How Much Does CertaPro Painters Cost

If you’re getting bored with your home’s general appearance, painting is the quickest way to give your house a makeover. A new paint job not only enhances your house’s aesthetic but it can also increase your property’s market value.

However, this kind of home improvement project could easily overwhelm the average homeowner. The good news though is that you could hire a contractor to help you make informed choices.

CertaPro Painters is one of the popular choices for painting contractors. This company is currently the largest painting service franchise in the US. Read on to know about CertaPro Painters prices.

Average Cost of CertaPro Painters

How Much Does CertaPro Painters Cost

The average painting cost for a 120-square feet room ranges from $300 to $700. On the other hand, be prepared to pay thousands of dollars if you are planning to paint an entire house.

For a traditional one-story home with about 2,300 square feet, the estimated cost for interior painting ranges from $1,500 to $3,500 while the cost of exterior painting is from $500 to $4,000.

Different rooms also have their own price tags. Based on national averages, these are the costs of painting various rooms in the house, including the labor cost and materials:

  • Bedroom – $200 to $400
  • Bathroom – $100 to $300
  • Kitchen – $150 to $300
  • Living room – $350 to $950
  • Hallway – $300 to $500
  • Stairway – $300 to $500

There are also standard expenses related to painting, whether it’s just for one room or an entire house. Here’s a list of the regular painting expenses:

  • Interior and exterior house painting (per square foot) – $1.5 to $3
  • Labor (per hour) – $20 to $50
  • Paint (per gallon) – $20 to $50
  • Supplies – $15 to $30
  • Primer (per gallon) – $20 to $25
  • Waste disposal – $30 to $40

Breakdown of CertaPro Painters Prices

Some customers say that CertaPro Painters charge more than most painting companies and there’s actually some truth to that. Here are two major reasons why CertaPro Painters prices are often higher than others:

  • Royalties and other fees

On top of the CertaPro Painters franchise cost and operating expenses, a franchisee pays an extra 8% for every job they take: 3% for advertising and 5% for the royalty. This 8% goes to their main office. When a franchisee lands a $2,000 contract, $160 will be automatically deducted and paid to CertaPro Painters headquarters.

As a result, the franchisee’s profit margin decreases. To avoid this, most franchisees pass the extra charge to the customer. This explains why CertaPro Painters cost estimates are often expensive.

  • Inexperienced franchisees

There are a few CertaPro Painters franchise owners who have less than a year’s experience in house painting services and this may affect the overall cost estimate. Due to their limited experience, they often overestimate fees, hence the high prices.

Cost Factors for House Painting

  • Area

The size of the area to be painted is the first consideration when estimating the cost of a painting job. How large a room or a house is determines the amount of paint needed and the time required for painting. The larger the area, the more paint will be needed and the higher the labor cost will be.

To calculate the square footage of a room, add first the length of the walls and multiply it by the floor-to-ceiling width of the room. This will be your starting point. Then, apply the same formula (length x width) on the doors, windows, trim, and baseboards. Subtract that from the starting point and you will get the surface area of the walls.

  • Paint and other supplies

The cost of paint is largely determined by the number of colors and the amount required. The more the colors, the more expensive it will be. The type, quality, and brand of the paint also contributes to the overall cost.

To know how much paint will be needed, estimate that one gallon of paint can cover 300 to 400 square feet of wall area. It’s also better to buy high-quality paints than cheap ones; the latter can actually cost you more money. It’s because cheap paints require two or more coats for a better finish.

Aside from paint, you also need to buy the basic tools such as brushes, primers, trays, and rollers. Painters often provide their own equipment but it’s also good to have your own set.

  • Amount of prep work

Cost Factors for House Painting

Dirt and grime can affect the smoothness of the finish and the paint’s adhesion to the surface, that’s why cleaning the walls is necessary before painting. It’s also recommended to use a primer to ensure better paint adhesion, durability, and also to protect the surface being painted on.

Also, make sure to inspect the walls for holes and cracks before painting. You may use acrylic caulk to fill in these holes and cracks to avoid lumps. Lastly, don’t forget to move or cover up your furniture to keep them paint-free.

  • Labor

This is where the biggest chunk of your painting budget goes. A painter’s labor fee is determined by skill, experience, and the time required to paint. You may also either hire a single professional painter or a team of painters.

  • Warranty

Most warranties last between one to three years depending on the contractor. In the case of CertaPro Painters, they offer a limited two year warranty.

  • Other related services

There are painters who also offer other related services such as furniture moving, wall paper removal, and drywall repair. If you think you’re going to need these services, talk to your painter or contractor so you can agree with the best deal.

The costs listed on this article do not necessarily aim to replace an in-person assessment from a CertaPro Painters representative. While these estimates give you a fairly good idea of how much to expect for a paint job, it’s still always better to get a consultant to come to your home for an in-depth evaluation and more accurate cost estimate.

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