How Much Does CDL Training Cost

Isn’t it fun to drive the road with the perfect radio jam while the sun’s sinking low? And it gets more fun when you get to road trip and get paid at the same time. What? Getting paid for the road trips? Yes, you read it right.

We’re not talking about the typical hipsters you see on movies or the clichéd dramas where the love story goes along on happy road trips with summer wind. We’re talking about the greatest drivers of gigantic trucks with wheels more than the number of spider’s legs. These drivers are more than ordinary in an extensive way. They’re not like the teens who failed the driving lesson in a dozen times.

These drivers are professional. They got their CDL through a period of spontaneous training. To get their CDL and acquire specific skills, they attend trucking schools. How much does CDL training cost?

Take the Wheels

CDL or Commercial Driver’s License are achieved by drivers who passed the CDL training program. With CDL, the students can drive huge trucks with up to 18 wheels. They can also drive trailer trucks, dump trucks, shuttles, and bus. As mentioned above, CDL drivers do not just drive. They drive in more advance, more professional manner. It is necessary for them to attend truck training schools to gain knowledge in backing, turning, parking, and road driving.

The truck driving school rate varies on your state, your preferred trucking school, and the type of class. Truck driving schools are not associated to any exclusive trucking company. They are operated independently by private sectors.

CDL TrainingThere are three types of CDL training; the class A, class B, and C. Class A CDL training passers can drive 18-wheel trucks. Class B CDL drivers can take the wheels of bus and big truck but trailers are exception, while Class C CDL drivers can drive smaller vehicles like vans, shuttle bus, or hazmat.

The average CDL training cost in Texas is $2,696, regardless of the class you will be taking. There are 67 trucking schools in Texas, so choose wisely. In Illinois, the truck driving school rate is $8,274 with 60 schools to choose from. In Connecticut, the CDL training is in average cost of $5,400.

The CDL training class usually takes 3 to 8 weeks of extensive learning. Classes will teach students by book and on-hand driving. Department of Transportation Medical Exam, commonly known as DOT physical exam, is required for students to get qualified for CDL training. DOT physical examiners will evaluate the student’s physical, mental, and emotional issues that may affect the student’s drivability for commercial vehicles. If results are excellent, the student will be qualified for the CDL training.

Pay First to Get Paid

CDL College offers Class A and Class B CDL training. How much does it cost? The prices are based on the courses to be taken. Class A Over-The-Road tuition fee is $3,450, that includes the testing fee and certificate. Class A Local Driver course is priced $1,865. Class B Truck or Bus Driver costs $1,500 only. That makes the average CDL training cost of $2,300. These classes will cover pre-trip inspection classes like driving stimulator, 6 backing maneuvers, and 10 speed driving instructor.

Truck driving school rate can also be in an hourly basis. This type of class offers 1-on-1 lesson. The typical range drives from $100 to $150 per hour; in an average cost of $125 per hour. Unless you’re a mega mind, you will obviously need more than just 1 hour of CDL training. On 1-on-1 training, the student can learn faster due to undivided attention from the trainer. Two hours training for 7 days will cost $1050.

How much does CDL training cost in private schools? Private trucking schools usually charge $3,000 to $5,000. AllTrucking will help you find the nearest trucking school on your area and their prices.

Some schools require down payment that costs $900 to $1,200 or more. Most schools offer open enrollment which means, the student can be liberate with his schedule.

CDL training will teach future commercial drivers with map reading, trip planning, backing, turning, parallel parking, hooking a trailer, and professional road driving. It will also cover teachings about CDL pre-trip inspection most likely the evaluation of engine compartment, side of vehicle, external light check, trailers, and other connections. CDL test will also be conducted with the price of $350.

That makes the total average CDL training cost of $3,400 all the way to $5,650, including the DOT physical exam, the CDL training fee, and the CDL exam fee. Note that, the prices may still vary on your location, your local state, and your preferred school. Some school gives reimbursement afterwards. Contact your prospect trucking school for more information. A number CDL training schools offer financial aids to help qualified students pay less with scholarships and student loan that goes up to $24,000.

Driving Your Career

CDL training is practical in so many ways. You’ll be a professional without spending hundred thousand bucks. Plus, truckers are huge demand all over the states so finding a job is elementary. The estimated annual salary of truckers drives from $24,000 to $58,000. Major trucking companies with dependable clients will offer higher salary.

How much does CDL training cost? The price is bluntly pleasing than spending a thousand bucks for college degree. CDL drivers tend to get the road trips with pocket full of dollars. Extremely perfect for people who literally love journeys with heavy loads. America wants truckers. Could you be the perfect 18 wheeler truck driver? Show your CDL license, check your engine, give the truck a nice start, and give that road a heavy and safe trip.

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