and lessen heating of your car.

Below are details of why you need to go to your auto dealer for tinting and how much does it cost to tint car windows.

Need Of Car Tinting 

Personal care from the culprit sun. A glare from the sun is distracting you from properly driving and could miss a turn, thus finding yourself in a road mishap. And tinted car windowsbecause of the harmful UV rays, it can destroy your upholstery from warps or cracks. Car tints save you 90% from ruining your seats and all. And if the weather is scorchingly hot, your machinery can malfunction, and your head can explode from the feeling. Maybe you’ll develop a migraine, fever or a stroke. That’s just bad.

And have I mentioned your skin? Sunlight still passes through the window. Car tints can shield you from the searing heat of the sun and can prevent skin aging or skin cancer.

It’s shatterproof. In some areas of the town, let’s say, where it’s not safe, car tints offer as a shield to protect your stuff inside a car. A laptop, camera, your tuition fee or newly withdrawn salary, you name it.

So, when thieves try to break into your vehicle, the glass won’t shatter into a thousand of pointy shards that could harm you and other occupants of the car. It’ll give you enough time to fight or flight from the situation.

Average Cost of Tinting a Car Window

The price of tinting a car’s windows can start from $20 per window for a small car up to $380 for large vehicles. Take note that the automotive tinting cost varies due to the car type, tinting film, and your auto dealer’s reputation.

For example, Auto store Soundmaster Tint & Alarm in San Antonio charges $25 to $50 per window but lowers the price for tinting the whole car, while a regular dye job for a regular car using just the standard film can cost you $99 for the entire car. Higher quality tint costs around $200 to $400 for the entire vehicle.

Another shop is Exclusive Detail and Tint in Charlotte North Carolina with prices that vary starting from $120 for a small car to $380 for large vans.  For different tints being used, they charge $150 for the colored dyed and $240 for the stable color type. Window tinting prices will be costlier for midsized cars and large SUVs. You also have the option not to change the entire car window tints. If you want it per window only, a charge of $25 for the strips on the windshield and $60 for the front two windows.

According to Tint Pros Mobile, car tinting for the driver or one passenger window is $55 and $100 for two front windows. Automotive tinting cost for a two-door coupe starts at $200 while the four-door sedan reaches $220.

Wagons and small SUVs like Honda CRV, Lexus RX, and Ford Escape will give you $240. Big SUVs like the Chevy Tahoe, Cadillac Escalade, Toyota Sequoia, cost around $275.

A pick-up truck with two doors and three windows is for $180 while having five doors can give the window tinting prices an additional $20 on top of the three-window price. Having four doors will give you $220.

Visors strip on the windshield costs $60, the sunroof for $50and the front or rear windshields are available at $120.

Tint Pros Mobile’s tint removal for one car side window is $20, $100 for a two-door coupe and $120 for a sedan.

If you want to go DIY

Buying your car tint won’t cost you $100. At Pre-cut Car Tints, their Solargard HP films are sold for $60 for a two-door coupe and $80 for a four-door sedan.

After going to the dealer, just take it home and do it yourself. Clean the windows, measure the film, cut the film, apply the solution and put the tint to your window.

Why Hire a Professional?

All people understand why you have to go DIY, but the advantages of engaging the expert service of your auto tinting dealer are greater than any DYI.

For example, your tinting professional can tell you how dark you can go with your windows for safety concerns and the law. Having a very dark tint is illegal. It makes you more shady than smooth. DIY films can’t help you.

Other than that, a DIY window tint kit is delicate and erratic. When it comes to installation, it can cause creases or crinkles, and bubbles or debris.

And if your window tinting company does it badly, you can demand a re-tinting or a refund. If you make a mistake while tinting your windows, then, that’s your mistake, and you can’t blame anyone but yourself. It won’t bring back your money. You have to buy another one again. And you can’t just take it off without being messy.

Cheap films won’t protect your car for so long. It’ll instead make matters worse than they are. So, with this reason, it is common sense to put in a little bit of your budget for a quality tint installed by a professional. How much does it cost to tint car windows matters in the long run.

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