How Much Does Circumcision Cost

Circumcision is a removal of the foreskin of the human penis. Debates had been going around with regards to it, as some people do not agree to have it done, while others are OK with it. The procedure for it is usually an elective surgery, for babies and children. It is mostly for hygienic purposes and a cultural thing. For some, its purpose is religious. In adults, it is usually for medical reasons that they do it, most probably in the case of phimosis or balamophosthitis. How much does it cost to get circumcised? We will deal with that later as you read on this article, you will find out.

The History of Circumcision

For the record, one-third of the male population worldwide have gone through circumcision. This is a common thing to do in Israel, and in the Muslim country. The circumcision price is cheaper if not almost free there. The oldest documented record of circumcision ever recorded in mankind’s history is in Ancient Egypt. For the people mostly living in Asia and Africa, circumcision is a rite of passage of a young man into adulthood. In Judaism, it is a part of their religious law.

In the countries like United States, Europe, Latin America, and Southern Africa it is rare. Even if there had been various theories and myths, there are still people who would prefer to have their child undergo surgical circumcision even if they have to pay the circumcision price.

The Price of Circumcision

In the State of New York, circumcision is usually covered by insurance if performed because of medical reason like the example stated in the first paragraph of this article. The phimosis and balamophosthitis or parahimosis. Another reason for insurance coverage for the cost of circumcision, is frequent UTI, foreskin mass or lesion that may require removal, pain or bleeding during sex and penile cancer. The cost of circumcision of the medical reasons mentioned still depends if the procedure is performed under a local anesthesia.

The cost of circumcision could be higher if the patient that wanted to have his performed under an ambulatory Circumcision drawing surgery center. For babies, and children, those older than one month will need anesthesia and cannot be performed with a local anesthesia only.

The website recently released their specials for the circumcision price this year 2016. According to their website post, the initial consultation for circumcision, is a required $285 dollars. The charge is prior to any procedure. They also offer same day consultation and services.

It seems as though according to their site, the procedure they perform is aesthetic in nature as it includes 2 post procedures. In countries like South-east Asia, these things are not necessary anymore as one procedure and following the doctor’s orders for the healing is a one-go-thing. Once the penis is healed, that’s it! No more talking about circumcision anymore.

But for information purposes, according to the website, there is a circumcision under local anesthesia and it cost $1985 dollars. For the procedure taken with a general anesthesia the cost will be $3275 dollars and for any circumcision revision under local anesthesia is for a circumcision price carrying from $1985 to $2460 dollars and it still depends on the complexity of the procedure. Complex reconstruction may need additional fees.

The Benefits and Non-essentials

According to the website, many physicians to not feel, that there is any compelling medical reason for parents to allow the circumcision of their newborn. This is because of some studies that showed, that there is no health difference between a children or adult that has been circumcised and those that have been. Further studies however indicated that the benefit of circumcision is only on occasions. Some of these reasons include, infants getting a low change of urinary tract infection, and avoiding the possible risk of sexually transmitted diseases when they are gown. That includes HIV.

Circumcision price is not to be worried upon if the parents of the child, or the male person himself does not want to partake in the procedure. According to studies, being circumcised does not make the penis any cleaner or healthier. It is the responsibility of the male person himself to practice good hygiene. All it takes is some washing and or bathing and the cost of circumcision is gone for life! This is likely, if proper hygiene is practiced every so often.   

It was also said that only a very small minority of boys experience the benefit of circumcision and that some alleged reasons of being intact can be treated without having to be circumcised. This is why generally, there are not medical organizations in the world that recommends circumcision. It is elective in nature, meaning, it will all be up to the parents’ choice whether they would want to have a circumcised male child in the Family or not, as it is a non-essential procedure. If the parents or adult males decide not to, then they will not have to worry how much does it cost to get circumcised.

Should You Feel You Need It

Circumcision in some of the families is a no question thing. Every case is different, but to some families and cultures, it matters a lot. To them, it is not even a question if a male member of the family has to have the procedure. As for the Westernized Easterners, there are cases where circumcised dads do not mind raising an intact son; and intact dads, deciding to raise circumcised sons is fine as well. It’s doesn’t really matter as long as everybody is healthy.

It was said that some women prefer males that are circumcised hygiene and sexual reason.  If this is your girlfriend, then it’s about time to ask ‘how much does it cost to get circumcised?’ In any case, even if without your girl you feel that circumcision is a healthy choice for you, despite of what you’ve read and heard. Do not hesitate to get a consultation first. It is not so bad to know the circumcision price.

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