How Much Does Charter Bus Rental Cost


Planning for a great escapade? The greatest adventure is when you’re wandering the world with the wonderful people of your life. And these people may be too many and may not fit on your musky car. Hence, a greater, wider space is necessary. It’s a good thing that bigger vehicles can be rented.

Charter buses, also called coaches or tour bus, can accommodate a crowd of travelers with its numerous seats. You can rent charter buses for long trips like crossing the country or going beyond the city. We’ll be discussing how much does it cost to rent a bus to help you get the right wheels.

Coach for Rent

There are plenty types of buses that you can charter. You can rent the bus according to your needs. The charter bus rental cost varies on your location, the charter bus company, and the type of bus to be rented. Bus rental companies have different rates depending on your location. Look for the nearest bus rental company on your area and ask for free quote. The price of renting a bus may be in an hourly basis, per day basis, or per transfer.

There are great deals of bus you can rent. School buses that have 44 or 48 seating can be rented in an average cost of $550 to $610 per day. School buses are typical yellow buses with no restroom and stealthy amenities. Minibus Charter Bus Rentalwith 21, 24, 25, or 29 seats costs $797 per day in a normal rate basis. Low-cost charter buses rarely have restroom and amenities.

Trolleys are the kind of bus that perfectly fit for special events that requires transport for reasonable number of guests. Trolleys have 24, 30, and 35 up to 53 seats and are rented for occasions such as wedding, tours, and other local events. The rental fee for trolleys is typically $1020 or more per day.

Some charter bus rental cost usually starts on a 5-hour basic rate. Five-hour rental fee for minibus is approximately $450 to $500, $300 to $350 for school bus, $600 to $700 for trolleys, and $550 to $700 for deluxe charter buses. When travel exceeds the five-hour bus rental contract, the rental fee drastically increases from $100 to $150 per hour.

Choosing the Right Coach

Charter bus rental cost also assorts according to the season, the day of the week, and the mileage of travel; the head-start and destination. Busy seasons usually jack the average charter bus price higher than usual. Summer, holidays, and winter are the usual busy season.

Standard charter buses usually have 44, 55, 56, or 57 intact seats. Deluxe charter bus with 45 to 55 seats generally costs $775 to $1300 in an average cost of $950 per day. Deluxe charter bus rented for 5 hours is priced $550 or higher. Executive coaches have 20, 24, or 30 seats which is extremely upright for a prototypical road trips. Executive charter bus is priced $1,350 or higher. Five-hour rental fee is $800 or more.

For enormous number of passengers, renting a Double Decker bus is a good choice. Double Decker buses can travel 50 to 80 passengers. Its rental price is typically $1700 to $1800 per day and $1,100 for five-hour rental; in an average cost of $1600.

Entertainer charter bus is a magnum choice ideal for exclusive on-the-bus party trip. This premium charter bus is economically $780 or higher per day; excluding the driver’s fee and the fuel estimate cost. Deluxe charter bus is $750 to $1300. High-price buses are usually fully functional with useful amenities like restroom. It also comes with multimedia entertainment package like DVD, TVs and CDs.

In some cases, road ventures that take mega miles will often require multiple drivers. The typical driver’s fee is rent a bus for your travel purpose$200 to $300, to be added on the total coach rental fee. Sales tax, fuel surcharges, toll fees, parking fees, driver’s fee, driver’s hotel room, and possible overdrives must be assumed when calculating the average charter bus price. Bus rental companies usually charge clients 6% of sales tax. Toll fees and parking fees bluntly vary to your journey’s end.

Don’t Trip for the Road Trip

Knowing how much does it cost to rent a bus is a good pace of presetting the payment. If you’re renting a bus for tours for some days, assumingly 3 days, the price will be $3400 or higher which can be easily paid if allocated equally to 30 to 40 passengers. Payment could be thru cash or credit card.

How much does it cost to rent a bus? Note that prices vary in so many factors. The price is always subject to the bus rental company, the destination, the season, the model and manufacturer of the coach, the mileage, the number of passengers, and other additional fees like toll fee, driver’s fee, city fee, and parking fee. Colloquially, the price of a normal rate bus rental will cost you $800 to $4000.

The average charter bus price is $2650 per day. Search for the best bus rental companies around your area and do not hesitate to ask questions and inquiries. You can also promote your itinerary to the charter bus company so they can manage the bus trip respectively. Check for reviews about the company to ensure company’s safety ratings. Bus Rates posted the typical bus charter rental price to help prospect costumers get financially prepped. They also posted the different charter bus to help future clients choose the right bus.

The price is wildly upright for long trips especially adventures that go beyond the border. Whether you’re renting a bus for class field trip, team building, or group travelling, it will surely be a happy adventure worth paying for.

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