How Much Does Chipotle Catering Cost

When it comes to catering services, Chipotle is one of the best and most popular choices you have. Chipotle Mexican Grill has been in the food and restaurant industry since 1993. It is famous for its wide variety of delish Mexican food choices that children of all ages will surely enjoy. It offers burritos, burrito bowls, tacos, salad, a menu solely dedicated for kids, nutritious menu, and a whole lot more.

Chipotle provides the same types of food for its catering services good for six persons to as many as 200 people. And whatever menu you choose, you will definitely get your money’s worth. Loyal Chipotle customers certainly Chipotle catering services costknow the prices of its services. But for first-time clients, it is normal for them to ask, how much does a Chipotle catering cost?

Cost of Chipotle Catering Services

The Chipotle catering costs highly depend on your chosen menu. Chipotle offers three categories for its catering services: Spreads, Burritos, as well as Chips & Salsa, and each category comes with different food options for a particular number of people. Let’s get to know all of them and their respective Chipotle catering prices.


Are you having a party? The catering spread is definitely a very good choice. They are good for a minimum of 20 persons up to 200 people. Chipotle describes it as a “create-your-own taco and bowl option.” It comes with three choices, and these are the following:

  • The Big Spread

This is a choice of up to three kinds of meat. Your choices are barbacoa, carnitas, chicken, steak, or Sofritas (Chipotle’s very own tofu recipe). This comes with fajita veggies. You get this menu for $13.50 per person ($270 to $2,700 for 20 to 200 persons, respectively).

  • Two Meat Spread.

From the name itself, you get to choose two kinds of meat from the selection of barbacoa, carnitas, chicken, steak, and Sofritas. It costs $12 per person ($240 to $2,400 for 20 to 200 persons, respectively).

  • Veggie Spread.

An ideal choice for vegetarians, a veggie spread gives you two choices from the selection of extra guacamole, fajita veggies, and Sofritas. It has the same cost as the Two Meat Spread, which is $12 per person ($240 to $2,400 for 20 to 200 persons, respectively).

All three catering spreads come with the following items:

White and Brown Cilantro-Lime Rice

Black Beans & Pinto Beans

Fresh Tomato Salsa (mild spice)

Tomatillo-Green Chili Salsa (medium-hot spice)

Roasted Chili-Corn Salsa (medium spice)

Tomatillo-Red Chili Salsa (hot spice)

Chafing Stands, Steam Pans, and Fuel

Serving Spoons & Tongs


Sour Cream




Crispy Taco Shells

Soft Flour Taco Tortillas

Serving Spoons & Tongs

Bowls, Napkins, and Forks

*If you want to order this set of delicious foods, then you need to place the order 24 hours before getting them.


If you want ready-made burritos for your meeting or any type of gathering, then Burritos by the Box is an excellent choice. You have the option to mix and match your favorite meat selections, veggies, or Sofritas, or you can ask Chipotle to do the assortment for you. Whichever way it is, you know your tummies will be satisfied.

This is good for, at least, six persons, and each burrito costs $8.75 per person or $52.50 for the minimum number of people. Every burrito has black beans, cilantro-lime Rice or a choice between white or brown rice, fresh tomato salsa (mild spice), and cheese. In addition to that, Chipotle gives you a bag of chips, guacamole, sour cream, and tomatillo-green chili salsa FOR EVERY TWO BURRITOS.

*Ordering less than 20 burritos doesn’t need to be ordered in advanced. You can request for and get them on the same day. However, if there are more than 20 burritos in a box, then you need to place the order one day before picking them up.


Are you looking for a great set of snacks for your friends or co-workers? Then look no further than Chipotle’s Chips and Salsa Spread, which consists of freshly-made chips, salsas, and guacamoles. It comes in two types of boxes. The big paper bag, which costs $40, is good for 10 to 15 persons, while the bigger paper bag costs $55 and is good for 15 to 20 persons. Whichever size you choose, you get the following additional salsas:

a medium-spicy Roasted Chili-Corn Salsa

a medium-hot spicy Tomatillo-Green Chili Salsa

a hot and spicy Tomatillo-Red Chili Salsa

*If you want to order this set of delicious foods, then you need to place the order 24 hours before getting them, just like Catering Spreads.

Cost of Other Food Choices

Just in case you are wondering about the prices of other Chipotle’s food options, here is the complete menu and the respective prices of each food as provided by Fast Food Menu Prices.


Chicken $6.50

Sofritas $6.50

Vegetarian $6.50

Carnitas $6.95

Barbacoa $7.50

Steak $7.50


Chicken $6.50

Sofritas $6.50

Vegetarian $6.50

Carnitas $6.95

Barbacoa $7.50

Steak $7.50



  – 1 pc. $2.40

  – 3 pcs. $6.50


  – 1 pc. $2.40

  – 3 pcs. $6.50


  – 1 pc. $2.40

  – 3 pcs. $6.50


  – 1 pc. $2.55

  – 3 pcs. $6.95


  – 1 pc. $2.75

  – 3 pcs. $7.50


  – 1 pc. $2.75

  – 3 pcs. $7.50


Chicken $6.50

Sofritas $6.50

Vegetarian $6.50

Carnitas $6.95

Barbacoa $7.50

Steak $7.50


– The meal includes a fruit or a kid’s chips and a drink

No Meat Cheese Quesadilla $3.75

Cheese Quesadilla with Guacamole or Meat $4.25

Build Your Own $4.75


Regular Kid’s Drink $1.65

Regular Soda $1.80

Large Soda $2.10

Bottled Water $2.25

Bottled Drink $2.60

Regular Beer $3.65

Large Beer $4.15

Sauza Margarita $4.70

Patron Margarita $7.15


Chips $1.30

Chips & Salsa $1.95

Guacamole $1.95

Chips & Guacamole $3.25

Chipotle Delivery Services

Chipotle has partnered with four delivery agencies. You can order through the on-demand logistics company, Postmates that can deliver Chipotle foods in 40 major cities in the U.S. If you are outside the big metropolitan areas, then you can order through OrderUp. Another company is Favor, which delivers Chipotle in 21 markets in both Canada and the U.S.

Are you too tired to talk to a customer service? Then use the mobile ordering app, Tapingo, which has been developed and designed for college campuses. Students won’t be hungry while studying, or perhaps, while having a party because the food is just one app away.

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